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Investing in Emotion
20th October 2017 - 0 comments

There are many reasons people may decide to have a portrait photo session, particularly and family one. The most popular by far is to capture a particular moment and record those memories in print. It's an investment every family should consider...
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The Lloyds
10th October 2017 - 4 comments

I hear this phrase time and time again. “I can’t remember the last time we had a family photo session.”
Time will continue to tick. We can’t stop it, or slow it down. I’m always amazed how quickly days, months and years flash past. Babies turn to children then into young adults, and then…..yes, they fly the nest. So many memories, so many good times. Don't miss these moments!
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Back to the Beach - A Family Location Session
08th October 2017 - 0 comments

Family photo sessions are popular. Everyone loves images of them and their family, particularly when children are involved. Despite (in parents’ minds) the session being mostly about the children, many Mums and Dads have reservations about their photo session.
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Eterno Boudoir in The Land of the Blue Rinse
06th August 2017 - 0 comments

I believe that age is just a number, but does this apply in the world of Boudoir photography? Read on to find out...
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Prom Night
23rd July 2017 - 0 comments

I'll be honest, the concept of the High school prom is a complete mystery to me.
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3 Life Lessons Photography Has Taught Me
15th April 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog
Learning to be a photographer is hard enough. Years of practice, consuming knowledge and experience, all to be the best you can be with a camera in your hand. Couple this with learning to run a business, it becomes hugely challenging. A challenge I love.
In all honestly this has (and still is) the hardest part for me. Naturally creative, but not so gifted with running a business...but it is amazing to see how, when things seem impossible, it has given me some eureka moments. And fairly big ones too, which have directly benefitted me both creatively and as a person.
I thought I'd share three with you, because these lessons are easily transferable, and totally relevant to everyone.
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What is 'Being Photogenic' anyway?
31st January 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog
What is 'Being Photogenic' anyway?

I ran a poll on both my Facebook Group and Pages to see what was everyone's biggest concern, by far and away the biggest worry for most people was the subject, or more accurately, the feeling of not being photogenic.
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What's Stopping You?
24th January 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog

We all have worries about different events, particularly when families and children are involved. One in particular seems to be a portrait photo shoot. Mis-behaving children, awkward feeling teenagers (and parents), Mums that see themselves as 'not photogenic', to name a few....

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Why I Shoot Boudoir.
17th January 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog

There are very good reasons why photographers choose to specialise in certain areas of photography. For one, as I found out, you just can't do them all. Jack of all trades isn't a great title to have!

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Why I Photograph Families...
10th January 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog

There has to be a reason why photographers specialise in certain genres. For me it's the love of the chosen subject. Each of my photographic favourites has a different reason why I love them. This is the first post outlining my preferred genres and, why I do what I do....

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2017 Availability
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments
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To allow me to spend the right amount of time on each of my clients, I'm limiting the number of weekend photo sessions in 2017 to 24. This will be split between my Eterno Boudoir and Location Portraits. The same applies to evening photo sessions I offer through the summer months being reduced to 12, again split between Portraits and Boudoir.

Why am I doing this?
Firstly, and most importantly, to make my client experience even more personal. In-person meet and greets, and product selection meetings are very important to me as I feel they offer value to what I offer to my customers. However, they take time, and to allow me to spend that quality time with my clients then I have to offset that time from elsewhere.
Secondly, it allows for rescheduling of location portrait sessions when the Great British weather decides otherwise.

Online Booking
Coupled with this will be a reworking of my booking schedule. One downside of 2016 was the number of late call-offs for both photo sessions and consultations. I am the first to understand that life happens, and other events can get in the way, but when a photo session or consultation is called off at the last knockings, it means someone else waiting for their turn either gets delayed or misses out.
I had 5 photo sessions called off by the client with five days of the agreed shoot date, and 17 consultations called off either the day before, or on the day of the agreed date. To help reduce these numbers, I will be offering an online booking system (for consultations only) and some also changes to photo session booking method. Details of which I'll be sending out in the not too distant future. Again these changes are to help add to my client experiences, by allowing everyone's sessions to be booked and carried out efficiently. After all, I am here to help as many people as I can.
Click the button below to see how simple it will be to book your no-obligation consultation!

Book an appointment with Martin J Patterson Photography Ltd using SetMore

Are you interested in finding out more, but not ready to book? No problem....
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2016 - Boudoir In Review
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments

2017 is upon us, but before I look excitedly to what the New Year will bring to MJPP and Eterno Boudoir, I'd like to take a look back at 2016.

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2016 - Portraits in Review
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog

Happy New Year!!
It's that time of year again when I have a quick look back at the past 12 months, before moving excitedly into 2017, and whatever photo opportunities it may bring.....

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An Urban Twist
02nd August 2016 - 0 comments

Meet Abby. She was kind enough to model for me in my most recent Senior Portrait session, which happened to take place around the Gorleston Pier. This area was chosen as I hoped to capture some more urban shots to add to my portfolio. I know beaches, woodlands and open fields are very pretty, but it's not for everyone, and some different backdrops look good from time to time….of course with being right next to the wonderful sand of Gorleston beach, it would have been criminal not to take one or pics there too!

As usual, perfect conditions eluded us on this evening…cloudy, no problem, but breezy…it's an issue, of sorts, especially when your model has long hair! Of course there are ways around it, but it does limit things like which way the subject stand (before getting a face full of hair for example). We worked around this as best we could, we are British after all, and if I had to wait for perfect conditions in the is country, I'd never really get to photograph outdoors at all!

With that in mind, we started around the grizzled looking shelters which grace the pier. The idea being the very pretty Abby standing out against the not so picturesque backdrop in the photos….

Abby began huddled up out of the breeze, while we went through the first few ice-breaking shots, before moving to the shelters themselves, gradually moving from the pier towards the beach nearby.

What I love about this area is the number of backdrops within a very small distance of each other; the aforementioned shelters, and their railings, painted containers, large rendered walls, the beach itself and the iconic bandstand in the Pier Gardens, and they were just the ones we used. Quite honestly I could photograph there for hours without running out of ideas, but both Abby and her mum may have had something to say about that!

Senior portrait sessions are aimed at recent school or college leavers, to document that particular milestone in their lives. As with all portrait photography, it makes a fantastic keepsake to look back on (particularly for the parents). So if you're interested in having a Senior session, (or indeed, any other Portrait session), please contact me for details via the Contact Page.

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A Lady That Lifts
15th June 2016 - 0 comments

I've photographed the lovely Sue King before in a more traditional shoot, so when she contacted me to capture some images of her training in readiness for a bodybuilding competition, I was intrigued, and had to say yes.

The competition was the Anglian Bodybuilding Championships held at the Seashore Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth on 5th June, but the shoot was timed to be two weeks before, when she would look her best in training.

So one sunny Sunday morning, I entered BWell Gym on Bessemer Way to photograph Sue in action. As she worked out, I snapped away, stopping occasionally to talk about what she was doing in training and the diet she was following to get into such fantastic shape. She mentioned how supportive her trainer, Mark Spinks had been throughout the whole process. Sue was to be competing in the 'Miss Toned Figure' class, but was only entering for experience, and didn't expect to do too well. As it turned out, she surpassed all her expectations by finishing second in her class, a fantastic achievement.

I've always found environmental portraits fascinating, these are usually of people working, but in this case training. The attraction for me was the 'something different' to shoot, and I was so glad I accepted Sue's request. It was a fascinating hour spent with her, and I left with an SD card of some great gym shots, and a huge admiration for the dedication Sue has shown in her preparation for this event.

Sue is trained by Mark Spinks of Mark Spinks Fitness, his Facebook Page can be found here.

If you would like me to capture you in a similar way, please contact me here.

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Is this THE perfect wedding present?
09th June 2016 - 0 comments
How could any groom say it isn't?
Beautiful photos of his beautiful wife-to-be....

The second most common reason many ladies have a Boudoir photo session (after a treat for themselves) is as a gift for their partner or spouse. Increasingly, this has become a wedding gift for their husband- to-be on their big day.
This shoot was booked exactly for that reason, and I'm betting good money, the groom will love these photos immensely.

What I love is to try some different shots when the opportunity arises. Working at clients' houses means I have to work with whatever backdrop is available. Personally, I think this adds a sense of uniqueness to every shoot I do. The huge mirrored dressing table in this location allowed me to capture these stunning shots.

My lovely client was fantastic all the way through the shoot, initially nervous, as most ladies are, she soon got into the swing of things. I love watching the transformation, as the nerves subside and the confidence begins to grow.

There is a lot of secrecy involved in organising photo sessions as gifts, my discretion is assure of course, but having to hold back from sharing such fantastic shots borders on painful at times!! Still it's worth being patient, after all, don't good things come to those who wait?

How about you...?
It's never lost on me how much courage it takes for women to have a Boudoir session, and I admire anyone that goes through with booking a shoot. Ladies frequently have concerns about how they look, but the confidence they gain once the shoot is over is very apparent. If you would like to boost your confidence, or get some information about an Eterno Boudoir session as a gift for your husband-to-be, your partner, or just for yourself, then please get in touch via The Eterno Boudoir Web Page
10 Things Your Photographer Wished You Knew
04th May 2016 - 0 comments
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This isn’t a moan, or a whine, a cry for help, it's not even a rant (I typed this is a calm and relaxed manner!)…’s just a list of common misconceptions I’ve picked up on in the years I've been interacting with prospective clients, clients and other photographers. We're all here for you, and to make you look great, but there are some common assumptions about photography and photographers doing the rounds....
So let’s clear the air, read on to discover (in no particular order) the ten things many photographers wish you knew…

1. We Are Always Working
There is a wide spectrum of photography genres, but the ones you are most likely to come into contact with such as; wedding, family, newborn, boudoir etc, work mostly weekends, afternoons and evenings to accommodate their clients’ needs. This schedule, in most cases, this is the polar opposite of their family and friends, meaning they are giving up precious and valuable time of their own to capture and record your memories.

2. We Are Not Millionaires…
I’ve heard this a few times at portrait sessions before…“£65 an hour? That’s a great hourly rate”….if only it were! Photographers’ pricing is a much talked about subject, especially how high it is. Photographers in general are creative types, and aren’t usually motivated by money, but without it their businesses would not survive. There is much more to a portrait session than simply taking the photographs. There’s the preparation, communicating with, and visiting the client, editing, ordering, and delivering. The list is quite long. In fact most client’s session will take around 10-15 hours from start to finish. Add to this the cost of running the business and, buying equipment, it’s certainly not the get-rich-quick goldmine that it may appear to be. So next time you shake your head at what you might see as an inflated price tag, have a think about how much work goes on behind the scenes.

3. Give Credit Where Credit is Due.
We have feelings too. We treat all our work with special care and attention and are deeply connected to what we produce. What hurts most is seeing our images on social media with the logo cropped out and no credit given. Aside from the fact that the legal obligations of copyright have been ignored, it shows little respect or of the photographer’s work. We know you and your family look great in the shots, but it is the vision and skill of the photographer that helped you look that way, surely we should get a little thanks for that?

4. Photoshop Is Not A Magic Wand
There is an expectation from non-photographers that Photoshop will cure and fix all problems. A bad image is a bad image, no matter how much photo-shopping is applied to it. We get the shot right in camera, and use PS to enhance it and make you look your absolute best. Be in control of how you look too. If you don’t like the colour of your jumper or the logo on it, wear something else. Don’t expect your photographer to fix all your dislikes. We like to spend time enhancing, not correcting.

5. A Camera Takes a Picture, Not Makes It
Please don’t tell your photographer that the reason the images are so good is down the camera….Yes the cameras are expensive, but it’s the photographer that makes the picture. Everything is done with purpose and for a reason; the location, the lighting, the pose, the angles and even the lens used. So yes, the camera may be great, but it can’t work on its own.

6. You’ve selected your Photographer for A Reason – Trust Them
Hopefully you would have looked through the photographer’s portfolio before booking them, so you’d have seen their particular style. If you don’t see what you want in their gallery, the chances are it’s not the kind of thing they do. Trust them to produce the style of images that you have seen in their gallery. Respect their creativity, don’t expect them to copy images you’ve seen elsewhere online.

7. We Won’t Judge You (We Think You’re Beautiful)
After all you are all unique. Our job is to bring out you and your personality in the photographs. Who cares if you are seven pounds from your goal weight, or you think you don’t look perfect. Your family will love and cherish the images we produce

8. Pre-Christmas is Our Hell
October, November and December are generally the busiest months for a portrait photographer. The combination of Autumn shoots and Christmas gift orders makes it ridiculous at times, so be prepared early. If you want a photo-shoot so you can give the resulting photos as Christmas Gifts, organise your session for summer (or early autumn at the very latest). It will avoid the disappointment of not getting that prized session and pictures in time for the big day.

9. Your Children Aren’t Naughty…
….they’re just being children, and they’re all the same. Children make the sessions the fun and unique, we will embrace this, work with it and enjoy the fact it’s happening. So please don’t stress about it, relax and enjoy the ride!

10. I Get Nervous Before Every Shoot and Image Reveal
So it’s not just you. It is a good thing (for me anyway!) it keeps me on point and performing at my best.
Like all creatives, we bare our souls a little when we produce our work, and all in our own styles. All we ask is that you try to understand what, why and how we do what we do. After all, we take photographs because we love to create, and we love to work with people....simple really.

What's New In 2016
24th January 2016 - 0 comments
In: Blog

I've been doing a bit of thinking over recent months, in particular I've been considering ways to improve on what I already offer my clients, whilst staying true to my take on portrait photography, and what it stands for. Customer feedback tells me the personal service I offer is just one of the many aspects that set me apart from others. So it is natural that the primary enhancement is to further my already recognised personal involvement with clients, after all they are why I do what I do. Here are the highlights of the enhancements you can expect in 2016;

In-Person Ordering

Gone (as standard) are the online web galleries, in will come a face-to-face ordering session. This shouldn't be seen as a hard selling meeting, far from it. Those that have used me before will know I am only interested in providing exactly what my clients need. What sizes, where to display, canvas or print, and the most economical way to get what you ordering will solve all these issues in one meeting.

Photo-session/Product Collections

For the first time I am offering these for my location portrait products. What are they? Put simply they're photo sessions coupled with reduced price print/products all wrapped up as a collection. What makes up these collections? The popular products clients have being buying from me as part of their a la carte choices over the past few years. The big value item included in some of the collections are the proof boxes….

Proof Boxes

This is the high value item included in many of my collections in 2016. All twenty-five proof images delivered as 6x4 prints in a presentation box at the time of your ordering session. The printed images are not stamped or marked in any way, and are usable as you see fit.

Custom Mobile Web App

For the digi-negative lovers, you can now have your images digitally with you on your mobile devices at all times (offline included), always ready to view and share. These will be available with selected collections, but are an essential, modern must have for online photo lovers. You can view and download my sample albums below, just open the links on your mobile device:

Location Portraits Sample App

Eterno Boudoir Sample App

Ways to get involved...

I appreciate those that follow me online, and think that loyal followers should be made to feel appreciated.

Facebook Groups
One way that I am including people that value what I do is by their inclusion in my Facebook Groups. I have one for my regular Location Portrait Lovers and one for my Eterno Boudoir following. If you've read this far into this article, then I would suggest either (or both) of these groups are for you. They are closed groups, so only members will see posts, meaning I can offer specials and rewards exclusively!

Email VIP Lists
If Facebook is not for you, don't worry you won't miss out. I have VIP email lists that you can sign up to see all the relevant content and news packaged up in a monthly email.
Signing up couldn't be easier just choose your preferred genre below (both is good too!) and follow the instructions as they appear, and you will be the first to receive news, views and specials.

Martin J Patterson Photography Sign-Up

Eterno Boudoir Sign-Up

Payment Plans & Guarantees

You can have your cake and eat it. Portrait sessions are an experience worth investing in, and are often a special occasion for my clients. To help more people have their special treat, I'm offering interest free payment plans. No catches, just a simple spreading of costs leading up to your photo-session. No worries.

Money Back Guarantee

This isn't new, but I though I'd highlight this fact anyway. You may be a feeling that investing in a photo experience comes with some risk. I get that. I am confident that you will love your images, however, if for some reason you don't love them like you feel you should, I offer a 100% money back guarantee, making your investment with me risk free.

If you like what you see here, get in touch to organise a chat to start your Location Portrait or Eterno Boudoir experience now.....

But I'm Not Photogenic!!
09th January 2016 - 0 comments

Of course you are photogenic, you are all amazing. I have taken hundreds and hundreds of boudoir and portrait images, and I have not seen one which is not beautiful. I work with fantastic looking people who trust me to take their photos, yet I hear far too often that "You'll have you work cut-out…I'm not photogenic at all."

What is Photogenic?
The Cambridge dictionary definition of photogenic is 'having a face that looks attractive in photographs'.
However, being photogenic (or otherwise) is not an affliction of certain individuals, pure and simply it's the responsibility of the photographer.

It won't be your fault!
Take landscape photography as an example. Given the huge variety of lighting conditions, a specific location can look completely different from day to day. This is why landscape photographers can spend many, many hours and several trips to a spot to capture the best shot. Dull, grey days are seldom inspiring, but a lively sunrise or sunset will lift the soul. It's their skill and experience which makes these shots a reality.
Photographing people is no different. There are a plethora of technical aspects to a portrait photograph that needs attention to create the most flattering images of a person.
Incorrect lenses, poor background, unsuitable lighting, badly timed shots and unflattering posing will make anyone look awful in a shot. A good photographer will ensure all these elements are the best they can be to capture the beauty of the subject.

It's a matter of comfort
Photogenic subjects are simply those that are happy to be in front of the lens. As adults, we are conditioned to 'pose' for photographs, forced smiles and false expressions are used to hide our discomfort whilst being photographed. Actors, models and celebrities are all very comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera, so it's no surprise their photos regularly look fantastic is it? This relaxed look isn't solely reserved for the rich and famous, a good photographer will, once again, be able to achieve this for the subject by doing their job well.
Making people feel comfortable is a skill in itself, one which will set someone apart great photographers from just technically gifted ones.

Who do you compare yourself too...?
As a footnote, it should be mentioned that fashion or promotional shoots recording images of celebs, models and actors will have many, many hours spent on their photo shoots, with a bewildering array of editing techniques to fine tune and hone them. Many of which (if I may be so bold) result in a false reflection of the real person. This is the polar opposite of the purpose of portrait photography, which should capture the real person in front of the lens. So don't beat yourself up because you think you don't look like Major Celeb, you are beautiful, and if you don't' across that way in photos, it's the photographer, not you.

Read through our Boudoir Client Love section and you will see mentions of our ladies being 'relaxed', 'comfortable', and 'at ease' during their shoots. It's something we pride ourselves on and not just in the Boudoir genre either. Location portraits are equally laid back and fun, for obvious reasons.
So next time you begin to tell someone they you're "not photogenic", stop and think about where that thought came from. It's more to do with the bad photographer, than the way you look!

Size Does Not Define Your Beauty
05th January 2016 - 0 comments

Amongst the biggest reasons for not having a boudoir shoot, is the question of body confidence, or, more precisely, the lack of it, and body weight. It is a very sensitive issue. I get that. Totally. It's a difficult subject for a prospective client to broach when talking Boudoir, and is often seen as a reason to delay, or worse, not have the boudoir session they actually really want. But it shouldn't be this way. And here's why...

You are beautiful
As the post title suggests, your size does not define how beautiful you are. You will have seen and studied yourself in the mirror in great detail, and so will see every flaw and imperfection. A stranger seeing you for the first time won't see these, they will see how beautiful you are. A boudoir shoot is just like looking at yourself through another's eyes (or in this

It's not about what size you wear, but how you wear it.
You don't have to lose weight to have a Boudoir Session. Embrace who you are now. It's fine to want to shed some pounds, eat healthier, and change the way you look, but don't let it stop you loving who you are now. If the truth be told, waiting to lose x pounds and y inches will, in all probability, mean you will never book the shoot. The search for the perfect body is a long and, dare I say, ever changing task. What is the perfect body anyway?

There is no right or wrong size or shape for Boudoir.
This is a plain and simple fact. There are poses that will suit and flatter any figure, curvy, althletic, average, pear name it. The best bit here is us Boudoir photographers know which ones suit who.

As your photographer I will not judge you (or anyone else)
Everyone is different, and unique. You are who you are, and being prepared to wear very little in front of a camera means I will respect your even more.

This will be out of your comfort zone, and it will change you
Sure you'll be nervous initially, but those fears and worries soon evaporate. I have seen this time after time. You can read more about this subject in my post Boudoir...more than a photo shoot.

It is good fun, and you'll love the experience and your photos.
It is a very enjoyable couple of hours. You will laugh more than you thought you me!

You may be reading this and thinking that's all very well but I'll never look as good as the ladies in our Boudoir gallery? You would be very wrong.

And here's why.....
The women in our boudoir galleries are a mix of many ages, sizes and shapes, and doubt very much if you could tell who is what. The reason is this. Our Boudoir shoots are tailored to suit each woman individually. I talk through the areas of your body you are happy with, and those you aren't, your comfort level, how you want to be portrayed, amongst other things. The result....images you love. Pure and simple. It starts with you and is 'you' all the way through the process.
So what are you waiting for?
Embrace the you now!!