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Portrait Session Giveaway
12th March 2013 - 0 comments
Here's how one of lucky Facebook page Liker can win a Standard Location Portrait Package. All you have to do is answer this simple question.....

On Friday 8th March we announced that once we reached 400 Page likes we'd give away a portrait session. We also told you how many likes my page had at that time. What was that number?
a) 386
b) 368
c) 268

To enter:
1. You must have 'Liked' our Facebook page to be eligible. (If you haven't go over to our FACEBOOK PAGE and hit that LIKE button!)
2. Then if you could please complete the comment box below with your name, email address and enter your answer in the comment box. Closing date midnight Monday 25th March. Names of all those that have answered correctly will be entered in to a draw to select the winner. The winner will be notified by email after the closing date.

Please note: no email addresses will be recorded other than to notify the winner.

Terms and Conditions
i The shoot must be taken within a 10 mile radius of NR31 8AX.
ii You must be over 16 to enter.
iii One entry per household.
Adorable Archie
07th March 2013 - 0 comments
My second Newborn shoot in just over a week starred the adorable Archie. Once again my subject was a handsome, well behaved chap who made the shoot very straightforward. Archie was so relaxed, he even dropped off to sleep halfway through, and managed to stay asleep during some shots taken on his Daddy's shoulder.

Back to Burgh Castle
07th March 2013 - 0 comments
Another shoot at the ever popular location that is Burgh Castle Fort. It's a winner because it's within easy reach for a lot of local clients, and boasts wide open spaces for children to run around in, and for me, offers a number of backdrops to keep everyone interested. For this shoot another key reason was it's lack of sand....not everyone likes a beach!
So let me introduce Adam and Ella, with their cousin Zac, who joined me at the ruined fort on a typical grey, cold winter day. Despite the chilly conditions, we all had fun, particularly the gate balancing game towards the end of the shoot, which proved to be more difficult than I first anticipated!!

Meet Teddy
06th March 2013 - 1 comment
Being a father myself, I think it's always special to capture images of a new arrival into the world.....I had the privilege of meeting the very handsome Teddy, who was just eight days old at the time of the shoot. Of course working with young children and babies can be problematic at times, but not in this case. Teddy was one calm cookie, and was more than happy to lay on his blanket while I snapped away....

Brothers, Sisters and Golden Sunlight
27th January 2013 - 0 comments
Fritton Woods in autumn can be is fantastic for colour in the right conditions.
I was lucky enough to do two shoots on the same day at this special location. The sun was very bright and low which made conditions for shooting a touch tricky, but with the use of some shaded spots, I could get even lighting coupled with the superb autumnal backlighting.
Both shoots were booked with the resulting prints to be given as Christmas presents, which is why I haven't posted anything until now.....

First up were sisters Shelley and Kerry, two attractive, grown-up women, this should be easy I thought...!! I spent a lot of the shoot amused by their constant belief that they would look awful on any photo! Of course I knew this just wasn't true, and I think in the end even they were surprised at the results.
The main shot is my favourite image, composition and the beautiful soft backlight makes this a winner for me.

The next shoot was far more energetic, brothers Jaden and Oliver, in their cool get up were experiencing their first taste of posing for the camera. It's always nice to see how siblings interract together. There is always a special dynamic, which, if you are lucky, can produce some wonderful imagery that displays it. I was fortunate enough to capture just that sort of image. The main shot shows the contrasting characters superbly, he cool, calm older brother and his energetic younger sibling.

Burgh Castle...eventually
27th January 2013 - 0 comments
2012 was an interesting study in meteorology, if you like that sort of thing. It also showed the power that a hosepipe ban can have over the weather too, i.e. announce one in Summer and watch it rain for the rest of the year!
This photo shoot was victim to the weather on too many occasions. The first attempt had to be abandoned half way throuth because of the wet stuff, and two rearrangements were postponed before we started. Eventually though it did happen, even then it was very grey and cloudy.
This was a first for me...the first time I'd shot portraits of identical twins. Namely Thomas and Jack, along with little sister, Hannah. I know people close to them could tell them apart, but me? No way!! They were even dressed the same, I mean, what chance did I have??
Still, with guidance from Mum, I got there in the end. Hannah was a star as, like most girls, she couldn't wait to have her photo taken, but the boys were fantastic too. Teenage lads and photo shoots don't generally go hand in hand, boys of a certain age aren't normally too comfortable in front of the lens, so hats off to them...Well done boys!!

Newsletter Subscription
24th January 2013 - 0 comments
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In short, I'm struggling get my updates out to those that may be interested in what I have been and will be doing. This is partly due to an unnamed, large social media site, that seems keen to close down it's free channels in favour of those that need to be paid for.....
So, I'm plannning to start sending out an email Newsletter peroidically to those who want to keep up to date. I can assure you, that it won't be 'War and Peace' every other day, but a few articles every four to six weeks. There will also be the occasional exclusive offer or giveaway for subscribers to the newsletter.
So to subscribe please click on the link below which should ping up an email message to send to me. All you need to do is enter your name and click 'send'. Thank you!
Click here to Subscribe

Twitter Competition
24th January 2013 - 0 comments
Prize Draw!! One lucky follower can win a location portrait shoot. Follow us @mjpphotos and Tweet us with #portraitmjpp to be entered!

Twitter Competition Terms and Conditions

The prize is a Location Portrait Package A1 as described on our
Website and subject to the usual terms and conditions.
The session must take place within a 10 mile radius of UK postcode NR31 8AX.
Closing date for entries is midnight 4th February 2013.
The draw will take place during the week following the closing date.
The winner will be notified via twitter shortly after the draw has taken place.
2013 - A Chilly Start
19th January 2013 - 0 comments
Samuel and his mum Natasha were the subjects of my first shoot of 2013. It was a rather chilly affair, snow free, but it certainly felt like winter on Gorleston Beach last weekend. The Easterly wind in this part of the world is particularly lazy, selecting not to go around you, but instead right through you. So the order of the day was to inject a bit of energy into proceedings to keep everyone warm, well except yours truly. I wouldn't have lasted five minutes trying to keep up with my two subjects! A few Mother and Son races seemed to do the job. Despite Samuel coming a close second each time, he was sporting enough to reward Mum with a congratulatory kiss....

Landscape Canvas Competition Winner...
08th January 2013 - 0 comments
As you may have seen recently, I have been running a competition for one lucky winner to claim a free canvas print of one of my landscape images.

To be in the hat I asked you to answer the following question correctly;
Back in September I shot a sunset image of a local mill, which mill was it?
To which the answer was Turf Fen Mill

The winner is Lisa Cowan, who will receive a high quality stretched canvas of up to 20"x14" of the landscape image of her choice, chosen from our Landscape gallery.
Congratulations Lisa, we will be in touch soon with details of how to claim your canvas!

Thank you to all those that entered, please keep checking my Facebook page and this website for future comps and giveaways!!
Happy New Year
31st December 2012 - 0 comments
In: Blog
I'd like to wish all my customers and friends a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2013!!
2012 In Pictures
30th December 2012 - 0 comments
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It's that time of year when we are treated to reviews of the past twelve months from various quarters, so why should I be different? I did consider a word based piece, but after reading it back it even bored me to tears. Being a photographer it seems ludicrous not to use images to summarise my year. Simple I thought, but looking through the shots taken over the last twelve months, it dawned on me that this wasn't going to be an easy task........
I can genuinely say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every shoot I have undertaken during 2012, and it's the people I produce images of (and for) that has made this year so rewarding for me personally. I have dealt with a lot of shoots over the past twelve months, far more than I anticipated, and to add to the complications, this years super wet weather made scheduling a nightmare. Many shoots were postponed at short notice, but those who were affected were very understanding. I suppose we've all lived in the UK long enough to know what to expect. So before we start, I must say a huge thank you to all those that have used my services this year, those that have supported me, recommended me to others and taken time to comment on my images via. Facebook. It means a lot to know that I am pleasing some of the people, some of the time!

Onto the images. Of course I wish I could include my favourite image from every shoot, but that would be impractical, so I've opted for fourteen to share. Some hold some significance in respect to the business and what path it will take, others just because I like them.....I just hope you do too.

So in no particular order.....

First off is this promo shot of Frenchie Debonaire, taken last December just before Christmas, but the edit and subsequent posting online didn't happen until January. To be honest, I have two or three faves from this shoot, but I decided on this particular shot because of the Film Noir/Hollywood style it portrays. This shoot was a major turning point for me, apart from bringing in an audience, it opened my eyes to the amount of ladies wanting similar images taken of themselves....

Bigg Nev
Next comes Bigg Nev. Nev was kind enough to model for myself and a colleague when we were experimenting with studio set-ups in Norwich over the winter. As you may know, I'm not totally in love with studio photography, particularly the big bright Venture style, but this image did change my mind to some degree. It's the Fine Art style that appeals to me, where the image draws you in and asks you questions.

Daisy and Tobie
Brother and sister here taken as part of a family portrait shoot. I had to reshoot this session due to the weather gradually worsening throughout, but I managed to get this one in the first shoot. This one is all about the eye contact with the viewer. To get both children doing the same thing at the same time was fantastic, and totally makes the image for me.

This little lad is actually my nephew, and was part of his My First Year photos (this particular one at eight months). As with Tobie and Daisy, it's the eye contact with the viewer that grabs the attention. The conversion to Black and White really accentuates this, as is the case with any shot of this style.

This one is simply the pose and expression. Maci-Jae is holding a daisy and looking towards her mummy, who is standing out of shot. So cute and captures the innocence of youth wonderfully.

Another kind portfolio shoot volunteer. This shot was taken on North Beach, Great Yarmouth. The aim of the session was to experiment with some off-camera flash, but a technical hitch meant this was not possible, luckily the summer evening light saved the day. This one made the cut purely due to the fact it is so different to my usual portrait style, almost fashion like. The image was edited to suit this feel.

Siblings Will and Lara with their cousin Dannielle at Burgh Castle one summer evening. It's one if those moments captured by chance, and makes a fantastic image. Lara just joked about Will, and he The expressions just make me smile every time!!

Billy and Josh
This image is nothing like my usual style, but this shoot was so much fun I felt like I had to include a shot from it. I managed shots of older brother Billy with no problems, but Josh was very mobile in quite a confined area. The soft toy was one of the bribing methods we tried to get Josh to stay still!!

This one is a definite favourite of mine. As we were preparing for this shoot on Gorleston Beach, I noticed this pathway through the dunes which I thought would act as as a nice lead in with framing from the marram grass. Once we were a little way through the session, I gave this shot a try. I'm so glad I did too!!

As a portrait photographer it's important to connect with the subject in order to get the best images. A bit of conversation to take their mind off the camera, and the real person comes to the fore. Kenzi epitomised this to a tee, we had a proper good (and entertaining) chinwag with the resulting images speaking for themselves.

Emma And Her Boys
Another fun shoot at Burgh Castle fort. Given the ages of the boys, this family portrait could have been a long time in the making. However this image was one of the first ones I took of everyone together, and what a cracker it is!

Jaden and Ollie
Taken in Fritton Woods on a very sunny Autumn afternoon, this one of two brothers isn't made by the Autumn colours, for me, it's the little one looking up at his older brother. It shows the differing characters of the two siblings perfectly.

This one was taken the same afternoon as the previous image, it's of two sisters posing for a shoot with the intention of using some of the images as Christmas presents. Much like the shot of Ruby earlier, I noticed this tree and the light behind it by chance, as I was about to finish the session. In this image it's the pose and framing, coupled with the beautiful soft background light and colours make this a winner for me.

Following up on the shoots with Frenchie Debonaire, August saw my first Boudoir shoot. The images produced and the reaction from my client was enough to convince me this was one genre I needed to include in my portfolio of services.

Win a Landscape on Canvas!
28th December 2012 - 0 comments
It's nearly another year, 2013 is just around the corner. To help banish those January blues we're giving away a landscape image on canvas. The winner will receive a high quality stretched canvas of up to 20"x14" of the landscape image of their choice, chosen from our Landscape gallery.
With the aid of my new/blog section, all you need to do is answer this simple question;

Back in September I shot a sunset image of a local mill, which mill was it?
a) Herringfleet Mill
b) Turf Fen Mill
c) Thurne Mill

To enter please comment on this piece below, with your name, email address and enter your answer in the comment box. Closing date midnight Monday 7th January. Names of all those that have answered correctly will be entered in to a draw to select the winner. The winner will be notified by email after the closing date.

Please note: no email addresses will be recorded other than to notify the winner.
Norfolk Coast and Broads
25th September 2012 - 1 comment
As some of you may or may not know, I turned forty earlier this year. My wife bought me a Norfolk Broads & Coast Landscape Workshop with local professional Landscape photographer Chris Herring.( Photographically speaking, landscapes were my first love. Trudging around the Norfolk countryside and beaches alone and at some ungodly hour capturing images is not everyones cup of tea, but I love it. So this gift from my long suffering photography widow, was more than appreciated.
It was a warm, cloudless Saturday afternoon when we started at the derelict Brograve Mill, near to Horsey Windpump. After shooting for an hour, we moved onto Happisburgh Lighthouse then to the beach to capture some incoming wave action, finishing off at the beautiful How Hill, and Turn Fen Mill for sunset. Here we jostled for position with the pleasure boats, and waged war on a cloud of very hungry midges. For the record, I lost twelve bites to nil, but I will have my revenge...mwah ha ha ha!!
It didn't dampen my enthusiasm one bit, as the shots in the bag more than made up for the constant itching of the next three days. I posted below my three favourite images from the day. I'm left itching again now, only this time to get out and do some landscapes now the conditions become more favourable....

Happisburgh Lighthouse

Waves battering the sea defences at Happisburgh Beach

Turf Fen Mill at Sunset
Prize Draw
16th September 2012 - 0 comments
To celebrate the launching of our new Makeover Packages, we will be giving way a Makeover Boudoir Portrait worth £90.
This is a session made up of a one to two hour professional makeover followed by a 90 minute photoshoot at your home and comes complete with a 12x8 print. The only condition we ask, is to publish a few anonymous images on our website, none will be posted on Facebook.
If you want a chance to win this fantastic prize, please complete the comment box below (no comments will be displayed on the website), or email me via stating your name, confirmation that you are over 18 and putting in the body of the message 'Boudoir Prize Draw.'
You must be over 18 to enter, and the shoot must take place within 10 miles of my home address, in Gorleston, Norfolk. The closing date for entries is Monday 24th September 2012. The prize draw will be made the following day and the winner will be notified privately by reply.
13th September 2012 - 0 comments
I was beginning to think that this shoot was never going to happen! I'd actually lost count of how many times we had postpone because of rain on the day, but it was in the region of five or six. However, as soon as the summer had officially ended and autumn had begun, at the beginning of September, then the weather behaved itself and we were able to complete the shoot. Not bad, since the first planned attempt was back in July!!
Anyway, I was just happy to meet Emma-Jayne and her Nan, who kindly stepped in as chaperone.
Something For The Ladies
05th September 2012 - 0 comments
In: Blog
I'm offering some new packages, primarily aimed at any ladies out there. These will, in time, appear in my brochure, but for the short term they will be avilable at lower introductory rates, so make the most of this, while it lasts.

Location Makeover Portrait Package
Introductory price of £100, one to two hour professional makeover, followed by a photoshoot of up to 90 minutes at location of your choice and includes a 12x8 print.

Simple Boudoir Portrait Package
Introductory price of £40, 90 minute photoshoot at your home and comes complete with a 12x8 print.

Makeover Boudoir Portrait Package
Introductory price of £90, one to two hour professional makeover, 90 minute photoshoot at your home and comes complete with a 12x8 print.

To request more information, or to book please contact me here

Beautiful Boudoir
30th August 2012 - 3 comments
You may have seen a piece I posted earlier this year called 'Boudoir To Do Or Not To Do'. Well, I'm pleased to report someone decided not only 'to do', but has also allowed me to post a few of the images. In return, I promised I wouldn't mention any names!!

The shoot itself was brilliant. It all went to plan, and felt very easy and comfortable for both myself and initially nervous subject. My only problem has been which images to post! I had so many wonderful ones to choose from, but as I couldn't show them all, I've decided to pick a few which represent the different settings and backdrops used in the shoot.
This shoot took place at the clients home, I made use of a couple of rooms to give a number of different scenarios for the images. Some are solely flash lit, some are just daylight, but it goes to show what can be achieved without fancy studio set-ups.

Just to give you the clients point-of-view, I asked the lady in question to give me a few words words which summed up the experience for her, and this is what she said.....

"Before the shoot I was really nervous, but as soon as the shoot started I felt really at ease with the whole process. I was excited about seeing the photos, and I wasn't disappointed, the photos were exactly what I wanted, they are amazing.
I would definitely recommend it to any ladies out there, it makes a fantastic present for hubby/boyfriend/girlfriend. It does wonders for your self-confidence, a brilliant experience, and one I think everyone should do once in their lives!!"

I can't really follow that, other than to ask you to check out the images below. Comments are very welcome either here on my Facebook page... Thank you!

One Year On...
28th August 2012 - 0 comments
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Earlier this month Martin J Patterson Photography Ltd celebrated its first anniversary in business. Of course, this is only the length of time I have been trading, I have been photographing as a hobby for a few years more.
I should imagine for everyone who embarks on a business adventure, the thought can be quite daunting. I was doubtful of success before I started out. Confident in my images yes, but would anyone else like them? Would anyone want to use my services? Would I be wrapping this company up before the first year is out? Thankfully the answers were yes, yes and no!
It's been a year where I have been busier than I ever imagined, received more compliments and kind words than I expected, and have photographed some lovely people, some of which I am now lucky enough to call friends.
I may not be taking the photographic world by storm, but I am more than pleased with my work and how things are going.

Of course, although I trade alone, I can't succeed alone, there have been many people along the way who have done their bit to help me out, the list is long so I won't name them all, but a few must deserve a mention;
As always my family for their support and encouragement, Tim for his sage words on finances and accounting (us creatives aren't naturally good with this kind of thing!), to Julie B & Jo M who helped me to believe, and of course to my long suffering photography widow, Clare, for all your love and support.

Finally, to all of you that have taken the time to visit my website, follow me on Facebook, comment on my images, spread the word, and to all my clients both past and present........a very big thank you!!

Here's to an even better second year!!
27th August 2012 - 0 comments
Young Polly was the subject of another my recent shots, this one taken in her granparents' picturesque back garden in Corton. After all, a pretty girl deserves a pretty location doesn't she?