Boys Boys Boys

28th December 2014
I always let my family clients know I have children of my own (three boys to be precise), so they are aware that I am used to how kids tick and that they are all different. The most popular question I then get asked is..."I bet you get lots of lovely photos of your boys don't you?"
Wrapped up in my answer is another common statement I get from the parents of the children I have just photographed. "I can't believe how well behaved they were for you!, we always struggle to get photos of them!"
I explain that the simple reason for this is that I am not their parent. In my experience children know what buttons to press when they are in situations with their Mum and Dad that they don't want to be in. And the parents that use my services are no different to anyone else, myself included. So parents out there will understand the potential problems I had facing me when I did a shoot of my three boys recently. My wife wanted up to date individual photos of each of them to hang on a wall at home. So to delivering the photos for her Christmas present involved me on my own with my sons at Burgh Castle to capture the images; one of a 'certain age' (four years old), another who fancies himself as a model and pulls the most bizarre posing faces in front of the lens....what could possibly go wrong?!
I went armed with snacks, fairly smart clothes and crossed fingers. The conditions were almost perfect considering the time of year, with bright, overcast skies, although it was chilly, so I would have to work fast before the younger boys got cold, because that would signal 'game over'.
Despite my initial worries the shoot went off without too many issue. My little one did have a few moments, but on the whole was well behaved. Coaxing my model to keep a 'normal' face was more of a problem, but I managed to get something fairly natural. I did bag a few group shots too, including one on a bridge near the river which I've had in mind for a long time. It's my absolute favourite image from the shoot. Why? Well apart from the composition of leading lines etc. it's the natural expressions of all three lads, something that money can't me!!

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