Fun At Fritton

28th December 2017

It's always great fun to photograph families, particularly when the children involved are younger. This photo session at Fritton Woods with Shelley, Gavin and Kiandra, was similar in the family make-up to this one taken earlier in the year at Gorleston beach. In the blog post I talk about how I approach photographing pre-school children, it is, however, not a one size fits all. I always take into consideration the character of the little superstar and photograph accordingly.

In this case the star of the show was a young lady, who, I must add, was just amazing throughout the photo-session. Not all youngsters want take direction from me, and why should they when there's so much to explore? But when they do, it makes for another, dare I say more serene, type of photograph. For me it's all about making the shots as unique to the subject as possible.

Back to the shoot.... This was taken back in the Autumn, when usually photographing at Fritton Woods is always more beautiful, however we were treated to a warm September and October, which delayed the usual colour display, instead the backdrop was a lot greener than we would normally see this time of year. The plus point was that we didn't have to wrap up in coats and lots of layers, making the session almost like a summer one. And more fun for all concerned.

I had to delay posting these images in a blog because prints from the session were to be given as Christmas presents. Quality photos always make a great gift, but the wait to share such beautiful images is an excruciating one for me! This session was originally bought as a gift, a Mother and Daughter shoot to be precise, but Mum decided it should be a family one, with the emphasis on the little one instead. Bless her. She does make a fantastic subject for a photo!

Of course, a family isn’t just about the children. I have said this on many occasions before, but I think it’s important for Mum and Dad to be remembered too. I do always try to get one or couple shots during a session (if I’m allowed!) Luckily, I was able to take a few of Gavin and Shelley on their own.

What Do I Mean When....
...I say 'take direction', what does that mean?
It sounds complicated, and probably scares some people, but it really is nothing to worry about.
It's simply me talking to the person in front of the camera, and getting them to stand/look how I want them too. I keep the direction and posing very simple, and age appropriate for everyone, whether they are adult or child. To some, the thought of 'posing' for a photograph sparks fear, because they simply don't know what to do. That shouldn't be an issue in one of my photo-sessions, as that's my responsibility, leaving the subjects to enjoy the shoot without worry.
I must say at this point, I use the term 'posing', but in truth it's a few adjustments to maintain a natural, but flattering look. I'll even give Mum a few tips to help their selfies for free....

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