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Prom Night
23rd July 2017 - 0 comments

I'll be honest, the concept of the High school prom is a complete mystery to me.
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The Pensons
08th May 2017 - 0 comments
I always love a 'first'. It means something I've done or been somewhere something different. You will have seen one or two familiar locations in my portrait work, that pop up very regularly, however, you won't have seen this one. Lound Lakes.

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3 Life Lessons Photography Has Taught Me
15th April 2017 - 0 comments
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Learning to be a photographer is hard enough. Years of practice, consuming knowledge and experience, all to be the best you can be with a camera in your hand. Couple this with learning to run a business, it becomes hugely challenging. A challenge I love.
In all honestly this has (and still is) the hardest part for me. Naturally creative, but not so gifted with running a business...but it is amazing to see how, when things seem impossible, it has given me some eureka moments. And fairly big ones too, which have directly benefitted me both creatively and as a person.
I thought I'd share three with you, because these lessons are easily transferable, and totally relevant to everyone.
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Best Friends at Burgh Castle
10th April 2017 - 0 comments
Fittingly I recently started my 2017 location portraits at the ever popular Burgh Castle ruins. It was great to get back outdoors with the camera again, especially at this fabulous location, and with a family shoot too.

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Mum-To-Be Boudoir
09th April 2017 - 0 comments
Regular followers of my work and blog posts will recognise this young lady. Faith had a bridal boudoir session with me last year, but has returned for another, even more special Eterno Shoot!

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What is 'Being Photogenic' anyway?
31st January 2017 - 0 comments
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What is 'Being Photogenic' anyway?

I ran a poll on both my Facebook Group and Pages to see what was everyone's biggest concern, by far and away the biggest worry for most people was the subject, or more accurately, the feeling of not being photogenic.
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What's Stopping You?
24th January 2017 - 0 comments
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We all have worries about different events, particularly when families and children are involved. One in particular seems to be a portrait photo shoot. Mis-behaving children, awkward feeling teenagers (and parents), Mums that see themselves as 'not photogenic', to name a few....

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Why I Shoot Boudoir.
17th January 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog

There are very good reasons why photographers choose to specialise in certain areas of photography. For one, as I found out, you just can't do them all. Jack of all trades isn't a great title to have!

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Why I Photograph Families...
10th January 2017 - 0 comments
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There has to be a reason why photographers specialise in certain genres. For me it's the love of the chosen subject. Each of my photographic favourites has a different reason why I love them. This is the first post outlining my preferred genres and, why I do what I do....

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2017 Availability
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments
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To allow me to spend the right amount of time on each of my clients, I'm limiting the number of weekend photo sessions in 2017 to 24. This will be split between my Eterno Boudoir and Location Portraits. The same applies to evening photo sessions I offer through the summer months being reduced to 12, again split between Portraits and Boudoir.

Why am I doing this?
Firstly, and most importantly, to make my client experience even more personal. In-person meet and greets, and product selection meetings are very important to me as I feel they offer value to what I offer to my customers. However, they take time, and to allow me to spend that quality time with my clients then I have to offset that time from elsewhere.
Secondly, it allows for rescheduling of location portrait sessions when the Great British weather decides otherwise.

Online Booking
Coupled with this will be a reworking of my booking schedule. One downside of 2016 was the number of late call-offs for both photo sessions and consultations. I am the first to understand that life happens, and other events can get in the way, but when a photo session or consultation is called off at the last knockings, it means someone else waiting for their turn either gets delayed or misses out.
I had 5 photo sessions called off by the client with five days of the agreed shoot date, and 17 consultations called off either the day before, or on the day of the agreed date. To help reduce these numbers, I will be offering an online booking system (for consultations only) and some also changes to photo session booking method. Details of which I'll be sending out in the not too distant future. Again these changes are to help add to my client experiences, by allowing everyone's sessions to be booked and carried out efficiently. After all, I am here to help as many people as I can.
Click the button below to see how simple it will be to book your no-obligation consultation!

Book an appointment with Martin J Patterson Photography Ltd using SetMore

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2016 - Boudoir In Review
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments

2017 is upon us, but before I look excitedly to what the New Year will bring to MJPP and Eterno Boudoir, I'd like to take a look back at 2016.

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2016 - Portraits in Review
02nd January 2017 - 0 comments
In: Blog

Happy New Year!!
It's that time of year again when I have a quick look back at the past 12 months, before moving excitedly into 2017, and whatever photo opportunities it may bring.....

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A NABBA Novice No More
18th December 2016 - 0 comments

Back in May I worked with Sue King on a photo shoot of her training session prior to her first competition at the Anglian Bodybuilding Championships. This is the follow up shoot as Sue prepares to complete in the Nationals....
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Family Is One Of Nature's Masterpieces
24th November 2016 - 0 comments

The headline is a quote from the philosopher George Santayana. I thought it quite appropriate given what I do, but it also made me think about the deeper aspect to family portraiture.
Our lives these days are hectic, particularly when you are parents with children still at home.
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The 5 Golden Rules of Boudoir
13th November 2016 - 0 comments

Following on from the last Eterno Boudoir blog, once again we'll be using the words of the model in this post.

Amy was kind enough to share a few words to describe her feelings and, in this case, impart the five rules of Boudoir as she sees it. Having read what Amy says has written, I just have to share it with you all….it's perfect.

No Stranger To Eterno
This is not Amy's first Boudoir shoot with me. So it's reassuring to know that she has felt comfortable enough to come back again for another Eterno Boudoir Session. This session was different to her previous shoot with me, for a start it was in a different location which enabled the whole session to be shot using the beautiful natural daylight available, and this gave the resulting images a totally different feel entirely. Amy's presence in front of the camera made proceedings easy too, I think she was (and is) very natural in front of the camera, something which doesn't come easy to most, but also something which can become easy if you follow Amy's five golden rules....

In Amy's Words...
I asked Amy to write a few words about her Eterno experience, this is part one...

Anybody who truly knows me will know that I'm not a very confident person who is forever worrying what people think. However these past few years I have learnt to embrace my body, this is me ! I'm no supermodel ... I'm a woman who brought a child into the world who has the wobbly bits to prove it. There's is no 'set check list' that you have to meet in order to feel confident, sexy or desirable but having this shoot made me feel all.

What Are The Five Golden Rules?
Unexpectedly Amy continued with this list of what she sees as her Boudoir checklist for any lady having an Eterno Boudoir session. I thought it was so good, I just had to share it!

Martin is a fantastic photographer who made me feel at ease throughout the whole shoot and not once did I ever feel out of my comfort zone.

To any ladies that are self conscious of having a shoot .... don't be !

. Be confident
. Be proud
. Be Daring
. Be Bold
. Be Unforgettable
You are you own kind of of beautiful

click to tweet the five golden rules....

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Lisa's Story
18th October 2016 - 0 comments

This post will be in a different format to my usual latest ones. I will be using quotes from the lovely subject of this session, and how she felt throughout the process.....why have I chosen to do this? Well, how this lady felt throughout the shoot and afterwards is fairly common when it comes to women of low body confidence, and rather then me put words in her mouth, it seems only right to quote directly....

Back in June I ran a little comp for the members of my Eterno Boudoir Community Group where I gave away a mini-shoot, print and mobile gallery app to one lucky winner. That lucky lady was Lisa, and this post is a little about her session.

Being a competition winner, Lisa didn't approach me for the photo session, however she did say that it was something she would have loved to have done regardless. Her reasons being mainly a confidence issue..." due to having issues around my body..this has been ongoing as I had a weight problem most of my teen and adult life.. also through this and having children the scarring (stretchmarks) have also affected my confidence whilst undressed or in bikinis etc."

Interestingly, Lisa's confidence issue is similar to ones she helps other people with.

"In my job I work with girls and young women to boost confident and self esteem, also concentrating on self worth and being comfortable in your own skin. I often feel a hypocrite as they probably see a confident me, however underneath the layers I have the same issues with the way I see myself and with my body."
So Lisa can now look her young ladies in the eye, knowing that she has faced her fears and body confident issues.

Clearly, with the obvious feelings about herself, the session itself was going to induce a fair amount of nervousness in Lisa.
"The nerves were awful leading up to the shoot, I was really contemplating pulling out as I had looked at the other women who had had shoots and thought 'wow'.. they look amazing... I never thought I would ever look that beautiful or even like a photo of myself in very little clothing."

I know from listening to ladies previously this is a frequent worry, not living up to the women that have gone before, and comparing themselves to others. I believe it's another example of a lack of confidence shining through, where in reality, every lady is beautiful if only they believed what everyone else tells them!
However, the fact that Lisa didn't pull out of the session shows she was determined to prove to herself that this was an experience she wanted to do.

"The first five minutes of the shoot were terrifying, but I had gone there after doing my own hair make up with the mindset just be yourself Lisa!!... so I really had to get a grip with my nerves and do what I was told to, and the nerves quickly eased..."

"I was still nervous throughout the shoot, but that's because being out of your comfort zone always causes nerves or anxiety. I found the ones in my underwear the most scariest as I'm not normally one to wear formal lingerie, it's normally a comfort thing and throw on your favourite most comfortable pants for everyday wear. I also felt uncomfortable looking directly at the camera, however this also got easier throughout the shoot with Martin's encouragement and advice.."

Lisa is so right too, after all, great things never came from comfort zones!!

This last paragraph is the one I love to read the most, and is typical of the way Lisa talked during the proof reveal. She is very honest and speaks from the heart.

"When I first saw the photos I actually was cringing, and there were very few I actually liked. I especially struggled with the ones looking directly at the camera these were my least favourite. (However) since the reveal I have posted one on Facebook and would like to post more as I have actually come to like most of them and appreciate my own beauty. People who I have shown them to have said how beautiful I look in them which shows I'm my own worst critic. I even seem to like the ones looking straight at the camera which is surprising."

Lisa's reaction to the first view of her photos again is very normal. During the first pass, she is dealing with seeing herself in a way she has never done before, and with me sat next to her while she sees them.
I did explain to Lisa that she would like the photos more with each viewing as she gets used to seeing herself in this way. Reading what she says above, this definitely happened.

I'll leave you with what Lisa wrote on her Facebook timeline along with the picture below.

"Thank you Martin for my lovely Boudoir shoot. This is my favourite picture, so happy to share on Facebook as I feel beautiful in this one!!
Ladies, you really need to experience this..."

Does this feeling sound familiar? Are your nerves stopping you from getting a shoot organised, or is it something else?
If you have any comments to make about the experience shared above, I'd love to hear from you. Please post below....thank you!

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05th October 2016 - 0 comments

This session has been in the pipeline for sometime. Some of you may remember that I did a Boudoir session with Amber last year, and it was always the intention to follow up with a portrait shoot, but with our busy schedules it's been a while before it finally came to fruition. Thanks to Amber's contacts, we had the good fortune to use the grounds of Somerleyton Hall for the photo session.

The focus of the session was Amber's beautiful red hair, so plenty of close-ups, and rim lighting from the setting sun (that was the plan anyway!).
Being Britain the sun was fleeting, and instead of the glorious still sunset, we were greeted by a lot of cloud and a strong breeze. It meant tucking ourselves in sheltered areas away from the wind, which wasn't a problem, given the size of the area we were working in. The only issue I had was which of the fabulous backdrops on offer to use for the shots.

I settled on just a few, the lawned area, two of the big, mature trees which dominated the landscape, a flower bed sporting blue and purple flowers and an deep red Acer. The last two provided a wonderful contrast with Amber's red hair.

Rather than leave you with my view on proceedings, I thought it would be interesting to share what my model thought. I asked Amber for a few words about the experience, and she said this…
I felt beautiful during the shoot, and beautiful with the feeback from the finished photos. You are the perfect photographer as I feel at ease because I know your going to enhance the beauty that I would love to see for myself. I felt comfortable the whole time even with leaving you with choosing the photos. The finished products are always 100% perfect.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Lord Somerleyton for permission to use the beautiful grounds at the Hall. It was the first time I had shot here, and would certainly love to use the location again.

If you are interested in having your own portrait shoot with and would like further details, please contact me via the Portrait Contact Page, and I'll get back to you to discuss your requirements.

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19th September 2016 - 0 comments

This is the last in my series of four summer senior shoots all featuring young ladies that volunteered to model for me. The star of this show was Olivia. I decided to shoot this session at Gorleston Cliffs, it's a popular location for many family shoots, and offers a quieter area of the beautiful Gorleston Beach, along with a selection of different back drops.

Although we were lucky with the location, the weather wasn't quite as desired. There was a strong breeze blowing throughout the session, which was quite problematic when your subject has long hair! It was nothing that couldn't be worked around, including good old fashioned waiting for a lull in the wind and hiding up in sheltered spots.

The session lasted around an hour, pretty standard time frame for my location sessions, which also included talking to Olivia about her recent GCSEs and college which she had just started. From the conversation she is clearly much clever than me!!
I've been photographing in this location for a few years now, and have noticed how it's gradually changing. In my first shoots here the wooden sea defences were totally buried, with only the tops of the posts visible. These posts made great lead in lines and seats for my subjects to sit or stand on. Now the defences are almost totally revealed again, which means I can add a different slant to the photos, it's all good…well that's what I tell myself!

We did work in the shadow of the cliffs as much as possible, but the light was fading quickly, so we moved onto the cliff top to give me a bit more light to work with.
This was definitely an area I hadn't shot in before, so i was thinking on my feet. The first thought was to use the setting sun to capture a few shots with some lens flare, which we did. For those that don't know, lens flare is when you shoot with the sun light hitting the lens, the light scatters through the lens system and causes coloured spots in the image. Generally photographers try to avoid it, but it can give a creative effect, although the flare spots tend to be a bit random!!

Once those were done, I got Olivia to have a sit down on a park bench for the last set of images. Again, I'd not done anything similar before, but it gave me the opportunity to capture a few relaxed close-ups to close the shoot.

I'll be posting more for this shoot on my Facebook Page in due course. Give it a like to stay in touch and to see more of my work too.
Senior photo sessions are for school and college leavers, and captures shots of them at this milestone in their lives. If you are interested in a senior photo shoot, or any other individual, couple of family location session, please contact me via the portrait contact page. There's no hard sell, just organise a chat and see if I am the right photographer for you...

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Beneath the Veil
28th August 2016 - 0 comments

You may have seen me blog about previous boudoir shoots which were presents from brides-to-be to their future husbands, but this was the first which included the veil and bridal underwear in the shots. It was great to do this shoot, as the theme was totally different to any Boudoir session I've done before. Although, like doing anything new, I always that doubt that as to whether I can still achieve my style. I shouldn't have worried, the beautiful Faith made this very easy.

The implied topless shots involved the bridal veil acting literally as a veil, I opted to shoot into the light to add mystery and a bit of drama too. The room where the shoot took place had a very tall window in it, making the contra-jour style the obvious way to go. It suited the bridal theme to a tee too, the opaque veil in the bright window light worked beautifully.

We finished with the bridal lingerie sets, posing on the bed and adjacent to the window to light Faith more directly. Although the veil wasn't present in these shots, the lingerie certainly said 'bridal' to me. Faith looked stunning in her various outfits, I think her husband to be would have been made up to receive the prints of these shots as a gift.

As with the planning of any wedding, and the associated gifts etc, there is always a budget to adhere to. This was the case with this gift Boudoir session too. Faith opted for a mini-shoot, so the key was to work quickly to capture the required shots in the time available. Three outfit changes and three 'sets' of images may have seemed a tall order, but Faith was a natural in front of the camera. We recorded the images in the usual Eterno relaxed style. It just goes to show that if you were focus on exactly what you want from a session, it can be done on a budget that suits everyone.

I was very keen to share some of these images, simply because they are gorgeous and I'm really happy with how they look. This wouldn't have been possible with permission from my client of course, so I'd like to say a big "Thank You" to Faith for allowing me to share some of the images from this beautiful photo session.

If you're a bride to be and would like to present your future spouse with a beautiful wedding gift, then contact me via the comment box below (comments will not appear to the public) or visit my Eterno Boudoir Web page.

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Where's Audrey?
24th August 2016 - 0 comments

The latest in my series of model call Boudoir shoots features the lovely Carina, and if you look closely enough Audrey Hepburn makes an appearance in one or two shots as well. If you want to read about my first model call session, and why I do them, read my blog post Do It For The Art

This was another photo session where I was completely free to try out various different ideas, and was working completely without any preconceived ideas. Carina was superbly confident and had and eye for detail herself, keenly clearing away any items that may have been a distraction in the shots. Lighting was no problem, a bright day meant ambient light was in plentiful supply, and gave the session a high-key feel. Needless to say the shoot ran very smoothly.

As usual I started with some implied shots, which always seem to be a favourite with my clients. As with my previous model call shoot, we tried some slightly more daring implied shots, with only hands and arms being used to cover the necessary areas! It's these kind of images where the model's chaperone comes into their own, checking that nothing that shouldn't be seen isn't before I arrive to shoot the set. After all, the model's dignity should remain in tact at all times!
Next up was a bit of fun with a chair, and a fan. As Carina said, it was a great way to cover certain areas, in a fun way too.

Moving on I shot a set of images using the mirrors in the room. I love incorporating mirrors (and anything interesting in the client's room) in Boudoir images wherever possible. It allows me to capture shots of the model using a variety of angles and focal points to give a wide range of images to choose from, in a short amount of time and with little movement from the subject. Carina's room had two mirrors, well, a dressing table and a wall mirror, so I worked on some shots incorporating both.

We finished the session with some more 'standard' lingerie shots, albeit from some high angles, which always work well.
I'd like to say a huge thanks to Carina for volunteering and giving up her time to model for me. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I will be displaying more images from this wonderful session in my Eterno Boudoir Facebook Group, so if you're not already a member, join and see them before anyone else.

If you like any of the styles shown here and are interested in a Boudoir photo session, please contact me through our Boudoir web page here, and I will be happy to organise whatever you may need, whether it's for a chat about what is involved, answer any questions, or organise a consultation.

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