Fun with Fredwears

25th October 2017

I first discovered Fredwears on Instagram, and was delighted to discover that they were local to me. I liked what I saw with regard to the images and content they were posting. It was while perusing their timeline that the idea of working with such a local business first dropped into my mind.
I’m a portrait photographer specialising in family photography, and here was a business catering for younger children, it seemed like a very good match for me.

Fredwears is owned and run by Kirsty, a mum of two, who does a great job of combining the two stressful demands of running a business and a family. I contacted Kirsty to see if she was interested in working together on a project, and I was delighted when she agreed. My thoughts were to photograph some of Fredwears products in my portrait style.
Once our diaries were aligned, we arranged a photo session with two young models at Fritton Lake Country Park. We did have a false start with a weather related postponement, but luckily the next available slot proved to be blessed with warm, beautiful conditions. The fun began around the play area, where I had my work cut out chasing around two two year old boys wearing Fredwears leggings.

I used my usual approach when photographing young children, namely let them lead, and I will follow. After splitting myself in two for a while, the boys found each other around a huge wooden castle and I was able to capture shots of them together. We had a clothing change and a food break. One opting for a chocolate biscuit, the other an apple, and they sat down together to discuss there choices…at least that’s what it looked like to me!

We moved onto the wooded area surrounding the lake for some further shots, with both boys playing together as boys do. Let’s say it involved finding big sticks!! Gotta love boys in the wild!!

It was delightful as usual to work with youngsters again, but this was a different experience for me too. My usual emphasis during a portrait session is to capture faces and expressions, here the focus was to be the clothing worn too, something that, if I’m honest, I tend to blur away. It amazing how such a little shift can change how I had to work this session, but it did, and I’m glad for it as well.

I like to work ‘on my feet’ as it were. I never plan too much in regard to capturing certain images and compositions, you just never know what will happen. This shoot certainly enforced that, and challenged me more than I thought it would. Excellent. Great things never came from comfort zones did they?

Want to know more Fredwears?

Fredwears is a small business based in St. Olaves, near Great Yarmouth, and (as previously mentioned) is owned and run by Kirsty, and helped by her husband Scott.

Kirsty describes Fredwears in her own words.

"It is very much a family run business, that is passionate about comfort and affordable style. Having fun as we expand and building relationships with customers is wonderful - we love seeing photos of the little ones in their clothing!
Our aims are for the future are to add handmade items, including some exclusive prints to Fredwears current range.”

I couldn’t agree more, it was this feeling I had about Fredwears that attracted me to working with them. It’s very similar to my own principals of building relationships with customers, after all helping people is what this is all about.
Fredwears can be found in the following places. I hope you take a look and even make a purchase (or two) in support of a fantastic local enterprise.

Fredwears' Website/Online Store
Fredwears on Facebook
Fredwears on Instagram

Why the collaboration?
The key here for me is 'local' I think businesses should collaborate and help each other where possible. It makes great sense, and adds a feeling of community too. There is such a lot that can be learned from each other, whilst helping to drive organic traffic through to other social media and online platforms.

Would I do this again?
Absolutely I would. In fact I have already had a conversation with Kirsty to have another shoot to promote some product line in 2018.
It doesn’t have to be a collaboration involving just product photography, I have an idea or two for some service industries as well….so watch this space!

(Please note: There are no affiliate links between Martin J Photography and Fredwears, but simply my personal recommendation. I have received no commission or payments to produce this post).

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