A Run For The Sun

26th June 2016

This is the first in a series of 'Senior' portfolio shoots I'll be carrying out over the summer months. Photo sessions which I'm looking forward to sharing with you, along with details of how my Senior Portrait Sessions will work.

Firstly, what is a Senior shoot all about? Well, it's aimed at young ladies and lads that have have just become school leavers, or are of college age, and it's to capture memories of that significant stage of their lives.

So what's the story of this photo session? Well, it was an evening shoot, in June at Fritton Woods with a lovely young lady called Clara. Fritton Woods is a location I haven't photographs at for a while. It was once a very popular Autumn location, but has fallen out of favour recently.

The clearing of large areas of the site has stopped clients wanting their shoots here, but it still has value as a portrait location. In fact, in some ways the open spaces have improved its appeal by adding another set of backdrops that can be used when photographing portrait subjects, but admittedly it has lost that deep woodland feel that it once had.

Weather-wise the sky was pretty much a blanket of cloudy when we (that's Clara, her mum and of course, me) arrived at Fritton for the session. So I was already counting out bright backlit shots from the shoot, meaning I was thinking on my feet as to what would work in the lighting we had. Clara, like all of my volunteer subjects, didn't have any modelling experience, so as is usual, the first part of the session was spent explaining how the poses are achieved, and shooting a few test shots to help settle Clara into the shoot.

Once we were up and running the session flowed nicely. The sun did make a fleeting appearance whilst working in a more open area, but not long enough to capture any substantial number of shots. We moved on to the old hut which I love to use as a backdrop, it's grizzly texture is a direct contrast to the usual good looking portrait subjects. It was as this set finished that the comedy moment of the session happened.....

You see Clara is a bit of an artist herself, and has a very creative eye. She knew the value of a low, bright sun to any images we could capture. I was starting to walk to the next location, whilst checking the shots I'd just taken, when I heard Clara call out "Sun". I looked up to see the sun had suddenly burst through the clouds, and Clara running back towards our previous location a hundred or so metres away. Knowing this was the light I had prayed for, I joined the sprint back towards our former spot, I was weighed down with camera bag and gear, and poor Clara was struggling to run with her tight dress.... I can only imagine what we would have looked like!

Still catching my breath, and being eaten alive by the local gnat population, my model hurriedly got back into the previous poses and I fired off some rapid shots. I was half blinded by the bright sun, so looking on the back of the camera I wasn't entirely sure that I had the shots I wanted....who says photography isn't rock 'n' roll!?

I'd like to thank Clara and her Mum for volunteering and giving up their time for this shoot. It was a pleasure to do, and enormous fun too. I'm looking forward to the next one, which (weather permitting) is coming very soon.

I think these photo sessions are make a beautiful keepsake for young adults as they begin their post-school journey into the wider world. If you would like details of my portrait sessions in general, or more specifically, for a senior shoot, please get in touch with me via the Portrait Contact Page

I'll be sharing more of the beautiful images from this shoot on my Facebook Page and Instagram Account so please feel free to give them a follow and keep tabs on some extra photos from this and other sessions.

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