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18th October 2016

This post will be in a different format to my usual latest ones. I will be using quotes from the lovely subject of this session, and how she felt throughout the process.....why have I chosen to do this? Well, how this lady felt throughout the shoot and afterwards is fairly common when it comes to women of low body confidence, and rather then me put words in her mouth, it seems only right to quote directly....

Back in June I ran a little comp for the members of my Eterno Boudoir Community Group where I gave away a mini-shoot, print and mobile gallery app to one lucky winner. That lucky lady was Lisa, and this post is a little about her session.

Being a competition winner, Lisa didn't approach me for the photo session, however she did say that it was something she would have loved to have done regardless. Her reasons being mainly a confidence issue..." due to having issues around my body..this has been ongoing as I had a weight problem most of my teen and adult life.. also through this and having children the scarring (stretchmarks) have also affected my confidence whilst undressed or in bikinis etc."

Interestingly, Lisa's confidence issue is similar to ones she helps other people with.

"In my job I work with girls and young women to boost confident and self esteem, also concentrating on self worth and being comfortable in your own skin. I often feel a hypocrite as they probably see a confident me, however underneath the layers I have the same issues with the way I see myself and with my body."
So Lisa can now look her young ladies in the eye, knowing that she has faced her fears and body confident issues.

Clearly, with the obvious feelings about herself, the session itself was going to induce a fair amount of nervousness in Lisa.
"The nerves were awful leading up to the shoot, I was really contemplating pulling out as I had looked at the other women who had had shoots and thought 'wow'.. they look amazing... I never thought I would ever look that beautiful or even like a photo of myself in very little clothing."

I know from listening to ladies previously this is a frequent worry, not living up to the women that have gone before, and comparing themselves to others. I believe it's another example of a lack of confidence shining through, where in reality, every lady is beautiful if only they believed what everyone else tells them!
However, the fact that Lisa didn't pull out of the session shows she was determined to prove to herself that this was an experience she wanted to do.

"The first five minutes of the shoot were terrifying, but I had gone there after doing my own hair make up with the mindset just be yourself Lisa!!... so I really had to get a grip with my nerves and do what I was told to, and the nerves quickly eased..."

"I was still nervous throughout the shoot, but that's because being out of your comfort zone always causes nerves or anxiety. I found the ones in my underwear the most scariest as I'm not normally one to wear formal lingerie, it's normally a comfort thing and throw on your favourite most comfortable pants for everyday wear. I also felt uncomfortable looking directly at the camera, however this also got easier throughout the shoot with Martin's encouragement and advice.."

Lisa is so right too, after all, great things never came from comfort zones!!

This last paragraph is the one I love to read the most, and is typical of the way Lisa talked during the proof reveal. She is very honest and speaks from the heart.

"When I first saw the photos I actually was cringing, and there were very few I actually liked. I especially struggled with the ones looking directly at the camera these were my least favourite. (However) since the reveal I have posted one on Facebook and would like to post more as I have actually come to like most of them and appreciate my own beauty. People who I have shown them to have said how beautiful I look in them which shows I'm my own worst critic. I even seem to like the ones looking straight at the camera which is surprising."

Lisa's reaction to the first view of her photos again is very normal. During the first pass, she is dealing with seeing herself in a way she has never done before, and with me sat next to her while she sees them.
I did explain to Lisa that she would like the photos more with each viewing as she gets used to seeing herself in this way. Reading what she says above, this definitely happened.

I'll leave you with what Lisa wrote on her Facebook timeline along with the picture below.

"Thank you Martin for my lovely Boudoir shoot. This is my favourite picture, so happy to share on Facebook as I feel beautiful in this one!!
Ladies, you really need to experience this..."

Does this feeling sound familiar? Are your nerves stopping you from getting a shoot organised, or is it something else?
If you have any comments to make about the experience shared above, I'd love to hear from you. Please post below....thank you!

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