Investing in Emotion

20th October 2017

There are many reasons people may decide to have a portrait photo session, particularly and family one. The most popular by far is to capture a particular moment and record those memories in print. I have discussed the timing of these sessions in a recent blog The Lloyds, where the imminent departure of their eldest daughter to University led to the organisation of their family photo session. The mindset was almost, ‘last chance saloon’, maybe that’s slightly exaggerated, but the fact that they hadn’t had a family photo shoot for a number of years did add to their need to get the family album updated.
Other milestones include pre-school children about to start their educational adventure through to Senior portraits where sons and daughters are leaving theirs. Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same, you’re making an investment into something which, in time, will become priceless.

Speaking as a parent, I feel that the photos and videos we capture over the years of our blooming and blossoming families become more and more precious as we move further from the moment they happened, the emotional attachment becomes stronger with each passing year.
Whilst reading this you’re either; nodding your head in agreement, or thinking what a load of twoddle… but it is true, we become attached to our own family photos, whether they be professional images or one snapped using your camera phone. We simply love the memories of good times.

It’s this thinking that is the reason many clients opt to invest in a portrait session, that includes the Newton family, my clients featured in this post. I spoke to Matthew (Dad) about what they wanted from the session, during the conversation, and during the shoot itself, he spoke of the final images hanging on the wall for many years. It reinforces my belief that these portrait sessions are a special event, they’re a big deal to people. And so they should be, they are making an investment in emotion.

This session was one that had been talked about for a year or two, so I was delighted to finally make it happen. Matthew had seen photos from a family shoot that a former colleague had with me a few years back at Gorleston Beach, and had wanted something similar. The conditions couldn’t have been much closer to the session in question (Summer Part 5), even had the same cloudy sky. With the Newton children being older, the feel of the shoot was much more laid back than those with younger children (variety is the spice of life), so it means I approach the shots in a different way. For example, teenage boys tend to be more reserved when having their photo taken, not always of course, but often it is the case. In these cases it’s much more about keeping things very simple and relaxed for our less-than-eager models. I’m not so keen to be the other side of the lens, so I am particularly sympathetic to this feeling.

We captured a variety of shots, family group, the siblings together, on their own, and also Mum and Dad, and not to forget Stanley, the family dog as well. I included some requested shots too, particularly the family looking out to sea image here. There was plenty of maritime activity as I was working to keep the family interested in the view. There was also the piggy-back 'fight' I captured too. Nothing too malicious, I'm not a violent man!

Like all my family sessions, this was a privilege to be a part of. I never forget I’m part of some precious family time, not the usual at-home-together situation, but intimate all the same.

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