2013 Portrait Review

30th December 2013
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I did this last year. I picked out twelve of my favourite images as a review of the calendar year, which although was difficult to pick just twelve, was actually fairly straight forward. Given the year I've had this year it's been a headache to choose just twelve, but I have managed too. There are numerous images that I've reluctantly left out, but my top 100 images would be a real bore for everyone to trudge through I'm sure!!
So here we go, in no particular order of course!!

Archie & Dad

I think it's quite an obvious choice this one. You may have seen an image of a sleeping newborn Archie in his woolly hat posted earlier in the year, but this image panders to my arty side, and in black & white too....which you may have noticed is a particular favourite image finish of mine.

Archie (at Four Months)

As I mentioned before, I had a wonderful newborn shot of young Archie, but I felt this one had to go in purely because of the cute factor. Beaming, cheeky smile and a cool looking hat, how could I leave that one out?

Children and Animals

What's the old adage? Never work with children and animals? Well I did, and got rewarded with this lovely family shot back in September. To be honest I was mildly concerned about having to get the attention of two children AND two dogs while shooting the family group shot, but I think this is a beaut (even if I do say so myself!)

Young Love

I loved doing this shoot of a young couple, clearly in love. I don't often get the chance to photograph a couple for an entire shoot, so I grabbed this chance with both hands. This one was the most difficult to whittle down, but I chose this because of the relaxed happiness it conveys....


Back to Burgh Castle for this shoot. A session for me to grab a few portfolio images with the lovely Anna. The weather didn't play ball, the theme was meant to be a barmy Summer evening, but you know what Blighty is like! However, I bagged some crackers, this one being one of my favourites, it's all in the yes you know!


Ok so this isn't technically from a client shoot. It's one of my youngest, but of all the shots I've got of him this year, this one is the absolute best. Whether you're a pro or not, photographing your own children can be 'challenging' at times, so I was delighted with this one


Gorleston Beach on a beautiful warm Summer evening, AND having the pleasure to photograph these three brothers. What's not to like about this job? I love doing children's portrait shoots, they're always so entertaining and there's never a dull moment. I like this one because of the energy of the image. As you can imagine getting the boys to 'just run towards me' without it turning into a full on race is just impossible...priceless!!

Gorleston Beach

August was such a fantastic month weather wise. We finally had a summer, and I made hay while the sun shone, cramming in five shoots in a seven day period to make the most of the glorious conditions. This was one of them, a family shoot on the best of summer locations, Gorleston beach. Again, choosing just one image from this set was torture, but the delightful pose and expression of the younger members of the group here just made it for me.

Sunset Silhouette

Burgh Castle on a summer evening is delightful, but the conditions for this kind of shot doesn't always present itself. How lucky I was that day eh? The family ordered a copy of this image and it hangs, beautifully framed on their wall at home. It's certainly one I could never leave out of the annual review.

Mum and Daughter

As the summer began to fade, I had one last trip to Gorleston Beach to capture images of a mum and her daughter. I don't need to say much more, the shot more than speaks for itself.

Autumn At Fritton

If Summer shoots belong mostly to the beach so Autumn with its colours ones tend to veer towards Fritton Woods. A lot of lovely images to choose from a lot of shoots, but I settled on this one because of the expression on the little lad's face. At the time I had managed to get him laughing, and what an infectious laugh it was too....

First Time At Fritton

Not me. The little lad that was the subject of the shoot at Fritton. He thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to the woods, and that made for some fantastic images through out. I had a bit of luck with this shot, I was working a few images with direct eye contact and just momentarily he dropped his gaze to the floor, and Bingo! The black and white conversion concentrates the attention to the expression, which can get a bit lost in colour sometimes.

Gorleston Breakwater in Mono

So this is image thirteen, but it's not a portrait shot of course, but my favourite landscape shot of the year. Not that I have too many to choose from these days, sadly I don't get to shoot too many scenics with one thing or another, so when I do I really enjoy taking them. This one was always going to be black and white before I even released the shutter. Perfect tonal range with the cloud formations, the breakwater and the flat sand and all at one of my favourite places to be. Incidentally this has been my best selling landscape image of 2013....

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