Woodland Walk

18th August 2014
This shoot comes under the bracket of a personal project. I was on a family holiday with friends at the time (Center Parcs at Elveden to be precise) so I wasn't working (I promise) but my photography is primarily my hobby so it was ok!

Woodlands are fantastic location for a portrait shoot

The subject was our close friends' daughter who loves to wear pretty dresses (as most little girls do) and was dead keen to have some photos taken. So off we went walking a massive 20 yards from the back door of our villa. I love this Elveden Forest retreat, I only wish the woodland was public and a bit closer to home. It's perfect for photo shoots.

A simple trick is to call the subjects name while they are deeply engaged in something to get the most natural expressions

In truth it was another practice session for me, allowing me to hone techniques whilst under no pressure to catch certain shots. I tried some new things out, a few shots didn't work, but a majority did, helped in most part to my subjects wonderful nature. A joy to photograph and she had me in stitches throughout.

Little girls love a flower, and it helps make a great shot too.

What I found particularly good about the shoot was being able to concentrate on just one child. Normally I have to split myself between other family members and siblings during a photo session, so to be one-to-one meant a chance to just follow the action and capture the images as they unfolded. This was a completely child led session, where I could observe and engage where necessary.

The classic peek around a tree shot

In fact this session was a bit more than just a quick photo shoot. Looking back on the images I took it dawned on me that it has refuelled my love of portrait photography again. Having to balance my photo business with a full time job and a very hectic family life is difficult at the best of times. And, being truthful, the magic had faded a bit after a very positive start to the year, with scheduling problems and the such like taking the gloss off what should be an enjoyable time for me doing what I love to do.
Things will be done differently in the future, that's for sure, with the focus (no pun intended) back squarely on the enjoyment of the photo production process and less on the everyday problems that come with a business such as this. More on those later, but for now, let's enjoy the photos shall we?

Dancing daintily through the undergrowth whilst saving her 'pretty dress'!

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