Eterno Boudoir in The Land of the Blue Rinse

06th August 2017
So Eterno Boudoir ventured into the world of retirement, more specifically, 'The Land of the Blue Rinse'. No, I'm not packing it in… retirement for me is quite a way from me at the moment. No, the title refers to a blog, written by Jill. A recent retiree that responded to recent call of mine.

Someone Else's Blog
I wanted to team up with a few female bloggers with the intention of promoting Boudoir photography from their different points of view.
When I posted my call, I had very few pre-conceptions of who (if anyone) would get in touch, or what their ‘angle' would be, so when Jill contacted me to register her interest, I was delighted, although her message mildly irritated at the same time….not with her per se, but her message was once again the stereo typical view of who makes a Boudoir model surfacing again.
Her words were…
"I'm a female blogger….Only catch, I'm 61, so probably not what you're looking for!"

Why would she not be what I'm looking for?? I had the hump…which, ironically, is what caused Jill to message me in the first place.

What Did Jill Think?
The intention of these projects was for me to say very little about my model's thoughts, concerns, emotions and the experience in general. So I won't. I'll let their blog posts do the talking.
Jill has written four posts on her Boudoir experience so far. All are insightful, yet humorous, and touch on thoughts and emotions I hadn't really considered before now. For a man trying to get inside the mind of a woman these are gold dust!
Take a look at them here:

To Boudoir Or Not to Boudoir

So I'm Doing This

I Survived

The final post I'm Lovely and I Have Photos to Prove it is, perhaps, the most revealing, (and I don't mean in an undressed kind of way!) where Jill not only proudly shows some of the images, but also speaks of the real benefits of a Boudoir Session. In many ways it confirms what I have known and said for years, but also it throws up one or two thoughts that I hadn't considered until now. I'll let you read it and see for yourself.

How I See It...
What I can write about is the session from my perspective, but I will keep it short.
I don't ever have doubts about photo sessions, and despite what Jill may have thought, this one was no different. Right from her first message to me, Jill had made this shoot about age. My stance is that age is nothing but a number, and should never be a reason not to do something you want to.

Did age have a bearing on proceedings? I genuinely don't think so. Jill mentions flexibility as an issue. Admittedly it does decrease with age, but younger people can struggle with their mobility too. I am as bendy as a brick, and I'm not particularly advanced in age! In Boudoir terms, there are ways around every issue a lady may have. After carrying this shoot out with Jill, my opinion hasn't changed. I firmly believe Boudoir IS for every woman…even if they may think otherwise.

Final Thoughts
Jill makes reference to the fact that friends had called her brave for having this shoot. She refutes this, instead calling herself daring. I do agree with her on this point. Although anyone that faces their own fears could be considered 'brave'. Boudoir seems to invoke a sense of worry and fear in some women, so much so that will stop them from actually enquiring about a session even though, deep down, they want to have it done. My advice is this. Read Jill's posts. All of them, and see if there is anything you can identify with or relate to. Then remember Jill did it, and came through feeling much more positive about herself. In her own words..."I'm lovely and have photos to prove it".

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