30th October 2017

Georgie is very relaxed and enjoys being in front of the camera, and it showed during this recent photo session with her around the Gorleston Pier area. Rather than writing about the ins and outs of what happened, I thought I would share my thoughts on another aspect of this photo shoot.

You may notice that I’m not one for being overly fussy when it comes to posing in my images. Keep images looking as relaxed and natural as possible, is important to me, mainly due to the fact I’m working with people that aren’t professional models and only have photo shoots once in a blue moon, which includes some that aren’t so confident or comfortable in front of the camera. However, I do have to direct my photo subjects and models to make sure they look their best in the shots.

It didn’t really dawn on me, until this shoot session with self-confessed ‘Selfie Queen’ Georgie, that by giving this direction I was actually coaching and training my model. She was impressed with the difference a few subtle changes could make, as well as a few tips and tricks I shared with her throughout the the shoot. It doesn’t take much, but it is down to experience and knowledge, something a professional portrait photographer should be able to advise you on. One tip I shared with Georgie was that the pout is never a good look!

Which leads me on to models and how portrait photographers can help them further.

Model Portfolios
I hear about, and see many would-be models on social media, and have even photographed portrait sessions that were used for model portfolios. The phrase 'Model Portfolio 'sounds scary, but in reality it’s not complicated. There are a few key shots required for the portfolio, which depend on the age of the model, and what kind of assignments they’re after. For example, a child would need at least 3 different image types, an adult between 6-12. Again, a good portrait photographer will be able to advise what would be needed, and when.
A word of warning, whilst there are many agencies that work ethically, there are some that exploit the desire to break into the modelling world. They insist on providing the portfolio for the would-be model, but at extortionate prices, with very little appetite to provide subsequent work afterwards.

A Photo Session For Fun
It need not be for a career either. Professional modelling isn’t for everyone, but (as in Georgie’s case) there are many people out there that just enjoy modelling for what it is. They may be regular amateur or part-time professional models, or simply indulge in the occasional shoot, but it’s a fun thing to do.
I get lots of feedback, especially from ladies both young and not-so-young, that thoroughly enjoy their portrait experience with me, and would love to repeat it, not because of any dreams of model stardom, but just for the love of it.

Let your photographer take the strain.
The other thing I hear from clients, particularly the boudoir ones, is that modelling is not easy. There is a lot to think about and do, it’s certainly not a case of just standing and looking pretty. However, during a portrait session, this is where the direction from the photographer will come into play, by taking the need to remember away from the client.
While we may be good for posing advice and looking great for the camera, one question we should never answer, is “Do I have the right look?” That should be left to the model agency.

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