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Red Is The Colour
29th April 2015 - 0 comments
My latest shoot was another Eterno Boudoir first….a redhead model, complete with a four poster bed. How could it possibly go wrong? (it didn't of course!)

It was an interesting start to the session, with yours truly being compared to Will Ferrell of 'Elf' fame. (I have never worn an elf suit in my life, so I think it must have been the hair….) Once the shock of being a lookie-likee was over, we settled into the photo-shoot, things moved along nicely. I used my Lupo light throughout, as the dull conditions outside meant ambient light was at a minimum. Using the continuous light tends to give a different feel to the images, and with the subject's red hair the shots turned out to be quite unique in style.

My model was great throughout the session; she posed really well, and I thought was really natural in front of the camera. This sounds like a small thing, but the posing of her hands was brilliant. It's quite a difficult aspect for people that haven't modelled before to deal with, as 'bad' hands can ruin an image. Well done to her!
My original edit was to be a set of colour images, purely because of the redhead aspect, but I tried a film type faded black & white edit on a few shots, which I think worked really well. I think stripping away colour from a photo is always a great way to capture the model's personality.

Until next time...

Outdoor Portraits - A Location Guide
22nd April 2015 - 0 comments
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Where to go?
I am often asked to advise clients on where to have their shoots. There are a number of reasons people will prefer one location from another, these include personal reasons and attachments to a specific location.
To help customers select their location, or indeed book their shoot at the right time of year, I have complied a list of locations along with the details and pros and cons. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means, there are many other possibilities, I have shot in other places requested by various clients such as back gardens and open spaces local to them, but the following ones are the most frequently visited for my outdoor location shoots.

Best conditions for your shoot
Along with location, the actual conditions at the shoot are important to the final images produced. Whilst it is impossible to control weather, the chances of preferred conditions can be increased by selecting the right time of day for shoots to take place.
The most photogenic of conditions can be found during what photographers call the ‘Golden Hour’. This is the hour or so leading up to sunset where the light is usually very warm and soft. If this isn’t achievable or practical for the client, then the most favourable conditions are still, bright and overcast. Then any location can be used successfully. As a rule I will avoid shooting in the middle of the day, particularly in the summer when the sun is high in the sky, preferring late afternoon or early mornings, when the sun is much lower, making shooting much easier.,

Burgh Castle (Roman Ruins)
Description: Wide open fields with views of the Broads which have with long meadow grasses in summer.
Short grass from September to April. Other backdrops include the local Church and a small footbridge for something different.
Best time: Summer Evening.
Pros: Quiet, very picturesque, with multiple backdrops. Great for children to have a run about.
Adequate parking.
Cons: Not a place for Hayfever sufferers in Summer
The site is very exposed so windy days and bright sunny days can be a problem
There is a ten minute walk to the photo location.
Excess mileage cost: None

Gorleston Beach (Cliffs)
Description: Beautiful beach at the base of sandy cliffs with several location spots for different sets of images, including the cliffs, dunes and of course the sea.
Best time: Summer Late Afternoons/evenings.
Pros: Multiple backdrops. Quieter than the north end of Gorleston Beach.
Adequate parking. Short walk to the photo location
Cons: Can be windy and exposed. Can be busy on fine days making scenic portrait shots difficult.
Excess mileage cost: None

Similar to Gorleston Beach is Caister Beach (near Second Avenue)
Description: Similar to Gorleston in that there are several location spots for different sets of images, including granite reefs, dunes and the sea. There are also cliffs to the north, but there a ten minute walk to reach them.
Best time: Summer Late Afternoons/evenings.
Pros: Multiple backdrops.
Adequate parking. Short walk to the photo location
Cons: Can be windy and exposed. Can be busy on fine days making scenic portrait shots difficult.
Excess mileage cost: None

Great Yarmouth North Beach
Description: Beautiful beach with a wide expanse of sand dunes. The dune system gives areas seclusion, giving the impression of being on a deserted beach.
Best time: Summer Late Afternoons/evenings.
Pros: Quieter than South Beach and those areas near the piers. Secluded spots. Adequate parking. Short walk to the photo location
Cons: Can be windy and exposed. Limited back drops.
Excess mileage cost: None

Fritton Woods
Description: Mainly coniferous forestry site with limited open areas and a few different backdrops. Autumnal colours from September. The woods are fast disappearing, so how long this area remains as a viable photo-shoot location remains to be seen.
Best time: Late Autumn Afternoons.
Pros: Picturesque Autumn backdrop. Quiet. Sheltered from all but the strongest winds.
Cons: Limited off-road parking. Walk to the location is along dusty/muddy paths. Limited backdrops.
Popular with dog walkers and their occasional 'gift' they leave behind.
Excess mileage cost: None

Herringfleet Hills
Description: Two distinctly differing areas (woodland and open grassland) very close to each other.
In certain spots there is the backdrop of Herringfleet marshes and the Smock Mill.
Best time: Late Summer Evenings for grassland/ Late Autumn through to Spring for the woodland.
Pros: Multiple backdrops close to each other. Quiet. Locations are close to Car Park
Woodland area has fantastic trees to use for photo sets.
Cons: Limited Parking. Exposed area (grassland)
Excess mileage cost: None

Burlingham Woods
Description: A Variety of plantations joined by footpaths to explore. Each one has a different feel to it. Copious amounts of wild flowers in Spring.
Best time: Spring for display of wild Daffodils late Spring for carpets of Bluebells. Autumn for
Pros: Multiple woodland backdrops. Quiet. Some locations are close to car park.
Cons: Can be muddy in places. Very shady when trees are in full leaf.
Excess mileage cost: £5-00

For more information and to book your location shoot for 2015 visit my Portraits Page
20th April 2015 - 1 comment
Now those regular followers may notice one thing different about this item, that is that I have named my model. Usually they remain anonymous, but this shoot was a bit different…
I was asked by Molly to be her sponsor for her entry into the Miss England -Norwich & District Regional Final, which of course I was delighted to do. Details about the competition can be found on the Miss Norwich web page.
Part of the comp is a Beauty with purpose section, where the finalists have to raise money for a charity. Molly has completed two events already along with others in the near future. If you would like to sponsor her please visit her Just Giving Page
In return for my sponsorship, Molly would help me out by doing some promotion work, and as I take photographs the solution was simple… get Molly to model for me.
This Boudoir is the first of two shoots, the next one will be a location portrait shoot, so watch this space for that one.

Molly was an absolute star throughout; she took direction brilliantly, and was confident and so natural in front of the camera, it really made my job so very easy.
The only problem I had was whittling down the number of images to a handleable amount….there are some shots on the cutting room floor which could have easily made the final set, but part of the job is making decisions, and they're not always easy!
I would like to pass on a huge thanks to Molly for modelling and her Mum Rena for chaperoning. It was a really enjoyable hour (and a bit) because of you both.

If any is interested in having their own Boudoir shoot, please contact me through my Boudoir Page to organise your no-obligation consultation.

2015 Boudoir Blog - March
29th March 2015 - 0 comments
This lucky lady's mini-Boudoir shoot was a gift from her sister, and indeed shot at her sister's house too, as well as being supported through the photo-session by the said same only a sibling you can imagine the mood in the room. From where I was standing (and also kneeling and crawling) the atmosphere was great. Very light-hearted and jokey, which helps enormously with nerves. Now I know the client felt out of her comfort zone, as is usual, and of course perfectly understandable, but she handled things really well and showed no signs of nerves. If I'm honest, I think she relaxed into the shoot very well and quite quickly. Being a mini-shoot of just an hour it soon flew past, which was a shame, but all good things must come to an end.
Just a quick note on editing here….Although I do plan my Boudoir shoots for sets and poses, I never really have a fixed idea on the final mood of the image with regards to the edits. Normally it's a mix of colour images and black and white. My mono images are kind of a standard, but the colour is very dependant on the model, the room and of course the light. The edit I went for here are slighlty desaturated images but with a warm feel, which if truth be told, was what I saw at the time of the shoot.

What the client thought.
I usually post these testimonials at a later date, but fortunately have the chance to share this one on the blog, so here goes….
"Thank u Martin for helping me begin to find who I am.
My shoot was bought as a milestone birthday gift & a confidence boost into the beginnings of a new life chapter.
With very little self esteem, I was completely out of my comfort zone, but Martin, professional to the end, made the whole experience very relaxing & I can't believe the amazing results are actually me!
Thank u so much Martin, you have a true artistic talent."
Ditch The Mirror!!
27th March 2015 - 0 comments
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My Boudoir shoots are all about boosting confidence and showing a woman just how fantastic they really are. I've read those kind of words many, many times over the years when I've written about Boudoir shoots. I won't apologise for that, because it is genuinely what I believe and does truly work....however....there will always be some women that still have body 'issues'. Now, I'm not going to belittle anyone's idea of how they see themselves. It's quite natural, all be told, looking at yourself in front of a mirror, there's plenty of time to spot and fret about flaws and imperfections. But what is perfect anyway? Is there such a thing? I doubt it. In fact I know there isn't. We are all unique, we are all different, so comparing yourself to others and your own idea of perfect is always going to end in tears, isn't it?.
Easier said than done I know, but we shouldn't we just listen when others pay us a compliment or are positive about us? I think never see yourself as others do.
Practically every woman I have photographed will list at least two things they don't like about their bodies, or indeed how they look, but does anyone actually notice? When I leave a Boudoir shoot, I'm never left with negative thoughts about the client or model. Instead I'm always struck by a positive; beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile, bubbly personality, they were fun, funny, smart, clever....etc etc. the list goes on, and I know I'm not alone in this. When you hear women talking about their friends and how they look it's the same thing, positives, "ah she's beautiful", "I wish I had her looks" ladies....give yourselves a break.....ditch the mirror and listen to what others might just be surprised!!
2015 Boudoir Blog - So it begins...
03rd March 2015 - 0 comments
After being busy on other aspects of the business during January, I got to shoot my first Boudoir of 2015 a week or two back. I travelled over the border to a sunny Suffolk with my trusty assistant Amy to capture some beautiful boudoir shots. On arrival I was greeted by a very happy and clearly relaxed lady, who, dare I say it, seemed quite excited by the prospect of the shoot. There were no signs of nerves here. As always it was fun as we worked through the photo set, plenty of chat and laughs throughout. The two hours soon flew by.
Conditions outside were bright (for the most part) and aided by a nice big window to let that glorious light in, I was able to shoot most of the images using my favourite ambient light. I did finish the shoot with some low key images, which I have recently started to incorporate into my Boudoir sessions.
Although I do have a shoot plan for each session, there is always scope for one or two opportunities as they arise. Amongst the more 'standard' poses were a few 'different' shots which I absolutely love. It only takes a slight change of angle to give a shot a whole new feel, and that was definitely the case here.
Enough chatter…onto the images, after all that's what you're really interested in!!

This lady preferred to avoid eyes to camera….

..which works really well in Boudoir.

This is a classic Boudoir pose, one which is requested by nearly every lady having a shoot.

One of my favourites from the shoot. The subtle, warm tones are beautiful and the pose is just fantastic.

One of the low key images I took to close the session.
Boudoir Survey Update
19th February 2015 - 0 comments
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Firstly, thank you to all those that took the time to complete the short Boudoir survey I recently posted. I did sweeten the deal by offering a £10 discount against any Boudoir package, should the lady want to. And if you're reading this, and would like to participate or just see the survey, please look here.
The reason I asked ladies for their feedback was to confirm (or discover) what were the roadblocks that women had when it came to having a Boudoir shoot so I could finalise my mission statement.
So why have a mission statement?
Well, the first thoughts I had when thinking about such a thing, was 'How corporate!' For those that know me, I'm not particularly the corporate type, but I did think on. I came to the conclusion that it is actually quite important to have a Mission Statement for the simple reason it identifies to any woman what the driver is for my Boudoir packages and tells them why they can benefit from having a shoot. I have always said the ethos behind my Eterno Boudoir packages were primarily to boost women's self-confidence and show to them how beautiful they are......the results of this survey would either confirm or deny let's see what you all said!

The Results...
Have you ever thought about having a Boudoir Shoot? 100% Yes
Have you ever enquired about having a Boudoir Shoot? 100% No

The reasons for not having a Boudoir Shoot (ticking all that apply);
Body Confidence Issues 70%
Body weight Issues 45%
Lack of Confidence/Self-esteem 70%
Price 0%
Partner doesn't like the idea 0%
I don't know how rose like I model 55%
I'm not good looking enough 45%
I don't have a room suitable for the shoot 15%
Other 12%
The survey could be anonymous if required, but I did respond to each lady that left their email details to address how the Boudoir shoots work and how the blocks could be overcome. I will be posting another blog item on this subject in the near future.
So going through the results tells me that the biggest roadblocks women have when it comes to enquiring or booking a Boudoir Shoot are exactly the reasons that I encourage ladies to have the shoots done. That being to boost confidence and self-esteem.
Some of you may have seen my handwritten statement I photographed and posted on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts recently. It was the short version of my mission statement.....
"Eterno Boudoir by Martin J Patterson Photography is a modern portraiture product that helps women of any age and body type see themselves as the beautiful, strong person that they truly are."
What do you think? Are you tempted to give it a go and "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful?"

A Walk on the Wild Side
28th January 2015 - 0 comments
This shoot was back in November, but has only made it to the blog page because of the need for a bit of Christmas secrecy….you know what I mean?!!
This was the second session of that particular day, the first I wrote about in the piece titled It's that time of year again. They was only an hour or so between the stat times, but they were very different in more ways than one. The first was bathed in sunlight, low hard light to be precise, but that soon disappeared behind some ominous looking cloud in time for session number two. The nature of the shoot also changed too…a young family shoot with three boys under seven…be afraid…be very afraid!
Seriously though, it was energetic (as you would expect), I won't lie, I had to work extremely hard to get and keep everyone's attention, but as you'll see below, it did happen, and it was great fun.
I am a dad of three boys too, so I know what it's all about. At times it was like herding cats, but you know, I think that's half the enjoyment. Sure, working with younger children can be challenging at times, but you have to remember that they are children and embrace that fact to capture the images that records this. I also took great delight in telling myself I wouldn't have to wash the grass stains off the boys jeans!

The pose above is a very good one for families with small children. It gets everyone nice and close and eliminates the obvious height differences.

The key requirement from the shoot was a family group shot (or two), so once I got a few I was happy with it was onto some different photos of the boys as a group and individually, and of course with Mum and Dad too.

It's important to keep family sessions moving quickly to avoid the children getting bored, and while things are changing I like to keep an eye out for any candid or more natural shots. After all, posing is boring for kids, and me for that matter, so I keep 'organised' shots to a minimum, preferring the real and the natural wherever possible.
As you can see from the shots below, the energy expelled to keep the boys entertained was more than worth it. Cheeky and handsome in equal share….fantastic!
The Great Valentine Swindle
23rd January 2015 - 0 comments
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The 14th February is on the horizon, the day we, with the help of Cupid, Royal Mail and florists everywhere, celebrate our love for our spouses and partners. Whilst some admire from afar and anonymously (as traditional expects), us married and co-habiting types do it loud and proud to show that we haven't forgotten.
The retail sector, not surprisingly, sees this day as another big earner, where everything from flowers and chocolates through to expensive phones and tablets are branded as the perfect way to show your love. I have my own opinion on that, which shall we say, is a touch on the cynical side.
Bringing this blog piece in line with the photography genre, as you would expect, the same thing happens with photo shoots. Boudoir in particular.
Men are encouraged to buy a shoot package for the woman they love as a pamper session, woman are cajoled into having photos taken in order to furnish their partner with sexy imagery, which of course he'll love beyond measure etc. etc.
These are proffered under the usual guise of the Valentine Special Offer, which of course is much similar to the Christmas Special, just a number of weeks later.
I don't offer any such 'specials' for this most love drenched day in February. As I eluded to before, I have reservations about using certain retail products to show how much you care for someone, although I understand the need to publicise your products from a business aspect. This isn't why I don't subscribe to the Valentine Offer for my Boudoir Packages, not at all. It's not because I'm reluctant to give discounts, in truth I feel I'm more than generous in that respect throughout the year. It's simply because the reason being publicised for having the shoot (I believe) is wrong.
I have been carrying out Boudoir shoots for some time, so I do have an inkling of why women have these shoots done. Before you think I have found the male’s Holy Grail of understanding women, relax. I haven’t. How I know this is simple. I ask.
The publicly perceived 'selling point' of Boudoir is that the shoots are carried out for photos to be gifts for the partner or husband. This promotion technique is used heavily in the United States to persuade women that's why they should book their shoot. I don't know whether this is a cultural difference, or whether it's designed to mask a woman's real driver in having a Boudoir photo session, but whatever it is, in my experience it isn't the case at all.
Before I carry on and deconstruct the argument for using your partner as the reason to have a Boudoir, let me say it is a genuinely acceptable excuse to have it done, especially if the partner is particularly encouraging. I am not saying anyone doing this is wrong, my point is it's less common than people think.
So let me give you a numerical fact to back this up. Of the sixty or so Boudoir consultations I've carried out, the reason given for having a shoot done to give gift products to their partner has has happened on just three occasions, that's 4%. Of those three, two had their shoot, but the other lady didn't because her partner didn't want her to. Incidently, the number of men that have enquired or bought gift certificates for their partner is a big fat zero!
I once had an enquiry from a lady that was very keen to have the shoot done, using the reason that it would be a present for her husband, and she asked him about it. He was happy for her to have the photo session, but wasn't particularly bothered about having photos as a gift. This enquiry didn't even lead to a consultation.
I have also heard one or two stories about women having Boudoir shoots (not with me I might add) as a surprise for their husbands, only to be greeted with, shall we say, a less than positive reaction on receipt of their gift! Lesson learned…you have to be careful with surprises.
I may not be able to write confidently about a woman's reasoning where Boudoir is concerned, but I understand how a man thinks. Of course we're all different, but the views range from the stubborn refusal of letting his partner have a shoot, through to the man which is more than encouraging. These two extremes are the minority, with the vast majority of men (although happy for their partner to have a shoot) are indifferent or mildly interested at best. It's not that we as men don't love our wives/partners, of course we do. It's simply that men in general aren't overly motivated by photos of their partners. A common response would be that they can see their spouse or girlfriend 'like that anytime'. Fair enough I suppose, I'm in no position to question this, but that's the average perception.

What about the other 96%? Why did they book? Well, they cited the shoot was 'for them', which I feel, is exactly how it should be. I believe Boudoir photography should be solely for the woman having the shoot. It's about her self-esteem, her self-confidence, her chance to show to herself that she is beautiful.
So if you want that Boudoir shoot, have it done, for you, and 'Be your own kind of beautiful'

A Full Time Dilemma
13th January 2015 - 1 comment
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I'm behind....not for the first time whilst running this business, but I am. I have a website upgrade to do, which is very time consuming, my 2015 brochures are nearly finished, but are two months later than I normal. The reason?...Lack of time. (Isn't it always?) A hugely busy period leading up to Christmas meant I finished later than usual, which of course has a knock on effect....This got me thinking....

There are lots of things that people don't know about me (and why should they know anything?). One of the more common mis-conceptions is that I am a full-time photographer. I was once told, that I had to be a full-time pro because my photos were so good. I did feel slightly embarrassed listening to this, I'm not very good with praise. However, I know that the standard of a photographer's images has very little impact on whether he or she is an amateur or professional, but I digress......
The point is, that being only part-time has obvious restrictions on the amount of time I can spend on the photography business. This includes not only the amount of shoots I can do, but when I can do them, the editing, the general day-to-day tasks, and the not so general too.

. .
Weekday shoots would be an addition to the family weekend ones

When people find out I only run my photography on a part-time basis, the question that usually follows is along the lines of...."so when will be doing this as your main job?"
Of course I'd love too, but would I actually do it? The answer.....? I just don't know.
It's a catch twenty-two situation. I have a steady nine to five job, which supports my family, so ending that situation would be a gamble at best. On the other hand turning the dream to reality
would clearly have benefits from a time point of view. The amount of shoots I could do would increase, the day-to-day tasks would be just that, in the daytime, not crammed into a few hours each evening. The business could be expanded so that weekday daytime shoots could be added to the family weekend ones....well, I won't continue....I already know what I have in mind (just in case) and don't want to let on!

As I mentioned before it's a gamble, and yes, part of it is financial, but that's not the only major factor. It's not whether the hard work is a problem, putting the work in isn't even an issue, when you do something you love, it's easy.
No, for me it's getting the customer support that's the gamble. Photography to most people is, after all a luxury, not a necessity, and building a full-time business in the current climate would be tricky. The other issue is belief. Although I receive a lot of compliments about my work, which is great to hear, I still harbour some frailties in the confidence department. I suppose it's a typical trait of the creative soul, but it does keep me focused on the job in hand, and pushes me constantly to look for ways to improve.....
I know I'm not alone, many, many people make the transition from a paid employee to business owner, with differing levels of success of course. Whether my time will come sooner, later or at all, I guess remains unresolved.....for now anyway.
My 2014
30th December 2014 - 0 comments
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It's that time again, where before I look too far forward, I'd like to reflect on what this year has brought to my photographic table.
Looking back over the last twelve months genuinely leaves me sporting a smug grin. The intention for 2014 was progression from a technical point of view, and it's something I'm so pleased I took time out to achieve, after all no-one can afford to stand still. I took a huge amount from the three redhead themed portrait shoots and two low-key Boudoir shoots I managed to squeeze in amongst my regular work.
Talking of regular work, I began in earnest during the first weekend in January with a superb Boudoir shoot in a quaint little cottage, and finished with a raft of portrait shoots at Burgh Castle, as I waded through the annual Christmas rush. In between were visits to an array of places from Gorleston Beach to Herringfleet, with some stunning back gardens on the way. Boudoir was high on the agenda with the shoots from a promo competition being carried out, along with a plethora of ladies enjoying their experience for the first (and some for the second) time.
From start to finish, I have worked with some amazing people both big, small, young and old, and I'd like to thank every single one of you for sharing your time with me. It has been a genuinely rewarding experience photographing such a vast array of different people, and is one of the reasons I love doing this.
Enough of the chatter, I'll let the images to do the rest of the talking.

Lifestyle Portraits
Beginning with the outdoor location shoots and in no particular order...

Now it's the turn of the Boudoir shots. Again, in no particular order. There are a few shoots missing here, not every client wants their images shared, to which I have no problem whatsoever. Thank you to all the ladies that have agreed to let me share one of their images online, it is greatly appreciated!

Keep It In The Family
29th December 2014 - 0 comments
With a lot of Christmas presents at stake, this shoot has been kept under wraps until now (no pun intended). A little way back , during the unseasonably warm spell we had in October I did a shoot with a very familiar set of faces. Namely my sister, her partner and their children, who are, of course my niece and nephew. Once again it was the very popular Burgh Castle ruins that was the backdrop for this session. The sun was out and very bright indeed, everyone was happy, which was handy given the task in hand….

Laughs all round as I had just delivered my killer joke

The glint in the eye reflects his personality perfectly.

No words needed for this one.

Always willing to oblige with a kiss for his big sister, I love this little moment captured here!
Boys Boys Boys
28th December 2014 - 0 comments
I always let my family clients know I have children of my own (three boys to be precise), so they are aware that I am used to how kids tick and that they are all different. The most popular question I then get asked is..."I bet you get lots of lovely photos of your boys don't you?"
Wrapped up in my answer is another common statement I get from the parents of the children I have just photographed. "I can't believe how well behaved they were for you!, we always struggle to get photos of them!"
I explain that the simple reason for this is that I am not their parent. In my experience children know what buttons to press when they are in situations with their Mum and Dad that they don't want to be in. And the parents that use my services are no different to anyone else, myself included. So parents out there will understand the potential problems I had facing me when I did a shoot of my three boys recently. My wife wanted up to date individual photos of each of them to hang on a wall at home. So to delivering the photos for her Christmas present involved me on my own with my sons at Burgh Castle to capture the images; one of a 'certain age' (four years old), another who fancies himself as a model and pulls the most bizarre posing faces in front of the lens....what could possibly go wrong?!
I went armed with snacks, fairly smart clothes and crossed fingers. The conditions were almost perfect considering the time of year, with bright, overcast skies, although it was chilly, so I would have to work fast before the younger boys got cold, because that would signal 'game over'.
Despite my initial worries the shoot went off without too many issue. My little one did have a few moments, but on the whole was well behaved. Coaxing my model to keep a 'normal' face was more of a problem, but I managed to get something fairly natural. I did bag a few group shots too, including one on a bridge near the river which I've had in mind for a long time. It's my absolute favourite image from the shoot. Why? Well apart from the composition of leading lines etc. it's the natural expressions of all three lads, something that money can't me!!

Boudoir from Low to High (Key)
01st December 2014 - 0 comments
At the end of last weeks Boudoir post, where I shared a number of low key images, I promised to show you a few high key photos taken at the same shoot. The setup was completely different using ambient light and capturing bright tones. The images were taken shooting into the light in front of a window on the models landing. The day itself was as dull as could be, so to get the high key look I was after, I did have the camera set into the high ISO range, the lens almost wide open and had to use my trusty monopod to avoid any camera shake.
The second set of photos were again shot in ambient light, but were taken outside of the bedroom give a candid feel to the shots. Again these are different from my usual type of Boudoir shots, but it's all about keeping to fresh. Of course I will still shoot in whatever style the client wants, it's all about choice after all!
If you are interested in having a Boudoir shoot, please contact me via my Boudoir Page to organise a no-obligation consultation.

Herringfleet Sunshine
01st December 2014 - 0 comments
A few weeks back during our unseasonably warm spell I had this family shoot out at Herringfleet, not on the hills as the car park there is closed to the public, but almost next door on a privately owned area of woodland. It's always great to shoot in wooded areas during the autumn. The colours on a bright day are just fantastic, and luckily we had wall to wall sunshine throughout. There was a bit of a breeze, which made it fun with all the long hair on show, but it was November after all so you have to kind of expect it.
Talking of breezes, this shoot was one too. Three pretty girls to photograph (the parents weren't too bad either) along with beautiful conditions and lovely backdrop…what more could a photographer ask for?

Keeping It Low Key
25th November 2014 - 0 comments
By that I mean the style. I'm certainly not going to keep these under wraps. I carried out the second of my trial Boudoir shoots just over a week ago, and have managed to steal five minutes here and there between processing orders to edit some of the images. The name of the game here was to try out a few different lighting styles. Mainly low key, which I think works superbly for Boudoir. This style throws much of the subject into shadow hiding much of their figure, but accentuates edges and highlights to give a sultry feel to an image. This isn't going to be the only style I will shoot from now on, but it's another choice for my clients, one which I think will be good for the more camera shy ladies out there!
This set of photos was shot in my model's living room with one continuous light. It helped that the ambient light on the day was almost non-existant. Along with the grey clouds and rain showers, it was a boon to be working indoors.
I must say a big 'thank you' to my model for posing for me. You wouldn't be able to tell she was a tad nervous before the we began shooting, but I think she enjoyed the experience overall, relaxing into the shoot superbly well.
Part two of this shoot will reveal some more high-key shots, showing how different styles can be achieved in one house inside an hour!
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Looking forward to hearing from you!

Gorleston Beach - One last time...
23rd November 2014 - 0 comments
…not forever…I will be back there for sure, read on to find out what I mean!

I love photographing families and groups, of course I do, the interplay between siblings and/or parents can be very entertaining and always produce images that reflect this, but individual shoots are always special for me too. They are different in that I can concentrate on the one person and really connect to show their character in the photos captured. This was definitely the case in this delightful shoot that bucked the recent trend of Burgh Castle, in favour of a portrait session at Gorleston Beach. This will be my last portrait shoot here for this year, and I would imagine, it will be late Spring before I get to return for another. Why?
Well, although the light can be stunning at times, Autumn (and Winter) shoots here can be a bit hit and miss because of the windy conditions often experienced along the coast. With the wind normally comes cold conditions, which aren't comfortable for anyone!
The day in question was sunny, unseasonably warm, and a touch breezy, which did cause a few slight delays whilst waiting for the occasional gust to die down, but it was at least workable. As you can tell from the photos below that was the only slight issue. The subject was a well behaved and very photogenic young lady, who just great to work with and made my job very easy indeed. The late afternoon sun gave a very summery feel to the shots I took. This can be seen particularly well in the last contra jour (French for 'against the light') image, with a suitably arty hazy effect of which I am a big fan.

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It's That Time Of The Year....Again!
20th November 2014 - 1 comment
I don't like to use the word 'stressful' when it comes to my photography, because, on the whole, it isn't. Instead, I think 'challenging' is more appropriate. What am I talking about? In short, Christmas, or the lead up to it anyway. That's where I am at the moment, nearly at the end, but still into the rush leading up to the big day. The most 'challenging' time of the year for any portrait photographer.
This period is always very busy; shoots to organise, hoping the weather doesn't mess up my schedule too much, strict deadlines for larger than normal print and product orders, all of which has to be carefully balanced with maintaining an online presence as well as the usual necessities of running a business. Although the number I shoots do in such a short space of time rises rapidly compared to the rest of the year, the amount of photos I can share with everyone usually takes a tumble, as we have to keep the shoot a secret until Santa has delivered the resulting products safely under the Christmas tree.
This year, however, has been a bit different. I know for a fact I can show off some recent photos, because the customer is a dreadful secret keeper, but I do have a few that I can share with you all now.....or soon anyway. It'd be no fun to show them all at once would it?
This prize for the most popular location of the year goes to Burgh Castle. Most of my Autumn shoots were carried out there. I'm sure I could drive to it blindfolded by now, although, don't worry, I don't think I'll actually try it!!
So first up is this shoot of three siblings. Two big brothers and a young sister. Take a guess who was in charge for the hour? This was the first session of two on the same day, which meant I started a little earlier than usual. The sun was out and the sky annoyingly clear, which, as any photographer knows, isn't the most ideal of conditions. However, Burgh Castle has some big walls to offer suitable shade, which was a help for the first set of shots, before moving around the area in side the walls to offer some different points of view. This was nice and easy. The two lads were perfect, calm and very laid back, and the little lady was magnificent too. There was a lot of character to capture here, as befits her age, which I think I managed to do. See what you think.....?

Boudoir - A Different view Part II
20th November 2014 - 0 comments
I'll keep the wording short on this, after all it's the photos that count here. Below are three more images from the same shoot as I shared last week. The first two are from the window light set, and the next two using continuous lighting to add the drama...all part of a new way to capture my Boudoir images, which in turn offers more choice for the client. I think this style is particularly good for those ladies that want a sense of mystery in their images. The the expression goes, sometimes less is definitely more!
Once again, if you're interested in having a shoot to capture images like this, please contact me through the enquiry form on my Boudoir Page.

Boudoir- A Different View
14th November 2014 - 0 comments
You may remember early in the New Year, that I said this year was all about developing my photography, and would be taking time out to do some personal projects. That has definitely been the case with my location portraiture. A bit of training and my three redhead shoots have helped no end. The Boudoir however has been a different story. I have managed some training, but the practice shoots have been stuck in the planning stage, until now.....
I have managed to complete the first of three planned shoots, with another booked in for the very near future.
What's it all about? Well, it's an addition to my current Boudoir style. What I don't want is have the same style and shots for every Boudoir shoot I do. Variety is the key, and by evolving my take on this genre keeps it interesting for me and for my clients too. If you look at my gallery, most of the images are considered 'high key', that means, the image is on the bright side of the tonal range, a lot of white and bright lighting. The new images you will see below are completely the opposite. Low key, lots of shadow, with the model's shape sculptured by the minimal highlights in the shot. It fits the Boudoir genre perfectly, which for me is certainly a case of less is more. Less detail, a lot left to the short classy.
Below are three images from the first set of this latest shoot. All were shot with ambient back light and no front lighting, everything was achieved in camera, save a black and white conversion and my favourite toning technique, and hey presto....

Before I finish, I'd like to pass on a huge thank you to my model firstly for volunteering, also for her patience while I worked through the ideas and for the use of her house. It's all very appreciated!!

I really like the results, but I'd be very interested to know what you all think.
Please take a moment to post a comment below.
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