Boudoir...To do or not to do?

21st March 2013
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As you may have seen, I have recently been working with a local burlesque dancer/teacher Frenchie Debonaire on some promotional images. The final shots were published on the performer’s Facebook Fan page, and the attention, fair amount of praise from most that had seen them, was very surprising, and also very flattering. This, however, wasn’t the only result of the images being made public. There was talk and hints from some ladies to have such shots done of their own. This has led me to consider the subject in question, which, I believe, is one of the most beautiful forms of portraiture, boudoir photography.

So what is Boudoir Photography?
The “boudoir style” typically captures sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (or occasionally men and couples) in a photographer’s studio, luxury hotel or the client’s own home. The most common form of contemporary boudoir is to take a number of posed or candid shots of the subject partly clothed in in lingerie, any nudity is normally implied and not explicit.

Why do women want to have boudoir images taken?
Being a man, I have a distinct disadvantage in answering this, so having read through some books, online articles and boudoir websites, it seemed most mentioned reasons are as a present for husbands or boyfriends on anniversaries or wedding days, to show off a new look such as after weight loss or plastic surgery. However, not much is mentioned about the real benefit of a boudoir session as I see it….

Why should women have boudoir images taken?
Whilst working with Ms FD, I have discussed the subject of burlesque, what it is, what classes on the subject actually teach and what the students get from those classes. In an age where ordinary people are often comparing themselves to the latest in vogue size 8 celebrity or male sports star, it is hardly surprising that a lot of people, both women and men have hang ups and insecurities about themselves and in particular their bodies. The biggest result of these classes, therefore, is an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. Exactly the same can be said about having a boudoir photography session. Women should have these kinds of photos taken to emphasise their beauty, sensuality and their power, with the resulting images bringing an increased confidence and self-esteem.

I have had experience of shooting boudoir images, and have found the women that have had the shots taken say that initially they were very nervous, which is understandable, but afterwards, particularly after viewing the images, did experience the ‘feel good factor’ and some have even said it could become very addictive! Surprising? Maybe, but what could be better than having a pamper session with a stylist/make-up artist, a glass or two of something bubbly followed by a photo session to show how wonderful you truly are?
In short the message is, “Love the skin you’re in and give it a go……what have you got to lose?”

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