It's Our Birthday!

08th August 2014
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Martin J Patterson Photography Ltd that is, not me. Three years old already? Where has the time gone? Haven't we grown? The usual kind of comments you hear when a young one has a birthday, but I suppose it's the same for the business.
You start off life needing a lot of support from others, a bit of love and understanding, until you're able to stand on your own. I'm not saying I'm running company of the year and that I have everything buttoned. The fact that this is a part-time business means I have plenty of restrictions, but every day I'm learning how to run my company better. I have never done any like this up until I started this venture, so the learning curve has been very steep. Like my photography, my business methods are self-taught, and it's both the good and bad experiences which have guided me this far, Also like my photography, operating the business like this makes it unique to me.
I've always tried to provide a very personal photographic experience, and I will always maintain that in the future, but recent experiences have shown me that I have to protect my business too. I'm a photographer, a creative, so being a hard-nosed type isn't really my forte, but it is a necessity and one which I have to toughen up on.
Looking back over the three years things I have actually learned many things, such as:
- saying "no" can be as liberating as taking that 'different' job.
- that keeping an open mind on what assignments to accept can lead you into the most unexpected of directions. (I'm talking burlesque to boudoir here).
- everyone has an opinion about what you do, but the only judge should ultimately be yourself.
- not everybody respects the fact you are giving up time to do their shoot.
- only to shoot what I want to, not what I feel I should.
- I have a fantastic support base through my social media sites.
- I have a number of loyal customers that are coming back to me again and again, so I must be doing somethings right!
Most of all, don't get too hung up on the business. Photography is meant to be fun. Meeting and photographing new people is rewarding and always enjoyable.
With the future in mind I'm already looking forward to next year. A few enhancements here and there, a few different shoot styles I'd like to develop, for both portrait and boudoir. Always thinking and always changing, it's important not to stand still and to keep things fresh. So here's to another successful year, I just hope you'll be with me throughout….

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