Why I Shoot Boudoir.

17th January 2017
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There are very good reasons why photographers choose to specialise in certain areas of photography. For one, as I found out, you just can't do them all. Jack of all trades isn't a great title to have! More importantly, I have to believe in, and love what I photograph, because there is always an emotional attachment involved, both for the subject and the photographer. And if there isn't, it will show in the final images.

So why do I shoot Boudoir?
Well, it's more than just capturing stunning photos of beautiful women, in fact it's a lot deeper than that.
Confidence. Self-esteem. Empowerment. Liberation.
Four very important words that, for me, sums up what Boudoir photography is about.
I can empathise with how lacking in confidence can affect you. In my younger days (and beyond) I was never the most confident person, which, if I'm honest has held me back in life. Because of this, I understand what an unconfident attitude can do, and I want to change it.

Ever since this first boudoir session and the effect it had on my client, I knew it was what I wanted to shoot.

Through Boudoir photography I want; to help women conquer confidence and self-esteem issues, to remove the negative body-image that many ladies have, and to show them how beautiful they truly are. After all, isn't that what women should feel?
A lady must want to do a boudoir shoot for herself. She may be nervous or worried about being photographed in lingerie, or wrapped in a sheet, but as it's for her there is a focus not seen in other types of photography. Starting at the consultation, talking each client through what happens, their worries and fears, what they want from their session, coaching them through the shoot itself. It's all about the lady. The result? Empowerment and a feeling of liberation. It's amazing to see.
I suppose the summary should be: I love to make people feel good about themselves.

Nothing says this more than the message I received from a Boudoir client that had her session bought for her as a gift....

"I was in a really low place when I was bought this shoot by my sister. My self confidence had been knocked for years. It took me a while to actually want to look at the photos once they were ready and if I'm honest, initially I felt ill at the thought of it. But after a few times of looking and actually seeing "me" and not the person I had been made to feel I should be seeing, I cried!! Your shoot gave me back to myself!!
Your kindness, supportiveness and understanding made the whole experience very relaxing and I can't thank you enough for giving me such a great boost and the confidence to take I needed to begin the next part of life's journey xx"

That is why I shoot Boudoir.

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