It's That Time Of The Year....Again!

20th November 2014
I don't like to use the word 'stressful' when it comes to my photography, because, on the whole, it isn't. Instead, I think 'challenging' is more appropriate. What am I talking about? In short, Christmas, or the lead up to it anyway. That's where I am at the moment, nearly at the end, but still into the rush leading up to the big day. The most 'challenging' time of the year for any portrait photographer.
This period is always very busy; shoots to organise, hoping the weather doesn't mess up my schedule too much, strict deadlines for larger than normal print and product orders, all of which has to be carefully balanced with maintaining an online presence as well as the usual necessities of running a business. Although the number I shoots do in such a short space of time rises rapidly compared to the rest of the year, the amount of photos I can share with everyone usually takes a tumble, as we have to keep the shoot a secret until Santa has delivered the resulting products safely under the Christmas tree.
This year, however, has been a bit different. I know for a fact I can show off some recent photos, because the customer is a dreadful secret keeper, but I do have a few that I can share with you all now.....or soon anyway. It'd be no fun to show them all at once would it?
This prize for the most popular location of the year goes to Burgh Castle. Most of my Autumn shoots were carried out there. I'm sure I could drive to it blindfolded by now, although, don't worry, I don't think I'll actually try it!!
So first up is this shoot of three siblings. Two big brothers and a young sister. Take a guess who was in charge for the hour? This was the first session of two on the same day, which meant I started a little earlier than usual. The sun was out and the sky annoyingly clear, which, as any photographer knows, isn't the most ideal of conditions. However, Burgh Castle has some big walls to offer suitable shade, which was a help for the first set of shots, before moving around the area in side the walls to offer some different points of view. This was nice and easy. The two lads were perfect, calm and very laid back, and the little lady was magnificent too. There was a lot of character to capture here, as befits her age, which I think I managed to do. See what you think.....?


Photo comment By Sarah Grice: What lovely pictures!! Superb!

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