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What's New In 2016
24th January 2016 - 0 comments
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I've been doing a bit of thinking over recent months, in particular I've been considering ways to improve on what I already offer my clients, whilst staying true to my take on portrait photography, and what it stands for. Customer feedback tells me the personal service I offer is just one of the many aspects that set me apart from others. So it is natural that the primary enhancement is to further my already recognised personal involvement with clients, after all they are why I do what I do. Here are the highlights of the enhancements you can expect in 2016;

In-Person Ordering

Gone (as standard) are the online web galleries, in will come a face-to-face ordering session. This shouldn't be seen as a hard selling meeting, far from it. Those that have used me before will know I am only interested in providing exactly what my clients need. What sizes, where to display, canvas or print, and the most economical way to get what you ordering will solve all these issues in one meeting.

Photo-session/Product Collections

For the first time I am offering these for my location portrait products. What are they? Put simply they're photo sessions coupled with reduced price print/products all wrapped up as a collection. What makes up these collections? The popular products clients have being buying from me as part of their a la carte choices over the past few years. The big value item included in some of the collections are the proof boxes….

Proof Boxes

This is the high value item included in many of my collections in 2016. All twenty-five proof images delivered as 6x4 prints in a presentation box at the time of your ordering session. The printed images are not stamped or marked in any way, and are usable as you see fit.

Custom Mobile Web App

For the digi-negative lovers, you can now have your images digitally with you on your mobile devices at all times (offline included), always ready to view and share. These will be available with selected collections, but are an essential, modern must have for online photo lovers. You can view and download my sample albums below, just open the links on your mobile device:

Location Portraits Sample App

Eterno Boudoir Sample App

Ways to get involved...

I appreciate those that follow me online, and think that loyal followers should be made to feel appreciated.

Facebook Groups
One way that I am including people that value what I do is by their inclusion in my Facebook Groups. I have one for my regular Location Portrait Lovers and one for my Eterno Boudoir following. If you've read this far into this article, then I would suggest either (or both) of these groups are for you. They are closed groups, so only members will see posts, meaning I can offer specials and rewards exclusively!

Email VIP Lists
If Facebook is not for you, don't worry you won't miss out. I have VIP email lists that you can sign up to see all the relevant content and news packaged up in a monthly email.
Signing up couldn't be easier just choose your preferred genre below (both is good too!) and follow the instructions as they appear, and you will be the first to receive news, views and specials.

Martin J Patterson Photography Sign-Up

Eterno Boudoir Sign-Up

Payment Plans & Guarantees

You can have your cake and eat it. Portrait sessions are an experience worth investing in, and are often a special occasion for my clients. To help more people have their special treat, I'm offering interest free payment plans. No catches, just a simple spreading of costs leading up to your photo-session. No worries.

Money Back Guarantee

This isn't new, but I though I'd highlight this fact anyway. You may be a feeling that investing in a photo experience comes with some risk. I get that. I am confident that you will love your images, however, if for some reason you don't love them like you feel you should, I offer a 100% money back guarantee, making your investment with me risk free.

If you like what you see here, get in touch to organise a chat to start your Location Portrait or Eterno Boudoir experience now.....

But I'm Not Photogenic!!
09th January 2016 - 0 comments

Of course you are photogenic, you are all amazing. I have taken hundreds and hundreds of boudoir and portrait images, and I have not seen one which is not beautiful. I work with fantastic looking people who trust me to take their photos, yet I hear far too often that "You'll have you work cut-out…I'm not photogenic at all."

What is Photogenic?
The Cambridge dictionary definition of photogenic is 'having a face that looks attractive in photographs'.
However, being photogenic (or otherwise) is not an affliction of certain individuals, pure and simply it's the responsibility of the photographer.

It won't be your fault!
Take landscape photography as an example. Given the huge variety of lighting conditions, a specific location can look completely different from day to day. This is why landscape photographers can spend many, many hours and several trips to a spot to capture the best shot. Dull, grey days are seldom inspiring, but a lively sunrise or sunset will lift the soul. It's their skill and experience which makes these shots a reality.
Photographing people is no different. There are a plethora of technical aspects to a portrait photograph that needs attention to create the most flattering images of a person.
Incorrect lenses, poor background, unsuitable lighting, badly timed shots and unflattering posing will make anyone look awful in a shot. A good photographer will ensure all these elements are the best they can be to capture the beauty of the subject.

It's a matter of comfort
Photogenic subjects are simply those that are happy to be in front of the lens. As adults, we are conditioned to 'pose' for photographs, forced smiles and false expressions are used to hide our discomfort whilst being photographed. Actors, models and celebrities are all very comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera, so it's no surprise their photos regularly look fantastic is it? This relaxed look isn't solely reserved for the rich and famous, a good photographer will, once again, be able to achieve this for the subject by doing their job well.
Making people feel comfortable is a skill in itself, one which will set someone apart great photographers from just technically gifted ones.

Who do you compare yourself too...?
As a footnote, it should be mentioned that fashion or promotional shoots recording images of celebs, models and actors will have many, many hours spent on their photo shoots, with a bewildering array of editing techniques to fine tune and hone them. Many of which (if I may be so bold) result in a false reflection of the real person. This is the polar opposite of the purpose of portrait photography, which should capture the real person in front of the lens. So don't beat yourself up because you think you don't look like Major Celeb, you are beautiful, and if you don't' across that way in photos, it's the photographer, not you.

Read through our Boudoir Client Love section and you will see mentions of our ladies being 'relaxed', 'comfortable', and 'at ease' during their shoots. It's something we pride ourselves on and not just in the Boudoir genre either. Location portraits are equally laid back and fun, for obvious reasons.
So next time you begin to tell someone they you're "not photogenic", stop and think about where that thought came from. It's more to do with the bad photographer, than the way you look!

Size Does Not Define Your Beauty
05th January 2016 - 0 comments

Amongst the biggest reasons for not having a boudoir shoot, is the question of body confidence, or, more precisely, the lack of it, and body weight. It is a very sensitive issue. I get that. Totally. It's a difficult subject for a prospective client to broach when talking Boudoir, and is often seen as a reason to delay, or worse, not have the boudoir session they actually really want. But it shouldn't be this way. And here's why...
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Eterno Sign-up
04th January 2016 - 0 comments
We have new collections and time only shoots, amongst a whole host of other changes happening to our Eterno Boudoir Photography this year. As you know, we like to give you some offers when starting anything new.....sign-up to our Eterno Boudoir list now and get some discount and free addition to your collection or shoot too!

Boudoir....More than a photo shoot
03rd January 2016 - 0 comments

It's that time of year that as well as looking forward, many people (me included) look back on how the previous twelve months went, both personally and through the business. I like to do an annual review of my favourite photographs, and write a few words about how things went. It was this search through 2015 and it's events that I found this testimonial from a boudoir client.

Thank you Martin for helping me begin to find who I am. My shoot was bought as a milestone birthday gift & a confidence boost into the beginnings of a new life chapter. With very little self esteem, I was completely out of my comfort zone, but Martin, professional to the end, made the whole experience very relaxing & I can't believe the amazing results are actually me! Thank you so much Martin, you have a true artistic talent.

I read it once, remembering who wrote it and what the shoot was like. I then re-read it couple more times. It really hit home to me how a Boudoir shoot is much more than a means to get some beautiful images. It's almost a form of therapy. I say 'almost', that's not really true. It is a form of therapy.

The Positivity of Boudoir
You will have seen a lot of online posts and articles on the positive effects that a boudoir shoot has on a woman's self-confidence. It is very true how much it helps. The testimonial above isn't alone in using the words 'confidence' and 'boost' together in describing a Boudoir experience, there are a large number in our Client Love section which allude to this fact, this to me backs up the claims of Boudoir photographers all over the world.
Sadly women's low esteem and body consciousness is all too common. Very few women that I talk to during their consultations do not have some sort of body image hang-up, some have other issues and reasons for their low confidence; the end of a not-very-positive relationship being another frequent one.
Boudoir helps in many ways, not only in the reversing of low self-esteem, but acceptance of their bodies and ultimately, their own beauty. I see it shoot after shoot, with lady after lady amazed at how they look in their photos. As I say at every consultation, I offer Boudoir sessions for this very reason. We, and I say this because my lovely assistant is very much part of this too, pride ourselves on our ability to bring the smile back into our client's lives.
Do you recognise any of the following reasons used to put off having a Boudoir shoot? "I need to lose weight", "I'm not photogenic", "I've got no confidence", "I have body issues".....? I certainly do, I hear them all the time.
Ironically, thinking that way shows precisely the reason to go ahead and organise a shoot, or at least talk about it.

It's Good To Talk...
The Boudoir consultation is usually the turning point in terms of attitude change change towards the shoot. Most women start the meeting feeling nervous about the whole prospect of their session, but this turns to excitement once the process is explained and they realise how much control they have over what happens. Each and every shoot is tailored to suit the client and their comfort levels. Even if you are just thinking about booking, I recommend a consultation. It will help you see all that's involved, meaning you can make a more informed choice as to whether a Boudoir shoot is for you. I exert no pressure to book, it is genuinely all in your hands.
By booking an Eterno Boudoir session, you won't just be having pictures taken, you will be taking the first step into a new way of seeing yourself. It is certainly much more than a photo shoot.

Want to See More?
Join the Eterno VIPs to see more posts like this, and receive the latest Eterno collection brochure, which is full of information, FAQs and collection and session details….
Eterno Boudoir - 2015 in Pictures
01st January 2016 - 0 comments
As I eluded to in my location portrait review 2015 In Pictures, 2016 is going to be a big year for the company, with a lot of changes coming for both the family and Boudoir photography areas of the business. For now I'd like to have a brief look back at 2015, which for the Eterno Boudoir sessions, has been fantastic. For the first time I shot slightly more Boudoir sessions than location portraits, reinforcing the popularity of this genre. I started a closed Facebook Eterno Boudoir Community Group especially for past, present and prospective clients to share their experiences and educate women on what Boudoir is all about. It's all been very positive indeed!
So, onto the pictures….I have included only images I have client permission to share with you all. There are a host of shots and shoots that, as much as I'd like to, I can't show. Our client's wishes will be respected at all times!! In no particular order, I have eleven of my favourite images to share. I'd like to say a huge thank you to the ladies here for allowing me to post their photos, with out this it wouldn't be much of a review!!
If you are interested in a Boudoir shoot, contact me through the Eterno Boudoir Page

2015 In Pictures
01st January 2016 - 0 comments
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I'm very much looking forward to 2016. There are some exciting plans in the pipeline which will (hopefully) come to fruition over the next twelve months. I will reveal more of later in January, but for now I'd like to reflect on 2015 and show a few of my favourite images from the year.
It was a frustrating year if I'm honest. The amount of location portrait work I could take on was stunted by both a personal commitment that turned out to take up more time than anticipated, and the cold Spring, and erratic Summer weather which was a constant thorn in my side. Strong winds and frequent rain meant a record number of re-scheduled shoots, but we got there in the end, delivering what was asked by my clientele. A number of personal projects were canned so I could fit in regular work. However, it didn't mean I wasn't busy. For the first time I shot as many Boudoir sessions than location portraits, showing how popular this genre is now becoming. I will reveal my favourite Eterno Boudoir images in another post, leaving the portrait images for this one. Talking of which, before I ramble on too much, let's take a look at some of my favourite shots (in no particular order) from 2015. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Merry Christmas!!
23rd December 2015 - 0 comments
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That's it for another busy year, but before I draw things to a close for 2015, I'd like to wish all my customers, friends and online followers the merriest of Christmases and a very happy, healthy 2016.
Thank you all for your support and custom, it's been a blast once again! Look out for the annual review item coming soon on this site and our social media platforms. I will talk a bit more about how 2015 went for us, and, of course, be sharing a few of my favourite photos of the past twelve months. There will also be details of the big, exciting changes happening to MJPP Ltd in 2016 too.

We will be now closed for business until Monday 4th January, but will be monitoring our inboxes occasionally over the christmas period. Until then enjoy your festive break.

Best wishes,

Boudoir - Too nervous to enquire? (Updated)
05th November 2015 - 0 comments

I talk through what Boudoir Photography is, why I offer it and why I think women should have a shoot.
My opinion on 'why' is based on my experience of seeing how having a boudoir shoot does genuinely change how a woman sees herself. This is fine, but of course it doesn't help in the 'too nervous to enquire' stakes does it?
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Boudoir Photography - Why it's for you
01st November 2015 - 0 comments
It's one of the most recent 'must haves' for women, appearing on many bucket lists, on things to do before I reach (insert milestone birthday here) lists and is gaining popularity daily. It's everywhere, but is still a complete mystery to many. It's frequently misunderstood, but helps women in ways that you wouldn't believe.
So, what is this 'it'? It, of course, is Boudoir Photography.

So what is Boudoir Photography?
The “boudoir style” typically captures sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (or occasionally men and couples) in a photographer’s studio, luxury hotel or the client’s own home. The most common form of contemporary boudoir is to take a number of posed or candid shots of the subject partly clothed in in lingerie, any nudity is normally implied and not explicit.

Why do women want to have boudoir images taken?
Being a man, I have a distinct disadvantage in answering this. When I first looked into offering Boudoir photo shoots I did my research; reading books, online articles and boudoir websites, and it seemed most mentioned reasons were; a present for husbands or boyfriends on anniversaries or wedding days, to show off a new look such as after weight loss or plastic surgery, and to celebrate a significant birthday. However, not much is mentioned about the real benefit of a boudoir session as I see it….

Why should women have boudoir images taken?
In an age where ordinary people are often comparing themselves to the latest in vogue size 8 celebrity or male sports star, it is hardly surprising that a lot of people, both women and men have hang ups and insecurities about themselves and in particular their bodies. The most positive result of having a Boudoir shoot is an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. The whole experience is designed for ladies to emphasise their beauty, sensuality and their power, with the resulting images bringing an increased confidence and self-esteem.

I have had experience of shooting boudoir images, and have found the women that have had the shots taken say that initially they were very nervous, which is understandable, but afterwards, particularly after viewing the images, did experience the ‘feel good factor’ and some have even said it could become very addictive! Surprising? Maybe, but what could be better than having a pamper session with a stylist/make-up artist, followed by a photo session to show how wonderful you truly are?
Age, size and shape shouldn't be reasons NOT to go ahead with a Boudoir shoot either. Celebrate who you are and your unique beauty. Remember there is no-one else like you. “Love the skin you’re in and give it a go……what have you got to lose?”

Coming next is a breakdown of how I work, which hopefully will dispel a few fears and worries.
Summer Part 5
11th October 2015 - 0 comments

The location may have been the same as the previous shoot I shared with you, even the weather was fairly similar, but the average age of the 'children' involved wasn't.... In fact they can't even be classed as children anymore. That in itself gives the shoot a whole different feel. I can interact verbally for starters and don't have to jump around in a deranged manner to get a reaction.

So we wandered around the beautiful ancient site, avoiding the strong breeze and strong low sun, to capture some family shots, and individual ones too. It was a genuinely relaxing hour or so I spent working on this shoot. I really lovely family who were all open to my direction, they even laughed at my weak attempts at humour…..well once or twice anyway!

With family shoots, it's always the parents that are happy to let the kids be photographed individually, but we can't be having that, can we? I got Mum to take centre stage on a few occasions, and I have to say, she was a natural in front of the camera. It's no surprise her children were equally as good too!

I quite often take this shot with the parents in the background, but flipped it around this time. I think it works really well…a little twist on the norm!

Summer Part 4
07th October 2015 - 0 comments

A family shoot at Burgh Castle is the subject of this latest instalment of my Summer blogs. A fine day, a fair walk through long meadow grass, two small children, mum and dad and a man with a camera….what could possibly go wrong….?

Fortunately, nothing went wrong. Why should it? I often hear the expression "Never work with children or animals" from parents after (or during) a shoot, particularly if they feel that their children aren't quite 'performing' as they think they should. To be honest, it never really bothers me. Children are children, they shouldn't have to 'perform' for the camera.

What my shoots are about is capturing personality through the lens. You can't expect direct eye contact from all or smiles on cue, I think you have to accept the moments for what they are. A record of a short period of time you spend with a family. Sure working on a shoot with younger children can be somewhat unpredictable and, to the casual observer, almost chaotic, as parents and photographer jump about like demented beings to catch attention, distract and cajole, but isn't that the fun part? It certainly is for me, and it beats an hour at the gym too!
This shoot followed the description above….much noise and hullabaloo, a lot of laughs, smiles and giggles…just perfect.

Summer Part 3
28th September 2015 - 0 comments

For this shoot (or more accurately shoots) I was back to Gorleston Beach to update the family album for yet another returning customer. This one was split over two sessions to accommodate the family diary, and each were similarly in conditions, which helped knit the two shoots together from an image point of view. A typically English summer evening greeted us on both occasions, dull with the threat of rain, nothing out of the ordinary! To be honest, they are my favourite conditions for a shoot. The clouds diffuse and flatten the light which gives an even light on the subjects….the only thing I had to deal with was the ever present breeze, again nothing out of the ordinary!

As ever with family shoots, there are elements of calm and activity to add variety to the images captured. A race between siblings is always entertaining, and the level of competition is always high. I can't divulge the result of the races I witnessed, I wouldn't want to start any arguments!

Boudoir Blog - Lady In Red
19th September 2015 - 0 comments
I tend to pick up much of my work through word of mouth, recommendations, and images seen through my social media platforms. With my Boudoir work is almost definitely always the case. It's quite a big step for many women to even pluck up the courage to enquire let alone go through with a shoot, quite often the deciding factor in having a Boudoir session themselves is that they have seen someone they know has had a shoot and enjoyed the experience too.

This shoot was no different. The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognise the backdrop to one of two of these photos, as this lovely lady's sister was the subject of a photo shoot earlier this year. I'll let you look through my boudoir gallery and news/blog section to see if you can spot who it is!
Although the location was the same, and there are similarities (requests of 'I would like a shot like that' etc) I tried to make the shoot feel different. After all, everyone is unique and to do a carbon copy of a previous shoot is not what I am about, and certainly not what the client would want!

Earlier the weather was very cloudy and dull, meaning I was looking at having to use artificial lighting for the photo session, but thankfully the sun did appear, meaning I could work with my preferred ambient lighting to produce these boudoir shots.

Shooting into the light helped produce the high key feel to the image above. Over exposing the background to white makes the whole shot far more simple in composition.

I love this particular image. It's a subtle twist on the classic 'lying down' pose, and the red lingerie just accents it perfectly.

Not looking at the camera is a must for some people. Not everyone feels comfortable looking into the lens, the Boudoir genre is perfect for these types of images.

If you are interested in a Boudoir shoot, please contact me through my Boudoir Web Page. There are also links to my brochure (which contains all the information you will need) and to the Boudoir gallery so you can see how fantastic many other ladies look in front of the lens.
Summer - Part 2
16th September 2015 - 0 comments

Next up I switched locations (and counties) heading off to Oulton Broad and, more specifically, Nicholas Everitt Park for a shoot with another returning customer. (there's a bit of a theme building here..) This shoot was a casualty of rain a week earlier, but eventually we met up to update the family album.

You really can't win with the weather. After suffering strong breezes and grey skies for much of July, this shoot rewarded me with unbroken skies and strong, low sunshine, meaning there was a bit of rethinking and reworking of positioning the subjects at times.

The brief was 'one or two' shots of the whole family, with a majority of the shoot to concentrate on the children. No problem, quite a common request. Not often do the parents want to be centre stage, or even on stage at all. Working with children can be 'interesting' at times, often unpredictable, but honestly is the most rewarding aspect of this job. Bringing their various characters out in the photos gives me the biggest buzz, and, in a way, is fairly straight forward, especially with the younger ones. There is no pretence, or concerns about self-image, what you see is what you get.

Summer - Part 1
13th September 2015 - 0 comments
Summer - Part 1
The summer…well what we had of one. Spring, quite frankly was a non-event, at worst it was and cold and windy, at best cold and breezy, so not much was done in the way of location portraits. I guess that is the way of things when you're relying on good outdoor conditions in this country. So I waited patiently for the warm weather to appear, but even the summer has been frustrating. A perpetual nagging wind (or strong breeze) which showed no songs of relenting. It was challenging to say the least, but of course not every day was a write-off as you'll see…

Back in July was a trip to Burgh Castle and a shoot for a family visiting from Singapore….(just wondering at this point if I can mention 'international' anywhere on my photography CV?) They were technically a returning customer, having bought a location photo shoot for their sister-in-law as a gift, and liked the photos so much they booked me for their shoot when they visited good old Norfolk.

Due to the time constraints I had to pick an evening for the shoot a few days in advance and hope that a weather postponement didn't rear it's head. Our luck held and away we went. Two brothers, Mum and Dad and Grandparents (not pictured here) too all enjoying the beautiful scenery and evening light. A bit of fun with the kids, and Mum and Dad even managed a few shots together in peace and quiet, fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the hour or so I spent with the family, so relaxed and happy to try things to help the photos show a bit of zing.

You can see more of my 2015 summer shoots soon, just keep your eye open for Part 2, which follows very soon.
Boudoir Packages - Updated Packages and Pricing
19th July 2015 - 0 comments
I'll be honest. Since starting the Boudoir packages I've struggled on where to pitch them. When I say 'pitch' I mean, pricing and products. People that know me understand that my driver behind the photography business I run is to produce fantastic images and photographs for my customers, money is my secondary concern, but being a business it's something I unfortunately have to consider. It's a balancing act between charging the right amount to suit my clients and their budget, and to suit me and all the work, time and overhead costs that go into producing the final photos. Boudoir itself also throws up the often heard question "What do you do with the images?" Do you display them, put them in a book in the bottom drawer or have them on your hard drive for viewing when you want to?
To answer those questions (and more), I decided not to second guess my 'marketplace', or as I like to call them, friends of my business, but instead I thought I'd ask them outright.
So I ran a brief survey, with eight cunningly thought up questions to ascertain the popular thoughts and requirements of my Boudoir community to see where they thought the package and prices should be.
Before I rattle on more, I'd like to thank all those that took the time out to help in this matter. Your answers were a great help to me, and very much appreciated.
The following price/package content has been based on the feedback I received. Although two packages have increased slightly in price, I feel have the value of the packages in terms of what you get for your money has improved greatly.

Proposed Pricing and packages (from 1st August 2016):
All package prices include: Boudoir consultation at the client's home prior to the shoot date, 20 miles travel costs, online private photo gallery for one month, image/product consultation after the shoot (if required).
Payments can also be received in three interest free instalments prior to the shoot date if required.

Eterno Breve (Mini-Shoot)
Price: £80.00
Shoot duration: up to 90 minutes.
Products as part of package: Five digital images c/w print licence and one 12x8 photo print.
(Note: Our budget package, the existing Breve package is for one hour with one 12x8 print OR one digital file only)

Eterno Intimo (Standard-Shoot)
Price: £175.00 (introductory price £135.00 until 30 Sept 2015)
Shoot duration: 2 hours
Products as part of package: Fifteen digital images c/w print licence and three 12x8 photo prints.
(Note: Our existing Intimo package includes two 12x8 prints OR 2 digital files)

Eterno Ultimo (Deluxe-Shoot)
Price: £300.00 (introductory price £270.00 until 30 Sept 2015)
Shoot duration: 2 hours
Products as part of package: Twenty-five digital images c/w print licence, three 12x8 photo prints and A5 lay-flat 'Little Black Book' containing your images.
(Note: Our existing Ultimo package includes digital images OR black book and no prints.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the proposed package/price changes. Comments can be left below. That won't appear on here unless I approve them, so if you'd like them kept private, please say. Thank you!!
Portrait Blog - July 2015
06th July 2015 - 0 comments

Last Autumn I did a family shoot out near Herringfleet, which featured this young lady. Whilst editing the shots, I became more and more amazed on how natural she was in front of the camera, and what a wonderful expression she has too. You may (or may not) have noticed the images I choose to post online aren't always the big, happy smiley shots that parents (Mum's in particular) crave. Of course, I'm not adverse to a smile in a shot, it's just that I like the enigmatic expression, you know the one; the Mona Lisa look, the one which challenges the viewer to work out what the subject is thinking. To me, that kind of look in a photo or image is priceless it draws the viewer in again and again. So, keen to have THAT expression as part of my portfolio, I asked Mum if I could do another shoot with said young lady. Mum agreed and so here we are.
I chose my favourite portrait location, Burgh Castle, purely because the time of year promises the most stunning backdrops when the sun is setting, but this is good old Great Britain where the weather very rarely plays ball. Instead I was faced with a heavy cloudy sky, and no real sun. The breeze was light, which was some consolation, but my dream conditions remained just a dream! I may have mentioned this before now, but I always let the lighting conditions determine the editing style, even if I have a pre-conceived idea before any shots are taken. In cases like this I think monochrome shots work really well, with muted colour edits to add a different style.

Accompanied by Mum and big sister, we wandered through the Castle area down to the footbridge which leads to the nearby marina. There the shoot started (and stopped several times to let walkers pass by) using the bridge as the prop to try a variety of poses. We then headed up to the beautiful meadow grass areas inside and outside the fort walls, to finish the photo session. My model was superb (once again) and blessed the images with her wonderful expression.
The last few shots of the shoot were a bit of fun, where I was being 'shot at' with some flower heads from the meadow. Always nice to see a smile too…..

Share The Love - The Shoot
05th July 2015 - 0 comments

Some of you might remember that I ran a spot competition near to Valentine's Day called 'Share The Love'. Basically I announced the competition with no warning and participants had just 24 hours to enter by naming a friend, partner or spouse who they thought would love (and deserve) to have a Boudoir shoot. They also had to give a justification as to why they thought their nominee should win the shoot and the digital images that made up the prize.
The winner was Kelly, who was nominated by her husband. During the consultation for this shoot Kelly admitted that she didn't know what hubby had said to justify why she should win. Even now I'm not sure if he ever revealed this, so I won't divulge them now, but rest assured it was more than enough the claim the prize.

The shoot took place, as most of my Boudoir sessions do, at Kelly's home. I had to add light to the bedroom where the photos were being taken as the ambient light was well below what I needed, so out came the Lupo DayLED to illuminate the lovely subject of the shoot. At this point, I'd like to mention the size of the room we were shooting in for this session. Our model was concerned that the room wouldn't be big enough for the photos to be taken in. That said, it was around the average size space I have to work for boudoir shoots. Very few bedrooms have the luxury of being big spaces, so please don't be concerned that your room size may not be adequate, you'd be very surprised at what can be achieved in any area.

I was very impressed with Kelly and her attitude to the session. By her own admission she doesn't feel comfortable in front of a camera, however I didn't get that impression at all. Once the initial nerves had cleared I thought she came across as a pretty confident woman, trying things I didn't think she would have done after listening to her at the consultation. So well done to you Kelly. It just shows that it's all a state of mind, and that Boudoir isn't the scary prospect it might seem before the shots are taken.

Molly - Part 2
03rd June 2015 - 0 comments
The first time we saw Molly grace these pages was after her Boudoir shoot back in April. You may or may not know, that I have sponsored Molly for her entry in the Miss England Regional Finals for Norwich & District. At that time she was looking forward to her pageant. SInce then, I'm pleased (and proud) to say that Molly was placed second in the main event and won the regional Miss Social Media section, which I'm sure you'll all agree is a fantastic achievement. Molly has managed to go one better than this, by becoming England's Social Media Queen for 2015 AND qualified for the semi-finals of Miss England.
You can keep up with and help support Molly by following her Facebook Page Molly Spinks - Social Media Queen 2015

So onto the shoot. I chose Caister Beach, as it's local to Molly and a place I love to photograph. The evening was sunny and we were rewarded with some nice soft, warm light, and also a chilly breeze! Well, this is the UK, and I suppose we should count our blessings. Despite being cold, Molly did really well, once again she came across brilliantly on camera and was very relaxed and natural model.

The setting sun gave a warm feel to the shots captured, so it would be ludicrous to not show some off, but I do love the black and white images from this shoot too.

I'd like to thank Molly for modelling for me in both this and the Boudoir shoot, and wish her the best of luck for the Miss England semi-finals on 5th July in Newark.

This is one of a number of female location shoots I have coming up over the summer months. It's much like a Boudoir shoot in that it can be a great confidence booster for those ladies that feel Boudoir isn't for them. So if you are interested in having a location portrait shoot with me please view the Portrait Information webpage for prices, details and a contact form to organise a no-obligation consultation.