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Portrait Packages 2014
19th October 2013 - 0 comments
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Happily there are no price changes to report for our 2014 packages, just a streamlining in those we offer.

Location Portrait Packages

Unless noted otherwise, all Location Portrait Packages include a photo shoot at the outdoor location of your choice, a 12x8 print and an online private proof gallery. For durations, number of proof images and prices see below.

Standard Location Portrait Package £50 - 1 hour shoot with typically 25 proof images. Ideally for individuals, couples or small family groups.

Enhanced Location Portrait Package £65 - 2 hour shoot with typically 40 proof images. This session is for extended family or larger groups.

Digital Location Portrait Package £180 - A Standard Location Portrait Shoot, but your 25 images fully edited in the finish of your choice and presented to you in High resolution on CD. All images come complete with print licence for prints up to 12x8.

Indoor Portrait Packages

Indoor Portrait Package £90 - 1 hour shoot photo shoot at the indoor location of your choice* a 12x8 print. All proof images are fully edited before being presented on an online private proof gallery. These shoots are strictly for individuals or couples, where images are shot in a timeless style using backdrops and portable lighting. Suitable for individual subjects such as Mum-To-Be 'Bump shoots', adults and children alike.
*Location subject to suitability

We are fully booked for the remainder of 2013, so are currently taking bookings for 2014 only. To enquire or book your consultation, please contact us through the enquiry form, which can be found HERE
Boudoir Packages and Pricing 2014
19th October 2013 - 0 comments
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I'll be making a few small adjustments to the Boudoir range for 2014.

2014 Boudoir Packages
Please note, unless noted otherwise, all packages include a photo shoot at your home or the location of your choice without makeover and a 12x8 lustre print taken from the session.

Mini-Boudoir Package - £85*
1 hour photo shoot with 12-15 proof images

Simple Boudoir Package - £135*
2 hour photo shoot with 25 proof images

Deluxe Boudoir Package - £270
2 hour photo shoot with 25 proof images. Instead of the 12x8 print the client has a choice of a CD of images complete with print license OR an A5 Hardback 'Little Black Photo Book'

Group Boudoir Package - £75 per person
A great start to a girls night out. Four to six ladies in a home location, each will receive a mini- makeover, an individual mini-boudoir shoot of around 30 minutes, and your print to be chosen from ten fully edited proofs. They will also receive a discount voucher which can be redeemed against a future booking of any individual boudoir package

Boudoir Makeover - Prices from £20
Complete the pampering experience by adding at a bespoke makeover to your package. The makeovers are tailored to your specific requirements, and can include full make-up with or without lashes, and/or hair styled as desired. You can speak directly to one of our beauty professionals to discuss your needs.

* Gift Certificate & Package still available for booking at 2013 prices until 30 Dec 2013.

Interested but not sure?
Why not book a free, no-obligation consultation for any of the packages above. I will visit you to talk through all aspects of the shoot and answer any questions you may have. Please click HERE

New Products
As well as our usual high quality canvas and lustre photo prints, I am delighted to announce that I will be adding the 'Little Black Book' photo books to the range of Boudoir Products.

'Little Black Book' Photo Books

Prices below include the design and production of 20 page (or 10 spread) photo book.
Soft back A5=£50 8"x8"=£60
Hard back A5=£100 8"x8"=£125
Hard back 'Layflat' A5=£135 8"x8"=£155

Other sizes and extra pages/spreads available (contact us for details)

Gift Certificates

Need a unique gift for that special lady in your life? Why not celebrate a special occasion, birthday or anniversary by purchasing a gift certificate for any of the packages above. Please click HERE to order your bespoke certificate.
Christmas Deadlines
17th October 2013 - 0 comments
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I know, I know it's only October, but it has to be thought about.... Below are the deadline dates for various Christmas related orders;

Shoots with products for Christmas - Fully Booked

Photo Prints - Order by COB Friday 6th December 2013

Portrait Canvas Prints - Order by COB Thursday 12th December 2013

Paper Gift Certificates (via Royal Mail) - Order by COB Sunday 15th December 2103

Paper Gift Certificates (for collection) - Order by COB Thursday 19th December 2013

'Electronic' Gift Certificates (PDF 'Print Your Own' via. email) - Order by COB Sunday 22nd December 2013

To order your Gift Certificates please click HERE

We will be 'closing' for the Christmas break from 23rd December to 3rd January (inclusive). I will monitor any enquiries that come in during this, but may not respond until 4th January, thank you!
Half Price Boudoir Packages
17th September 2013 - 0 comments
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I know how you all like a bargain, so I'll give you my version of the January Sales.
I will be adjusting the pricing for the Makeover & Boudoir Shoots for 2014 but to give you a chance to get them a bit cheaper in the New Year I'm offering the following deals.

Offer 1
For January only I am doing a limited number of five Simple Boudoir or Mini-Boudoir shoots for half-price (as quoted in the 2013 brochure).

Offer 2
For shoots in February and March I'll be holding prices at the 2013 level until 30 March 2014. (subject to availability)

For both offers the terms below apply;
The pre-shoot consultation and booking (complete with deposit payment) must take place before 30 November 2013.

The limited half-price shoots will be strictly on a first come, first served basis, with clients who complete the consultation/booking process being eligible. You will be notified prior to booking your consultation if the half-price offer is still available or has been fully subscribed.

The offer applies to Simple Boudoir and Mini-Boudoir Packages only, currently at 2013 full price of £125 & £75 respectively.

For further information or to book your consultation, please complete the enquiry form which can be found on this page here
14th August 2013 - 0 comments
This shoot of the cheeky Sienna took a while to finally plan and complete, but we got there in the end. This little lady may only have been approaching her first birthday at the time these shots were taken, but her character was well and truly set. Delightfully cheeky! It seems to me that Mummy and Daddy will have hours of fun to come with this little princess....and that is just how it should be too!

Archie Returns
14th August 2013 - 0 comments
It barely seemed five minutes since I'd met young Archie for the first time when carrying out his newborn shoot, but I was back photographing him again. This time for his four month shoot as part of the My First Year Package booked by his Mummy and Daddy.
As you can tell by the shots below, he was on fine form, happy and smiling at his parents. I even got one or two myself. The shoot took place in the garden at his home, and why not? It was a very warm and sunny day, and everyone likes to be outside on such a beautiful afternoon. I also managed to capture a particularly sweet moment whilst he was having a cuddle with his Mummy.
We have a running theme with Archie's shoots. Namely his hats. He had a wonderful woolly one for his newborn shoot, and this time he sported a straw trilby, and looked an absolute treat. I can't wait to see which one he'll be wearing next time!

Back To The Beach
13th August 2013 - 0 comments
It's funny how I find that locations have their own little trends. I guess it's down to the fact that someone sees images from a shoot I've done at a certain place, and wants theirs done there too. Well this one bucked the current trend of Burgh Castle Fort, and took me back to one of my favourites, the cliffs at Gorleston Beach.
Liam and Hannah wanted some family shots of them with their two children Hayden and Olivia.
This shoot was a fantastic one. Both Hayden and Olivia are wonderful characters and this came across in the photos I bagged during this session. Much fun was had by all, particularly yours truly. I even managed some football banter with young Hayden, who, rather is misguided in thinking the Man. Utd. are the best team around.....tut tut!!

Young Love
13th August 2013 - 0 comments
It's not often that I get the chance to dedicate an entire shoot to a couple. Usually it's a few minutes with Mum and Dad as part of a family shoot, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to change this. The subjects for this shoot was the very good looking pair of Parease and Jack, at Burgh Castle Fort. The weather was fine and sunny which made for some lovely images of the couple.
Part of the job I have when capturing images of people is to read their body language and how they interact with other subjects in the shot. Whilst shooting this couple, it was perfectly clear how happy and in love they are, and were so relaxed and easy in each others company, it made my job so very easy.....

12th August 2013 - 0 comments
Back in May I put out a casting call via my Facebook page asking for volunteers to model for me to try out a few ideas for my Makeover Location Package. The response was frankly overwhelming, which on one hand was great to know that so many ladies were interested in having a shoot done by me, but on the other hand it was a bit of a decision to make. But a decision was made and it was to choose Anna for this particular shoot.
After a meeting, we decided on Burgh Castle as the location, and prayed for a sunny evening so I could capture the images I wanted. As usual the conditions decided not to play ball. Earlier that day they were perfect, but by the time we started the shoot the sky had clouded over and the breeze had picked up. We carried on regardless, and I was pleased with the resulting shots.
Anna was fantastic throughout and, considering she hadn't modelled before, did a grand job. She seemed to enjoy the experience and was keen to do another shoot to nail those summer evening images I was after.

12th August 2013 - 0 comments
Everyone loves a baby shoot. I know I do. I had the pleasure of capturing images of the cheeky Noah in his Grandparents back garden. The decision to do the shoot outdoors was based on the fact that he was mobile, which gave both him and me freedom to move about unhindered, and also because it was June, so the weather would be nice enough. Well the first part was right, but the weather looked like it wouldn't play ball. The weather on the day was windy and not particularly warm, and it was a late call by Mum to say she was happy to go ahead.
I'm glad she did make the call though. Noah was a joy to photograph. As you can see, I managed to capture a range of emotions, but on the whole he was happy and smiley, proving to me that like most children, he loves the outdoors.

Mum-To-Be..and Harriet Too
11th August 2013 - 0 comments
It had been a while since I'd done a Bump shoot, so I relished the chance to do another one with Mum-to-be Rachael and big sister-to-be Harriet. As usual with these shoots, it was taken indoors using a very simple studio type set up, and the images captured were nice and simple too....just the way I like them. Rachael looked fantastic, and was very relaxed throughout, which gave the images the same feel. The shots I've posted here are of Harriet on her own and one with 'bump'. I'm happy to report that 'bump' was born just a few weeks later, and was a little brother for Harriet to spoil!

A Surprise Revealed
11th August 2013 - 0 comments
The purpose of this secret shoot in May was to produce a canvas print as a birthday present for Toby and Abi's Mum in July. It was mission accomplished, and it remained a secret until the big day too, which was Dad's biggest fear!
A different location for me this time, namely Herringfleet Hills in Suffolk. I have been there many times before to capture landscape images of the nearby Smock Mill, but I'd never to shoot a portrait session. I will suggest it to future clients, it has a number of different aspects and backdrops inside a relatively small area.
Anyway back to the shoot in hand. Again it was interesting in seeing the different personalties that always exists between siblings. It tends to be the older one that is the quieter one, with the second child having a bit more, shall we This was definitely the case here too. Toby was much more reserved with sister Abi being in perpetual motion! I think the images captured show this difference, even though Abi was still for the few seconds it took to take each shot. It's all in the eyes....!

A Family at Fritton
11th August 2013 - 0 comments
Back in May it was off to Fritton Woods for a family shoot with big brother Travis his younger twin brothers Evan and Fletcher(luckily for me they were non-identical!) along with Mum Kerrie and Dad Gavin. We went for a little walk into the woods to my favourite area to shoot in. The weather was a bit touch and go (isn't it always?!) but we did avoid getting wet. Maybe it was the multiple umbrellas being carried about that put off the rain from actually making an appearance!
Like all my family shoots, this was fun and very relaxed. As it should be in such a peaceful environment. I think the images captured of this handsome family show this to be the case. Mum must have been impressed, because she's booked the boys in for another shoot already. So keep an eye out for the family appearing on these pages again in the not too distant future.....

22nd June 2013 - 0 comments
No, that's not her name. The lady who booked me for this Simple Boudoir Shoot is a Marilyn Monroe fan. So much so, that one of the shots she requested was to replicate a classic Eve Arnold image of the world's most famous sex symbol. Of course, I don't do copies, so I did my version. After all, I don't think you can ever improve on a classic image. My version can be seen here
That was only one of many images captured during the shoot. The lady in question was a fantastic model throughout, trying quite a few different poses and ideas, many of which you won't get to see, but a few of our favourites can be seen below.
Talking to her afterwards, she tells me she'd love to do another boudoir shoot. As although she was initially nervous (not that I could tell!) by the end she found the experience very enjoyable.....

Mini-Boudoir Competition Results
08th June 2013 - 0 comments
As you may have seen, I have recently run a competition offering a Mini-Boudoir session as first prize. The number of entries was surprisingly high, there were many names that I didn't recognise, a few that I did, and of those, one or two that surprised me by entering! This tells me two things, the first being that Boudoir photography is becoming more popular, and secondly, ladies are feeling more confident about having a session for themselves!
Any way down to the details....
There is one image in my boudoir galley which contains a word, I asked what was that word? All names of those who answered correctly went into the hat, with one winner and four runners-up being drawn out.
The correct answer was LOVE.
The winner of the Mini-Boudoir Session is Katie Good, and the four runners-up, who all win a half-price Mini-Boudoir session, are; Karen Carroll, Lois Nelson, Emma Jarvis and Roz Green.

Many congratulations to Katie and the runners-up. I'll be organising the shoots with them shortly, and you never know, they may even let me show you all a shot or two!
Want to win Mini-Boudoir Package?
20th May 2013 - 0 comments
Whenever I introduce a new package, I like to give one away to highlight the fact that it's now available, and this is no exception.
This is the Mini-Simple Boudoir Package worth £75, and is a slimmed down version of the Simple Boudoir Package. Shoot of up to one hour with your 12x8 print chosen from up to 12 fully edited image proofs.
I'm giving one of these packages away, but you will have to do a bit of work to win one!

Answer this question correctly and get your name in the draw....

In my Boudoir Gallery there is word which appears in one of the images (clue: this is not my logo....the question is...what is the word?

To enter:
Please complete the comment box below with your name, email address and enter your answer in the comment box. Closing date midnight Monday 3rd June. Names of all those that have answered correctly will be entered in to a draw to select the winner. The winner will be notified by email after the closing date.

Please note: no email addresses will be recorded other than to notify the winner.

Terms and Conditions
i The shoot must be taken within a 10 mile radius of NR31 8AX, and at the winners home or other location organised by the winner.
ii You must be over 18 to enter.
Photographers - Should We Care What Others Think?
06th May 2013 - 0 comments
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Following a recent conversation I had with a fellow photographer I thought I'd give you some thoughts on what we talked about. Basically the subject discussed was whether you should worry what other people (namely photographers) think of your work, or more precisely how you achieve your imagery.

Throughout life we seem to be obsessed with the opinions of other people, constantly seeking assurance that what we do, buy or produce is good enough. It a natural obsession, but from a photographer's point of view, whether it is particularly healthy or helpful is another question.

When I first started out in photography as a keen hobbyist, I will admit to being very concerned about what others thought of my work. I joined an online photographic community, where every members work could be voted for and commented on. Most of the comments were of the positive reinforcement kind, "Great Image" or "Fantastic Capture" were very common (thankfully). Occasionally someone would point out technical aspects, which as a beginner I would have missed. This kind of constructive criticism is invaluable, especially when starting out. The person giving the critique has obviously spent time looking at your work, has assessed as they see fit, and worded their observations in a respectful way. It's only good manners to take on board what they say, you may or may not agree, but it doesn't hurt to listen to what they have said.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be as balanced in their view point. Photography is a branch of the Arts, and so opinions on what is and isn't good is very subjective. The expression, 'One man's meat is another man's poison' is wholly appropriate in this case. Being a part of the Arts, it attracts the clique element and those that 'must be heard'. It's here that taking on board someone else's opinion becomes difficult. I'm not tarring every member of Photographic Societies and Communities with the same brush here. A very large majority are every day folk who take photographs for a hobby or a living, they love the subject and appreciate great images. Like me if they don't like something, then generally don't talk about it and move on. There is, however, a minority containing the high brow purists, that abhor any form of post-production in that devil called 'Photoshop', or can't abide anyone that doesn't follow their own methods and opinions, and they like to let everyone know too.
Photography is an art form, which generally means that 'rules' are merely for guidance in the pursuit of a great image. Personally I'm all for 'each to their own'. Some things I like, others I don't, it's my personal preference, but I wouldn't spend my valuable time venting my spleen on my blog page, about people that over-process images, or don't practice the purists method of image production.
What these people fail to realise is, that every image produced will have an audience that appreciates it. That audience may be very small, very large or somewhere in between, but someone somewhere will like it. There is also the argument of artistic license. I'm sure Constable or Turner didn't paint exactly what they saw, some elements subjects of the scene would be tweaked or even removed to suit the desired composition. Traditional film photographers used darkroom tricks such as dodging, burning and even painting on final images.

So should we care what others think of our work? To answer that we have to ask Why are we creating the images in the first place?
I can only speak for myself, but how I see it is this. I take landscape images solely for me. It's my getaway, it's my quiet time, it's my moment to appreciate the world around me. The only person that those images need to please is myself, but if others like them too, then it's a bonus, and nice to know people appreciate what I am producing.
My commercial portrait work is obviously different, I have a client to please as well. That said, I have developed my own style of portraiture, which is clearly displayed through images on my website, and, I would hope, it's the client response to that style that is the driver for them to book me to capture images for them.

In summary the answer isn't straightforward, there is vast area of grey between the black and the white. Personally, I think listening to others is vital, if the critique is balanced and respectful, and they have your artistic development at heart. If it's the Photography snob, then my advice would be to shut your ears, walk away, and just enjoy what you are doing.
Brograve Mill (Landscape Shoot)
06th May 2013 - 0 comments
Looking back over my computer hard drive I noticed that during 2012 I only managed one solitary afternoon taking landscape photographs. This was for two reasons, the first being very busy with the portrait work and another the awful weather. I made a promise to myself to get out and do more this year, and I'm already on shoot number three, so far so good!
For this shoot, I teamed up with fellow photographer Terry Lewis, to show him Brograve Mill, which is close to Horsey in Norfolk. I'd visited Brograve on two occasions before, neither which much success. This derelict mill is one which attracts a lot of photographic attention, and this day was no different. There was already a snapper in place shooting images as we arrived. Having checked with him that we wouldn't be in his shot, we wandered further along the cut to shoot the mill from further away. Being mid-afternoon, the light was still a bit flat. so the two chosen images were converted to mono to give them the interest I wanted. Next time we visit will be in the soft evening light, where I hope to bag a fantastic colour shot.

Gorleston Beach - Landscape Shoot
06th May 2013 - 0 comments
I'd bought myself a new set of filters, so I had to try them out didn't I? The weather was bitterly cold, dull and windy, far from ideal for the traditional landscape images, but perfect for long exposures.....
My favourite image from that shoot (or more accurately the only one I've had time to process) was this four minute exposure. Too achieve this I used a 10-stop ND filter and 2-stop ND Grad, along with a warm hat and gloves!!

Simple Boudoir
05th May 2013 - 0 comments
My latest Boudoir shoot was a simple one. By that I mean there was no makeover with this one The client chose to do her own hair and make-up, and, as expected, did a fantastic job. Simple too because all the images were shot in natural daylight, through two windows in the same wall. Just the way I like it.....
Now nerves are always part of these types of shoots, mostly from the client, but I haven't seen anyone so nervous as I did when I arrived for the session. The nerves didn't last long, a bit of a chat, talk through what would happen, and a few shots in, they had disappeared completely. In fact, I would be so bold as to say the lady enjoyed the experience. Looking back after the shoot, she tells me, she wondered what all the fuss was about!

This initial attack of the jitters had me thinking about why many women would love the idea of having a shoot done, but are too nervous to book, or even enquire.
Whenever I post Boudoir images online, it is with the express permission of the client, and is always anonymous. I know this lady is well known locally to a number of people, and she even posted images on her own Facebook page, but a promise is a names!
I have written a blog piece to help explain the boudoir shoot process and to alleviate some of the issues ladies may have with having a shoot done Boudoir - Too Nervous To Enquire