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10th October 2017

Time will continue to tick. We can’t stop it, or slow it down. I’m always amazed how quickly days, months and years flash past. Babies turn to children then into young adults, and then…..yes, they fly the nest. So many memories, so many good times.
Ok, so where is this leading? Well, I’m writing this for a good reason. I hear this phrase (or something close) time and time again.
“I can’t remember the last time we had a family photo session.”

A recent family shoot was a particularly poignant reminder of this situation.
The Lloyd family hadn’t had a family session for quite a few years, however Mum (Kenna) was the lucky winner of my Christmas Gift giveaway last year, and wanted to use it to capture some family shots before her eldest daughter was due to leave for University in September.
I suppose the realisation of this deadline did make sure the shoot actually took place. It’s not unusual for life to get in the way, with the idea of having a photo session getting lost in the day-to-day family hustle and bustle. I know only too well. I’m a Dad with three busy boys, it’s a constant balancing act, but taking that time out and ensuring these memories are captured is important, if that is what you want to do. “They don’t stay young for long”, maybe an overused expression, but it is very, very true.

There were a couple of false starts with the Lloyd family shoot, inclement weather to name one, and given this was late August/early September, there was always the chance Autumn could strike early, and ruin any alternative dates. It did happen though…and (being good old Blightly) we experienced at least two seasons in the hour or so the session was taking place.

It started like a summers day, if somewhat breezy, with some relaxed family group shots, and some of the girls together. I made sure we captured the “best view in Norfolk” for some of the shots. (The quote was from a comment made on the photo when I shared it on Instagram. I can’t disagree)

We were half way through the session when I noticed the black cloud building up behind us. As a precaution I decided to move the shoot closer to the car park for the next set of images, including individual shots of the girls. I couldn’t resist using the threatening skies as a backdrop for some family group images; it was too good to miss. Ironically I use this location to capture silhouette shots on a summer evening…. not much chance of that during this session, but the flip side was we got something very different and unique.

I’d like to say the remainder of the session was a slow relaxed affair, but alas, I did have to work more quickly than usual to finish the job. The trip back to car was almost a sprint (as much as we could manage anyway) as the heavens opened…it’s all part of the fun!

I have shared an album of images on my Facebook Page. Kenna was kind enough to share it and post this short testimony too.

Kenna’s testimony on Facebook
“Would highly recommend Martin…for your family photo shoots. The whole process has been extremely relaxed and easy. Martin did everything he could to fit us in (between rain showers as you will see in other photos later) before Evie went away to Uni and made us feel very comfortable during the shoot. Can’t thank you enough Martin.“

What does Kenna mean by making the process relaxed and easy?

Well, putting it simply, I make everything as personal as possible. I’m confident enough to call my photo sessions ‘relaxed’. Regular followers of my work may have seen testimonials from other clients; it’s the one word I hear over again when they describe what I do. No formal posing, nothing overstated, just nice and simple. I let children have their fun, and Mum and Dad chill, all whilst keeping things light and jovial. What may not be so well known is the other part of what I do for my clients.
Home visits to discuss and advise on your sessions (and any particular requirements you might have) and also for proof viewings too. I’ll even measure up for sizes of products. It’s all to ensure my clients get what they want and need, and nothing more. After all, a portrait session is an investment certainly worth investing in….

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Photo comment By Jill Waters: I love this! I know I'm biased, but these really are beautiful photographs, and I'm amazed that you make it look as if you had exclusive use of Burgh Castle, when I know full well how busy it was!
Photo comment By Martin Patterson: Thank you for your kind words Jill. It's all in the composition, get that right and you can make anywhere look deserted!
Photo comment By Martin Patterson: Thank you for your kind words Jill. It's all in the composition, get that right and you can make anywhere look deserted!
Photo comment By Jackie: I love your work Martin these pictures of a lovely family are beautiful. I also had the privilege of being a chaperone on one of your boudoir shoots and know how relaxed you made my sister feel and the results were excellent.

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