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07th August 2017

I've been photographing Boudoir sessions for over five years, and surprisingly, this year saw my first Maternity Boudoir session which I shared in this post. Within a very short time after the post was shared, I had an enquiry from Parease. The rest, as they say, is history. Here we are, showing the resulting images..

As I have done before, I’m going to let Parease do the talking throughout this post. After all, her point of view may resonate with one or two that may be considering a Boudoir session.

Parease has used my services before having a couples portrait photo session with her now, husband-to-be a few years ago.

I had no hesitations working with Martin, as we had built a very good relationship from having used him in the past, he made my myself and my partner feel very at ease in the location session, so I knew that he would be no different during my Maternity boudoir session. He is very easy-going and makes you feel very relaxed.

I wasn’t overly surprised to hear from Parease in regards to having a Boudoir session. As Parease had been in touch before...

I hadn't ever thought about a Boudoir shoot until I saw Martin promoting them on social media quite regularly. I debated doing a Boudoir shoot for a long time, and had even contacted Martin previously, but never took it further. It wasn't until I saw one of Martin’s Maternity Boudoir shoots that it convinced me to have one done.

Parease goes on to reveal why she thinks Maternity Boudoir is such a great idea.

I would highly recommend a Maternity Boudoir shoot. I am sure I can speak for every women that has experienced it, when I say that pregnancy is no easy ride. There are days you do not feel yourself, your skin, hair and whole body changes day to day and can easily get you down. A Maternity Boudoir shoot is such a lovely way to lift your confidence and to capture such an important event.

Parease also goes on to talk about Boudoir in general..

It is so easy to compare bodies to other women and celebrities with the world that we live in. It’s all that we see. A boudoir session reminds you of how beautiful you really are, and trust me it really does work.

I love all my photos that were captured by Martin, and my partner loves them too. A boudoir shoot hasn't got to be serious it can be made fun. Get a friend round to help with your hair and makeup, put some music on and make it a fun, relaxing experience. At no point during the shoot did I feel uncomfortable. In fact, I was so at ease the time flew by!

It’s not uncommon for women get cold feet about having a Boudoir session. Parease was one such lady that had been in touch before.

I’m speaking from experience, when I say that I backed out of a Boudoir shoot before now, I am so pleased I finally plucked up the courage to do this. If the tiniest part of you is considering a shoot please book a consultation with Martin, it’s laid back and completely informal He was very happy to work with my requirements. Any queries or concerns, no matter how big or small he was always be happy to help.

I think having a Boudoir shoot, is a great way to celebrate important milestones in your life that you would like to remember such as; pregnancy, weight loss, important birthdays, marriages etc. I would definitely consider doing another Boudoir shoot in the future.

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