The Ultimate Eterno Boudoir Guide

14th January 2018

There’s so much to talk about when Boudoir photography is concerned, from thinking just about having a photo session, through to the positive effects this amazing experience leaves on the ladies that take part. To capture it all in one blog post would turn it into an epic. I have, over the past few months and years, written some blog posts covering a few of the more common concerns and points. For your convenience I’ve pulled together some of these into this one post.

Starting off with my first blog post in the subject, Boudoir Photography - Why It's For You is an introduction to the genre, including what it is, why ladies do, and may be should, have a Boudoir session.

Continuing with Boudoir - More Than a Photo Shoot I talk about the positive effects that a boudoir session has on the women that have them. It was inspired by a testimonial I received from a Boudoir client that made me realise the impact this experience has on some people.

Despite secretly wanting to have a Boudoir Photo Session, many women experience a reluctance to enquire, simply because they are too nervous to. The reason for many is simply the fear of the unknown. In this post, Boudoir - Too Nervous to Enquire, I take away some of the mystery, and explain what's involved in the process, and also touch on a few of the common concerns as to what may stop women going ahead with an enquiry.

In Size Does Not Define Your Beauty, I focus on the most common reason ladies put off having a Boudoir shoot. Size and/or shape. In this post I give my explanation as to why, size really does not matter.

Onto another Boudoir Blocker. The 'photogenic' debate. Some ladies believe themselves to be not photogenic, or more plainly, that they never look good in a photo. Here I de-bunk the photogenic myth, citing reasons why it's not your fault if photos of yourself haven't turned out how you wanted in the post But I'm Not Photogenic

Finally, I leave you with the reasons I offer Boudoir Photography....
Why I Shoot Boudoir..

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