2016 - Boudoir In Review

02nd January 2017
Happy New Year!!
2017 is upon us, but before I look excitedly to what the New Year will bring to MJPP and Eterno Boudoir, I'd like to take a look back at 2016.

Portfolio Building
My Eterno Boudoir gallery was boosted by a number of model call sessions carried out, these were designed purely to increase the number of images i could share and use online to promote my Boudoir sessions. Boudoir is a very personal kind of photo shoot, and not all my clients are willing to share images online, for a number of reasons, all of which I respect. Hence the Model Calls.
2017 will see less of these, in fact only the few that I didn't get around to this year due to paid client work taking precedence.
Once again the Boudoir sessions are proving to be very popular. In fact so popular I was working right up until Christmas Eve to complete orders in time for the big day.

Onto the image countdown. Some of you may have seen something similar already on my Eterno Boudoir Instagram account, but that was top five. Just for you I've added another two shots to the list. These images are used with permission from the ladies involved. There are a number of shoots that I cannot use, where the clients were unwilling to allow me to share their photos.

First up is Carina, with this shot employing a mirror. I love using this technique where possible. Not only do you get to see the Carina from two angles, but the mirror acts as a natural frame for her in the shot too.

See a selection of further images from Carina's shoot in http://www.martinjpatterson.co.uk/wheres-audrey

When I look back on this Boudoir session it always makes me smile. The lady involved (and her chaperone) had a brilliant sense of humour, so there were laughs galore. To add to this, the day of this session was very bright and sunny, meaning the theme was very much about high key images. I didn't include this shot in the original blog post All Things Bright and Beautiful, because it's a classic boudoir pose which I use a lot, and wanted to show other poses where possible. But this picture (and pose) is just delightful, so I think it definitely needs sharing!

What can I say about this session starring Lisa? Other than she was incredible. Someone that had all sorts of body issues, but wanted to have the Boudoir shoot to boost her confidence.
This shot is a mutual favourite of Lisa's and mine, and also shows that Boudoir isn't all about lingerie. With her messy bun and white shirt, Lisa looks amazing.

The most amazing thing about this shoot is what Lisa had to say about the experience in the post entitled Lisa's Story

I've been shooting Boudoir for three years before I had my first genuine bridal gift shoot, then I had two inside a few months this year, this session was the first. Once again, I've chosen this image for its simplicity. Again, this isn't a pose that is unique to this shoot, the subject looking away from camera adds a touch of mystery, and also anonymity. Strip away the colour too, and you (as the viewer) are drawn into the shot. It's not one you can simply glance at and move on.

Take a look at the blog post Is This THE Perfect Wedding Present? for this session to see my other favourite image, one that nearly made it to the lucky seven, it's the final shot of the post.

The second bridal boudoir shoot featured Faith. This time the bride's veil and lingerie were used in the shoot to leave no doubt as to the theme of the session. There were a number of images I could have shared from this set, but I chose this for the aforementioned anonymous feel, and also the beautiful lighting through the veil and curtain. Faith herself is fairly well hidden, leaving a lot to the imagination and not for the eyes, just as Boudoir should be.

There are more stunning shots from Faith's shoot in the blog post Beneath The Veil

This is Amy's second Boudoir session with me, it is always heartening to know that ladies are finding the experience one they would like to repeat. I was more than happy to photography Amy again, she is such a natural in front of the camera. Although the shot I've chosen could be a portrait one, it was shot during a Boudoir session. I love the lighting and Amy's engaging expression in this one. Again, such a simple shot which really works for me. It's as basic as you can get as far as setup is concerned. Amy standing next to a window which I dressed with a voile panel, and boom!

Amy tells it how it is in the blog post for this session The Five Golden Rules of Boudoir

It had to be from this Boudoir session of Laura. This was the first of my model call shoots, and in all honestly, was a watershed moment for my Boudoir work. As you'll see from the blog post Do It For The Art, not only did we try the usual implied shots, but there was also some images of Laura wearing a large jumper, but it was the set of photos from which this choice is taken that was that lightbulb moment.
It was, in fact, a couple of less than ideal factors that generated this set. Firstly was the sudden change in ambient lighting. I tried not to use my artificial lighting in this shoot, to test myself to use what was available as best as possible. As we started the weather outside took a turn for the worse, with heavy cloud and rain darkening inside the bedroom. Coupled with this Laura suffered a wardrobe malfunction with her lingerie, and a temporary repair meant that she could do too much moving about without the repair breaking. It resulted in a fairly static model, with me working around her shooting at different angles. The low light actually added to the mood of the images…magic!!

Laura's post is titled Do It For The Art and has examples of some the images mentioned above.

Looking Forward
2017 looks to be busy for Eterno Boudoir, with a number of clients already booking for the New Year. However, there will be a limited number of weekend sessions available in 2017 as I look to enhance the already very personal service I currently offer. Please get in touch with any questions via my CONTACT PAGE. Looking forward to seeing you in 2017!

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