Size Does Not Define Your Beauty

05th January 2016

Amongst the biggest reasons for not having a boudoir shoot, is the question of body confidence, or, more precisely, the lack of it, and body weight. It is a very sensitive issue. I get that. Totally. It's a difficult subject for a prospective client to broach when talking Boudoir, and is often seen as a reason to delay, or worse, not have the boudoir session they actually really want. But it shouldn't be this way. And here's why...

You are beautiful
As the post title suggests, your size does not define how beautiful you are. You will have seen and studied yourself in the mirror in great detail, and so will see every flaw and imperfection. A stranger seeing you for the first time won't see these, they will see how beautiful you are. A boudoir shoot is just like looking at yourself through another's eyes (or in this

It's not about what size you wear, but how you wear it.
You don't have to lose weight to have a Boudoir Session. Embrace who you are now. It's fine to want to shed some pounds, eat healthier, and change the way you look, but don't let it stop you loving who you are now. If the truth be told, waiting to lose x pounds and y inches will, in all probability, mean you will never book the shoot. The search for the perfect body is a long and, dare I say, ever changing task. What is the perfect body anyway?

There is no right or wrong size or shape for Boudoir.
This is a plain and simple fact. There are poses that will suit and flatter any figure, curvy, althletic, average, pear name it. The best bit here is us Boudoir photographers know which ones suit who.

As your photographer I will not judge you (or anyone else)
Everyone is different, and unique. You are who you are, and being prepared to wear very little in front of a camera means I will respect your even more.

This will be out of your comfort zone, and it will change you
Sure you'll be nervous initially, but those fears and worries soon evaporate. I have seen this time after time. You can read more about this subject in my post Boudoir...more than a photo shoot.

It is good fun, and you'll love the experience and your photos.
It is a very enjoyable couple of hours. You will laugh more than you thought you me!

You may be reading this and thinking that's all very well but I'll never look as good as the ladies in our Boudoir gallery? You would be very wrong.

And here's why.....
The women in our boudoir galleries are a mix of many ages, sizes and shapes, and doubt very much if you could tell who is what. The reason is this. Our Boudoir shoots are tailored to suit each woman individually. I talk through the areas of your body you are happy with, and those you aren't, your comfort level, how you want to be portrayed, amongst other things. The result....images you love. Pure and simple. It starts with you and is 'you' all the way through the process.
So what are you waiting for?
Embrace the you now!!

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