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Portfolio Shoot
26th August 2012 - 0 comments
At the end of July I carried out my first planned portfolio shoot of the summer. I've been trying carry out a few of these sessions in order to update my portfolio with some different styled images. With the wonderful wet weather we've been having, it's been more than frustrating, resulting in a number of weather related postponements. However, my luck changed one evening, with a shoot finally coming to fruition. This session was carried out on North Beach, Great Yarmouth with Emma and Ashley. I was more than pleased with the shoot and the final images....

Back to Burgh Castle
25th August 2012 - 0 comments
Another busy six weeks have flown past since my last update, so here are the highlights and some of the images from my recent shoots.
It was back to Burgh Castle Fort, my new most popular location, for two more shoots. The first was a family portrait session on an overcast Sunday morning in July, with Sintije, Lee and the very smiley Oliver. The youngster was a very easy subject, and appeared to enjoy the outdoor experience as the photos go to prove....

A different shoot in August with siblings Will, Lara and their cousin Danielle. This one was an evening shoot, with the beautiful soft light that accompanies this time of day. There was a lot of energy being expelled during this session, which I did my best to keep up with, but at my time if life, there was only going to be one loser...!

Portraits at Burgh Castle
08th July 2012 - 0 comments
Bang up to date with this one.
This shoot was the result of prize won by one of my Facebook page followers. Earlier this year my life officially began when I shuffled into my forties, and to celebrate I gave away a £40 gift voucher in a prize draw organised through my Facebook page.
Rachel was the lucky winner, and chose another of my favourite landscape locations, the old ruined Roman fort at Burgh Castle, as her chosen photo backdrop.
This time of year the area is covered in knee high meadow grasses, and looks fantastic. I was immediately taken by the place, and will be looking to use it again in the very near future.
Anyway, the session was a blast, Rachel, partner Paul and her son Alfie were brilliant, and it showed in the images. One of my favourite sessions so far, which is no mean feat, as there hasn't been one I haven't enjoyed yet!!

Priory Gardens
08th July 2012 - 0 comments
My third new portrait location in as many shoots was the very quiet Priory Gardens in Gorleston. At the time of the session we on the East Coast were suffering with high winds, and so, with this shoot being for a recently turned one year old little lady, a suitable sheltered location was a priority. Young Maci-Jai was a star and after a little bit of coaxing from yours truly, and a lot of hullabaloo from her parents behind me (which included a fantastic rendition of the Chuggington theme tune), the little lady did what she was meant to do, that being to be cute in front of the camera.
Pick of the shots is this one of her studying a daisy flower.....beautiful!!

Caister Beach
07th July 2012 - 0 comments
Another new portrait location for me, Caister Beach. If you peruse my landscape images, you will see I am no stranger to this wonderful stretch of sand, but I'd never taken a portrait session here. That changed with a family shoot for Emma, Stephen, Harvey & Skye on a very hot and sunny Saturday June morning. As well as the usual stationary shot set-ups, I harnessed young Harvey's energy to capture a few more dynamic images. I enjoyed the shoot immensely, even though I finished it some what more tired than I started. Having to keep up with the action certainly kept me active too!

Bluebell Woods
07th July 2012 - 0 comments
It's been a busy last month and a bit for me, and as usual the one thing that seems to suffer is posting what I've been up to onto this website! Let me change that now, and fill in what's been happening....
Back at the end of May I was asked to take images of at Bluebell Woods near Gorleston. This was a new location for me, and always a good thing to expand the amount of locations to offer. Sadly, the bluebells were just coming out of their peak, but I'll be setting myself a reminder to get there slightly earlier next year to catch the show! Despite the minor floral setback, the shoot was a success. Brothers Ben and Robbie with their older sister Bethany and her boyfriend Daryl were the subjects getting back to nature, some embracing it more than others, much to my amusement!

Just Catching Up.....
18th May 2012 - 0 comments
Apologies for the fact that I haven’t posted anything for a while. This is mostly because I’ve had a busy few weeks, not all photographic reasons, but busy all the same.
May had the hallmarks of being a manic month, but due to the unseasonably awful weather it has calmed down. It’s frustrating on many levels. I have a list of enquiries, many of whom are waiting for the sun to shine and the temperatures to rise before booking sessions, I have personal projects I’d like to complete, but while it remains grey and cold they will have to be temporarily shelved.

Of course I have been busy with the camera, and below I’ve posted a few images from my some of my recent sessions.

Young Jack at eight months old.

A newborn session with Ethan...

An ‘emergency present’shoot for a 50th birthday,

One from a family beach session (this one had become a victim of the weather, but we did manage to reshoot last weekend, so more images will follow of this wonderful family!)

Just An 'Umble Upholsterer
15th April 2012 - 0 comments
Environmental Portraits are photos of a subject taken in their usual environment, such as home or workplace. Up until a short while ago I hadn't taken any!
That changed when I had a call from my Dad (an upholsterer by trade) who wanted some such photos of him working on a particularly nice chair that he was recovering. He had realised that with retirement age approaching, he has no photos of him working. Forty plus years in the trade about to disappear with no visual record? Well we couldn't have that could we?
So I visited his 'character filled' workshop and recorded some images of the Old Master at work......

More images can be found by visiting the environmental portraits gallery.
Gorleston Beach Shoot
03rd April 2012 - 0 comments
I was back to the wonderful location that is Gorleston Beach at the end of March, to shoot images for Emma, Ashley, Lucy & Alfie. It was a beautiful, bright spring afternoon with a slight chill in the air, but this didn't stop young Alfie, who kept out the cold by constantly moving! I can't speak for the family, but I certainly enjoyed the hour or so I spent with them for the session.
Family shoots are so rewarding, as the children are very entertaining just by being themselves, and images captured always bring a smile to my face. This session was no exception, Alfie was fascinated by the sea(why wouldn't he be?!) and kept Mum and Dad on their toes by making the odd dash for the surf. Both Lucy and Alfie were fantastic throughout, and I am more then pleased with the shots I took.

My First, My First Year....
25th February 2012 - 0 comments
Last Saturday saw my first 'My First Year' session take place with the wonderful Dexter. At 4 months old, he already knows what he wants, and for some of the session what he wanted was not look towards the camera!! Although between us all we did manage to get some shots that Mummy and Daddy are happy with. We had a supporting role from Dexter's big brother Lincoln, who was brilliant in front of the lens.
It's sessions like this that make baby shoots so rewarding, the little ones can't be directed, and at times you are just trusting your luck, so when you get some good shots the satisfaction seems so much greater. I'm looking forward to the 8 month session to see how much the little lad has grown and changed.

Gunton Beach Shoot.
20th January 2012 - 0 comments
A very cold but sunny morning on Gunton Beach near Lowestoft, was my last portrait shoot of 2011. The handsome Temple family braved the icy wind for a session on the busy beach. Just goes to prove that portrait aren't just for summer.....

We're Off And Running.....
01st January 2012 - 0 comments
I was expecting a quiet beginning to the New year, but had two enquiries on the first working day of much for a gentle start!! Of course I'm not grumbling, far from it, there's nothing worse than having a camera lying idle!!
My second shoot of 2012 was for Sara, Jonathan & Amber, taken at their home on a Sunday morning. The constantly changing light was a bit of challenge, but I think we came out of it unscathed!! It was a great session, with the family very keen to try different things, one of which I will add later....well....I can't reveal too much too soon can I?

Winter Portrait Shoot
24th December 2011 - 0 comments
After being spoilt by the incredibly mild weather we've had over the autumn, it was down to earth with a bump recently when I had a shoot at Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad near Lowestoft. It was a very good session with young Neve being the star of the show, but my was it cold! Neve was ok though, vital support from Bullseye, Duffy and Mouse, a nice warm coat and furry hat meant she could pose away to her hearts content, while I tried in vain to keep some sort of feeling in my fingers. All said, it was enjoyable, and we managed to get some beautiful shots in the bag!

Thank You and Merry Christmas!!
15th December 2011 - 0 comments
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Just a short entry to thank all those who have used my services in my first four months of setting up, your support and positive feedback has been very much appreciated. It has been a busy but hugely satisfying first few months, and I have been quite surprised by the number of sessions I have had the pleasure to do.
So it just remains to say Merry Christmas to all my clients both old and new, and I hope to see you all again sometime in 2012!!
Thank you,
New Year, New Packages
05th December 2011 - 0 comments
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With the New Year approaching, I'm having to think about packages and pricing. Just some of the new packages that I will be offering will include;

Baby & Bump Two indoor sessions on the comfort of your own home, one of the mum-to-be with her beautiful bump, and the second of the newborn babe.
Newborn An indoor shoot of the new arrival taken within the first few weeks. This is the ideal time for those hands and feet shots!
My First Year Four sessions of the new arrival at Newborn, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months.
Standard Location Portrait Session One hour portrait shoot with a free print.
Plus a few others! Prices to be confirmed, but contact me if any of the above interest you.
It's not too late to bag a session at current rates before the new rates pricing starts in 2012. My introductory pricing for portrait sessions ends on 31 December 2011.
However, bookings made before that date will still be priced at my current rate of £25-00 (session only), and are valid for 2 months from the time of booking. Don't miss soon!!
When You Go Down To The Woods...
16th November 2011 - 0 comments
I have been so very busy recently, the diary is nearly full for the Christmas rush, but I've had my chance to have a look at the images from one my recent shoots at Fritton Woods, near Great Yarmouth. The session was shared by two friends, who wanted some shots of the five children they had between them! The weather forecast early last week promised a bright autumnal day for our session, but by the day of the shoot, it was the usual British dull cloud. This didn't stop us though, it was one of the most enjoyable sessions I have done so far, with all being superb subjects for me. The great outdoors is certainly the best place to get great shots of your little pride and joys.
Thanks to little Charlie, Sam, Harry, Jack & Mia for a fantastic session....!!

Canvas Canvas Canvas!!!
08th November 2011 - 0 comments
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We've sourced a great company to supply fantastic quality canvas prints at reasonable prices! This is a welcome addition to our product line, and something to bear in mind when booking your portrait sessions.
Sizes start from 8"x8" through to a whopping 60"x30".
My prices at £30-00 for an 8"x8" through to an 18"x12" and £48-00 and 24"x16" at £63-00. Full prices and sizes available on request.
Gift Certificates Now Available
02nd November 2011 - 0 comments
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If you are stuck for a gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays, New Baby or just a Thank You, then how about a portrait session with us?
Portrait Session Gift Certificates are now available to purchase online and offline. The certificate entitles the holder to a one hour portrait session with two 10"x8" prints. Just click on 'Gift Certificates' in the menu bar and follow the instructions. If you are local to the Great Yarmouth area and in a hurry for the certificate, you can e-mail me on to arrange collection and save yourself any P&P costs in the process.
They are valid for six months from time of issue, and if one is purchased before the New Year, you will be saving money as my session prices will be rising in January. Hurry, hurry, hurry!!
Welcome to a new addition....
19th October 2011 - 0 comments
Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of photographing newborn baby Tommy and his big brother Bailey at their home.
Whilst Tommy was being fed, it gave me the chance to take some shots of his very keen older brother. As you can see by the images below, Bailey was a wonderful subject, and a joy to photograph.
At only eleven days old, Tommy is one of the youngest subjects I have had to photograph. Seeing him sleeping happily on my bean bag took me back to my youngest son who had celebrated his first birthday only two days before this shoot. It reminded me how quickly newborn babies change, and how important it is to capture images of their first weeks as they soon turn into distant memories.

Is Autumn here...?
08th October 2011 - 0 comments
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The final traces of summer seem to have now disappeared, and October has taken on it's more usual chilly weather. The upside to this is of course the wonderful autumnal colours we will now be seeing. So if you thought that outdoor portrait season had finished with the last of the recent hot weather, then think again! Woodlands may have become cooler, but they are a lot more beautiful, and will make a fantastic backdrop to a portrait.
Contact me now about booking a session before the leaves have gone for good!!