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Photographers - Should We Care What Others Think?
06th May 2013 - 0 comments
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Following a recent conversation I had with a fellow photographer I thought I'd give you some thoughts on what we talked about. Basically the subject discussed was whether you should worry what other people (namely photographers) think of your work, or more precisely how you achieve your imagery.

Throughout life we seem to be obsessed with the opinions of other people, constantly seeking assurance that what we do, buy or produce is good enough. It a natural obsession, but from a photographer's point of view, whether it is particularly healthy or helpful is another question.

When I first started out in photography as a keen hobbyist, I will admit to being very concerned about what others thought of my work. I joined an online photographic community, where every members work could be voted for and commented on. Most of the comments were of the positive reinforcement kind, "Great Image" or "Fantastic Capture" were very common (thankfully). Occasionally someone would point out technical aspects, which as a beginner I would have missed. This kind of constructive criticism is invaluable, especially when starting out. The person giving the critique has obviously spent time looking at your work, has assessed as they see fit, and worded their observations in a respectful way. It's only good manners to take on board what they say, you may or may not agree, but it doesn't hurt to listen to what they have said.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be as balanced in their view point. Photography is a branch of the Arts, and so opinions on what is and isn't good is very subjective. The expression, 'One man's meat is another man's poison' is wholly appropriate in this case. Being a part of the Arts, it attracts the clique element and those that 'must be heard'. It's here that taking on board someone else's opinion becomes difficult. I'm not tarring every member of Photographic Societies and Communities with the same brush here. A very large majority are every day folk who take photographs for a hobby or a living, they love the subject and appreciate great images. Like me if they don't like something, then generally don't talk about it and move on. There is, however, a minority containing the high brow purists, that abhor any form of post-production in that devil called 'Photoshop', or can't abide anyone that doesn't follow their own methods and opinions, and they like to let everyone know too.
Photography is an art form, which generally means that 'rules' are merely for guidance in the pursuit of a great image. Personally I'm all for 'each to their own'. Some things I like, others I don't, it's my personal preference, but I wouldn't spend my valuable time venting my spleen on my blog page, about people that over-process images, or don't practice the purists method of image production.
What these people fail to realise is, that every image produced will have an audience that appreciates it. That audience may be very small, very large or somewhere in between, but someone somewhere will like it. There is also the argument of artistic license. I'm sure Constable or Turner didn't paint exactly what they saw, some elements subjects of the scene would be tweaked or even removed to suit the desired composition. Traditional film photographers used darkroom tricks such as dodging, burning and even painting on final images.

So should we care what others think of our work? To answer that we have to ask Why are we creating the images in the first place?
I can only speak for myself, but how I see it is this. I take landscape images solely for me. It's my getaway, it's my quiet time, it's my moment to appreciate the world around me. The only person that those images need to please is myself, but if others like them too, then it's a bonus, and nice to know people appreciate what I am producing.
My commercial portrait work is obviously different, I have a client to please as well. That said, I have developed my own style of portraiture, which is clearly displayed through images on my website, and, I would hope, it's the client response to that style that is the driver for them to book me to capture images for them.

In summary the answer isn't straightforward, there is vast area of grey between the black and the white. Personally, I think listening to others is vital, if the critique is balanced and respectful, and they have your artistic development at heart. If it's the Photography snob, then my advice would be to shut your ears, walk away, and just enjoy what you are doing.
Deposit Payments
22nd April 2013 - 0 comments
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Unfortunately I have had a few incidents over the past six months or so, where I have had clients that have booked a portrait session, cancel at the last moment without a reasonable excuse (such as illness), leaving me unable to fill that slot with another customer on my waiting list.
Whilst I find this frustrating, I feel more strongly that it is very unfair on those people that are waiting for a portrait shoot of their own. Available slots for our Location Portrait Shoots are at a premium, this due to the limited amount of times when conditions are ideal for portrait shoots, so people cancelling at a moments notice only serves to make my waiting lists longer.
Regretfully I will now be asking for a non-refundable deposit payment to secure every booking made. This will be £25 for one-off sessions, and £40 for combined sessions, such as Newborn & Bump.
I have always avoided asking for a deposit payment in the past, but now the weather is improving and daylight hours are getting longer, my waiting list will be growing, and I would hate for people to miss out on a slot because of someone else's inconsiderate behaviour. I hope you all understand why I have had to do this.

Thank you!

New Boudoir Package Details
01st April 2013 - 0 comments
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We're please to announce two new boudoir photography package to compliment our Simple and Makeover Boudoir sessions.

Group Boudoir Package - From £60 per person* (Minimum age limit 18 years old)
A great start to a 'Girls Night Out' or 'Hen Day', or even just a few friends wanting a pamper and a catch-up, this package is for four to six ladies (for larger parties please contact for advice) in a home location, each will receive a mini-makeover (due to time constraints this is make-up only), an individual mini-boudoir shoot of around 30 minutes, and a free 12x8 print to be chosen from ten fully edited proofs. They will also receive a discount voucher which can be redeemed against a future booking of either our Simple Boudoir, Makeover Boudoir or Makeover Location Portrait packages.

*Prices as follows for parties of; Four £70pp (Total £280) Five £65pp (Total £325) Six £60pp (Total £360)

Mini-Simple Boudoir Package – £75 (Minimum age limit 18 years old)
A scaled down version of our Simple Boudoir Package. A shoot of up to one hour with your free 12x8 print chosen from up to 12 fully edited image proofs.

To enquire or book a free, no-obligation boudoir consultation, please complete the enquiry form on our Boudoir & Makeover Page
Boudoir...To do or not to do?
21st March 2013 - 0 comments
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As you may have seen, I have recently been working with a local burlesque dancer/teacher Frenchie Debonaire on some promotional images. The final shots were published on the performer’s Facebook Fan page, and the attention, fair amount of praise from most that had seen them, was very surprising, and also very flattering. This, however, wasn’t the only result of the images being made public. There was talk and hints from some ladies to have such shots done of their own. This has led me to consider the subject in question, which, I believe, is one of the most beautiful forms of portraiture, boudoir photography.

So what is Boudoir Photography?
The “boudoir style” typically captures sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (or occasionally men and couples) in a photographer’s studio, luxury hotel or the client’s own home. The most common form of contemporary boudoir is to take a number of posed or candid shots of the subject partly clothed in in lingerie, any nudity is normally implied and not explicit.

Why do women want to have boudoir images taken?
Being a man, I have a distinct disadvantage in answering this, so having read through some books, online articles and boudoir websites, it seemed most mentioned reasons are as a present for husbands or boyfriends on anniversaries or wedding days, to show off a new look such as after weight loss or plastic surgery. However, not much is mentioned about the real benefit of a boudoir session as I see it….

Why should women have boudoir images taken?
Whilst working with Ms FD, I have discussed the subject of burlesque, what it is, what classes on the subject actually teach and what the students get from those classes. In an age where ordinary people are often comparing themselves to the latest in vogue size 8 celebrity or male sports star, it is hardly surprising that a lot of people, both women and men have hang ups and insecurities about themselves and in particular their bodies. The biggest result of these classes, therefore, is an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. Exactly the same can be said about having a boudoir photography session. Women should have these kinds of photos taken to emphasise their beauty, sensuality and their power, with the resulting images bringing an increased confidence and self-esteem.

I have had experience of shooting boudoir images, and have found the women that have had the shots taken say that initially they were very nervous, which is understandable, but afterwards, particularly after viewing the images, did experience the ‘feel good factor’ and some have even said it could become very addictive! Surprising? Maybe, but what could be better than having a pamper session with a stylist/make-up artist, a glass or two of something bubbly followed by a photo session to show how wonderful you truly are?
In short the message is, “Love the skin you’re in and give it a go……what have you got to lose?”
Boudoir...Too Nervous To Enquire?
21st March 2013 - 0 comments
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About a year ago, I posted a blog piece called Boudoir…To Do Or Not To Do? In it I outlined what Boudoir photography is and why I think every woman should have a shoot done. This is fine, but of course it doesn't help in the 'too nervous to enquire' stakes does it?
You see I've noticed this trend. I do a Boudoir shoot, I post some images, the lady in the shots is more than happy, her friends are very complimentary, and I get feedback along the lines of "I love these…I wish I could have some done"…or "my friend wants some of these done, she loves them!!" I ask politely to get them to contact me to arrange a meet….but alas I usually receive nothing….
It's been a bit of a mystery to me as to the high amount of interest I receive regarding the boudoir images from women, and more than a fair few are keen to have them done, but they never actually go so far as to enquire, let alone book. I've asked a few ladies why they think this is happening. There are a few common reasons, but I'll address them later, as I think if I explain the process of our Boudoir shoots, then a few fears maybe dispelled along the way.

Once an enquiry is received, I'll be in touch to organise a no-obligation consultation to discuss the shoot and the processes involved. From feedback I've received from those who have had shoots done, this first stage helped greatly with settling down nerves related to the shoot. The meeting is with myself, Rachel (the Make Up Artist) and, of course the client, and the client's partner, should they so wish to hear how things work. During this meeting, we go through a short questionnaire which will establish, amongst other things, the client's comfort levels, the reasons for having the shoot done, and, crucially, areas of their body which they are and aren't happy with. I also explain in detail how the various shots are achieved, without me see much of anything! The make-over, if one is required, is discussed with Rachel, where the customer's preferences are taken into account. Then I will talk through the shoot itself and what happens. During this part of the meeting, I make sure I outline my professional working practice. This involves my 'no-touch' policy, all my directions will be verbal or, if all else fails, I will demonstrate a pose, much to everyone's amusement. If adjustment of clothing, hair or make-up is required, this is carried out by Rachel, with permission from the client.
Another point that will be discussed is Rachel's other role. She also acts as the female assistant and stays with me until the shoot is finished. If the client opts for a Simple Boudoir shoot, where no makeover takes place, then I will ask that the customer arranges to have a female friend at the shoot location with them during the session. Depending on how the subject feels they can be in or out of the room while the shots take place. I will not carry out a shoot without a chaperone in place. If the client is still happy that she wants the shoot done, it's only at this point will we proceed with the booking.
A day or two before the shoot itself, I will contact the client by email, to outline a few ways to prepare yourself on the day of the shoot.

The Shoot
The day of shoot itself may start with the client feeling a few nerves, but a girly chat with Rachel whilst she has the makeover is the perfect settler. Once our lady is suitably transformed, and before any clothing changes are done, I will go through the poses. This gives the subject a chance to have a quick practice and for me to offer any advice before a shot is taken. I will leave the room whilst the client prepares herself, and will only return once she is in position. I'll then take the shots, and leave the room again whilst the lady dons a robe or something similar to go over the top of their chosen lingerie outfit. This process is repeated again for each location, clothing change or posing set, until the shoot is finished.
Previous shoots tell me once the first set of shots have been taken, the initial nerves have usually evaporated, and the client begins to enjoy the experience.

Too Nervous To Enquire??
Of course everyone is different, what thrills one person, scares the life out of somebody else, so the following reasons are very generalised, but probably resonate with some of you reading this. All of the issues that were raised are perfectly understandable, and I don't intend to belittle them at all, but with a little knowledge of how the shoots function, it might help change minds...

Feeling Exposed
I'll start with the big one…..the most frequent reason seems to be the sheer terror of having to stand in front of a photographer (man or woman) wearing a lot less than they would normally.
I was concerned about this being in front of a male photographer, but the gender doesn't seem to be an issue.
What I say is this….. there are some approaches I use which help this problem. Firstly, be assured everything I do is in a professional manner. I don't gawp or stare. When I'm looking at the subject, I'm viewing the final shot, not trying to catch a sneaky peek at something I shouldn't be. Secondly, as previously mentioned, I direct the subject and explain where and how I want to pose whilst they are still wearing a robe (or similar) over their attire. I leave the room and return once the client is happy, take the shots, leave the room again whilst the subject gets herself comfortable again.
The best solution for this issue is for the client to dress or cover up as much or as little as she is comfortable with. This may change as the shoot goes on, but I leave this entirely up to the subject and never push the boundaries. I have had a lady that has had the entire shoot done in a robe with lingerie underneath. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it's the client's comfort that is important at all times.

My size/shape isn't right for Boudoir....I need to lose weight first.
Sadly this issue will never go away. We've all seen the magazines with images of skinny models adorned throughout them, where we are told to believe that this is the true norm. It isn't. If the client has a particular area of their body that they would like avoided or de-emphasised, then this is discussed at the pre-shoot meeting. Armed with this information, I will pose the lady to suit her requirements.

Honestly, there is no 'right' shape or size for Boudoir, there is only you and the celebration of your beauty.

The 'Partner Factor'….
"I'm keen, but my partner/husband isn't." This is a difficult one. It's natural that a man may be suspicious of another man bearing a camera, shooting what are, after all, personal images of their partner. If this is the case, I would encourage the partner to join in with the pre-shoot meeting, where, I can help dispel the myths of a Boudoir shoot, to demonstrate I am a professional through and through, and show the kind of final images that can be expected. I can also involve the partner in what images they would like to see of their better half. After all, if both the client and their partner are comfortable with the process, then the whole experience will be more enjoyable.

The Photos Of Me Won't Turn Out How I Hoped
There are two sides to this one, firstly, is the self-confidence issue. This is the precise the reason I offer a Boudoir shoots, to reverse that feeling and make the lady feel great about herself. How you look in the shots themselves, is down to our skills as a photographer and make-up artist, then just take a look at our Boudoir Gallery to judge whether we're good enough for you!

Final Word
Shooting any type of people imagery successfully is basically down correct posing, camera work and lighting, coupled with a good interaction between subject and photographer. As a team, we are very approachable and easy going, our friendly, fun style is sure to banish any nerves and turn the experience into something very enjoyable. Every lady that had had a Boudoir shoot with us, has said that they think every woman should do it…so who are we to argue with that?!

If you are interested in having a Makeover or Boudoir shoot done, then please contact me via the Makeover Page, (or comment form below) and I'll arrange a no obligation consultation with. You can discuss the shoot, worries and concerns with us and if you still are not happy, then don't book, no pressure!
Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Weather, Wobbles and Product Lines....
18th March 2013 - 0 comments
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Given the current long drawn out winter we're currently experiencing, I can understand perfectly why people are reluctant to want to book up a location portrait session. To be fair, it's not much fun for anyone standing out in a bitterly cold wind trying to look relaxed and happy. From a business point of view, it's another kick in the teeth from Mother Nature. Last spring we experienced a period of very beautiful, warm, dry sunny weather. My initial optimistic outlook for a busy summer turned out to be short lived, with widespread hose pipe ban soon triggering the mother of all wet summers. Great!
I was busy, but I could have been much busier. I received umpteen enquiries with the promise to book "when it stops raining", but it just didn't stop!
The problem I have is this. I specialise in outdoor portraiture, shooting images of mainly children and families. I do this because I have a firm belief that these type of sessions are more relaxing for children and parents alike, due to the fresh air and wide open spaces. Relaxed subjects give us better images, everyone wins…..Only if it rains and blows or is too cold, it isn't fun, and no-one is sessions get postponed.
Once a couple of weeks go past with nothing to show for the booked shoot but a reallocated date, it can be very easy to think about re-thinking my product line.
I can't help thinking that I should offer family studio style portrait shoots along with the outdoor ones. Weather proof the situation. but to be honest, whenever the thought of offering large indoor shoots crosses my mind, I think back to a family portrait session I was part of. I wasn't the photographer, in fact it was before I started up in business. It was a shoot our family were having done as a present for my grandparents, and involved myself, my wife, Mum, Dad, two sisters, brother-in-law, two babies and a toddler…..all in a studio…a very hot, airless studio…..on a rainy day….welcome to Hell! That experience has been etched in my memory, probably forever. The result of me offering anything similar would be a million miles away from my goal of a relaxed portrait session. A family of five squeezed into their front room trying to look happy and chilled??
I think I've got it right. I'll only offers packages that I love to shoot. Babies, boudoir, fine art portraits of individuals are all indoors, absolutely. Anything else and outside we go…all I have to hope for is that it will stay dry on the occasional weekend..please!!
Newsletter Subscription
24th January 2013 - 0 comments
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In short, I'm struggling get my updates out to those that may be interested in what I have been and will be doing. This is partly due to an unnamed, large social media site, that seems keen to close down it's free channels in favour of those that need to be paid for.....
So, I'm plannning to start sending out an email Newsletter peroidically to those who want to keep up to date. I can assure you, that it won't be 'War and Peace' every other day, but a few articles every four to six weeks. There will also be the occasional exclusive offer or giveaway for subscribers to the newsletter.
So to subscribe please click on the link below which should ping up an email message to send to me. All you need to do is enter your name and click 'send'. Thank you!
Click here to Subscribe

Happy New Year
31st December 2012 - 0 comments
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I'd like to wish all my customers and friends a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2013!!
2012 In Pictures
30th December 2012 - 0 comments
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It's that time of year when we are treated to reviews of the past twelve months from various quarters, so why should I be different? I did consider a word based piece, but after reading it back it even bored me to tears. Being a photographer it seems ludicrous not to use images to summarise my year. Simple I thought, but looking through the shots taken over the last twelve months, it dawned on me that this wasn't going to be an easy task........
I can genuinely say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every shoot I have undertaken during 2012, and it's the people I produce images of (and for) that has made this year so rewarding for me personally. I have dealt with a lot of shoots over the past twelve months, far more than I anticipated, and to add to the complications, this years super wet weather made scheduling a nightmare. Many shoots were postponed at short notice, but those who were affected were very understanding. I suppose we've all lived in the UK long enough to know what to expect. So before we start, I must say a huge thank you to all those that have used my services this year, those that have supported me, recommended me to others and taken time to comment on my images via. Facebook. It means a lot to know that I am pleasing some of the people, some of the time!

Onto the images. Of course I wish I could include my favourite image from every shoot, but that would be impractical, so I've opted for fourteen to share. Some hold some significance in respect to the business and what path it will take, others just because I like them.....I just hope you do too.

So in no particular order.....

First off is this promo shot of Frenchie Debonaire, taken last December just before Christmas, but the edit and subsequent posting online didn't happen until January. To be honest, I have two or three faves from this shoot, but I decided on this particular shot because of the Film Noir/Hollywood style it portrays. This shoot was a major turning point for me, apart from bringing in an audience, it opened my eyes to the amount of ladies wanting similar images taken of themselves....

Bigg Nev
Next comes Bigg Nev. Nev was kind enough to model for myself and a colleague when we were experimenting with studio set-ups in Norwich over the winter. As you may know, I'm not totally in love with studio photography, particularly the big bright Venture style, but this image did change my mind to some degree. It's the Fine Art style that appeals to me, where the image draws you in and asks you questions.

Daisy and Tobie
Brother and sister here taken as part of a family portrait shoot. I had to reshoot this session due to the weather gradually worsening throughout, but I managed to get this one in the first shoot. This one is all about the eye contact with the viewer. To get both children doing the same thing at the same time was fantastic, and totally makes the image for me.

This little lad is actually my nephew, and was part of his My First Year photos (this particular one at eight months). As with Tobie and Daisy, it's the eye contact with the viewer that grabs the attention. The conversion to Black and White really accentuates this, as is the case with any shot of this style.

This one is simply the pose and expression. Maci-Jae is holding a daisy and looking towards her mummy, who is standing out of shot. So cute and captures the innocence of youth wonderfully.

Another kind portfolio shoot volunteer. This shot was taken on North Beach, Great Yarmouth. The aim of the session was to experiment with some off-camera flash, but a technical hitch meant this was not possible, luckily the summer evening light saved the day. This one made the cut purely due to the fact it is so different to my usual portrait style, almost fashion like. The image was edited to suit this feel.

Siblings Will and Lara with their cousin Dannielle at Burgh Castle one summer evening. It's one if those moments captured by chance, and makes a fantastic image. Lara just joked about Will, and he The expressions just make me smile every time!!

Billy and Josh
This image is nothing like my usual style, but this shoot was so much fun I felt like I had to include a shot from it. I managed shots of older brother Billy with no problems, but Josh was very mobile in quite a confined area. The soft toy was one of the bribing methods we tried to get Josh to stay still!!

This one is a definite favourite of mine. As we were preparing for this shoot on Gorleston Beach, I noticed this pathway through the dunes which I thought would act as as a nice lead in with framing from the marram grass. Once we were a little way through the session, I gave this shot a try. I'm so glad I did too!!

As a portrait photographer it's important to connect with the subject in order to get the best images. A bit of conversation to take their mind off the camera, and the real person comes to the fore. Kenzi epitomised this to a tee, we had a proper good (and entertaining) chinwag with the resulting images speaking for themselves.

Emma And Her Boys
Another fun shoot at Burgh Castle fort. Given the ages of the boys, this family portrait could have been a long time in the making. However this image was one of the first ones I took of everyone together, and what a cracker it is!

Jaden and Ollie
Taken in Fritton Woods on a very sunny Autumn afternoon, this one of two brothers isn't made by the Autumn colours, for me, it's the little one looking up at his older brother. It shows the differing characters of the two siblings perfectly.

This one was taken the same afternoon as the previous image, it's of two sisters posing for a shoot with the intention of using some of the images as Christmas presents. Much like the shot of Ruby earlier, I noticed this tree and the light behind it by chance, as I was about to finish the session. In this image it's the pose and framing, coupled with the beautiful soft background light and colours make this a winner for me.

Following up on the shoots with Frenchie Debonaire, August saw my first Boudoir shoot. The images produced and the reaction from my client was enough to convince me this was one genre I needed to include in my portfolio of services.

Something For The Ladies
05th September 2012 - 0 comments
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I'm offering some new packages, primarily aimed at any ladies out there. These will, in time, appear in my brochure, but for the short term they will be avilable at lower introductory rates, so make the most of this, while it lasts.

Location Makeover Portrait Package
Introductory price of £100, one to two hour professional makeover, followed by a photoshoot of up to 90 minutes at location of your choice and includes a 12x8 print.

Simple Boudoir Portrait Package
Introductory price of £40, 90 minute photoshoot at your home and comes complete with a 12x8 print.

Makeover Boudoir Portrait Package
Introductory price of £90, one to two hour professional makeover, 90 minute photoshoot at your home and comes complete with a 12x8 print.

To request more information, or to book please contact me here

One Year On...
28th August 2012 - 0 comments
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Earlier this month Martin J Patterson Photography Ltd celebrated its first anniversary in business. Of course, this is only the length of time I have been trading, I have been photographing as a hobby for a few years more.
I should imagine for everyone who embarks on a business adventure, the thought can be quite daunting. I was doubtful of success before I started out. Confident in my images yes, but would anyone else like them? Would anyone want to use my services? Would I be wrapping this company up before the first year is out? Thankfully the answers were yes, yes and no!
It's been a year where I have been busier than I ever imagined, received more compliments and kind words than I expected, and have photographed some lovely people, some of which I am now lucky enough to call friends.
I may not be taking the photographic world by storm, but I am more than pleased with my work and how things are going.

Of course, although I trade alone, I can't succeed alone, there have been many people along the way who have done their bit to help me out, the list is long so I won't name them all, but a few must deserve a mention;
As always my family for their support and encouragement, Tim for his sage words on finances and accounting (us creatives aren't naturally good with this kind of thing!), to Julie B & Jo M who helped me to believe, and of course to my long suffering photography widow, Clare, for all your love and support.

Finally, to all of you that have taken the time to visit my website, follow me on Facebook, comment on my images, spread the word, and to all my clients both past and present........a very big thank you!!

Here's to an even better second year!!
Thank You and Merry Christmas!!
15th December 2011 - 0 comments
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Just a short entry to thank all those who have used my services in my first four months of setting up, your support and positive feedback has been very much appreciated. It has been a busy but hugely satisfying first few months, and I have been quite surprised by the number of sessions I have had the pleasure to do.
So it just remains to say Merry Christmas to all my clients both old and new, and I hope to see you all again sometime in 2012!!
Thank you,
New Year, New Packages
05th December 2011 - 0 comments
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With the New Year approaching, I'm having to think about packages and pricing. Just some of the new packages that I will be offering will include;

Baby & Bump Two indoor sessions on the comfort of your own home, one of the mum-to-be with her beautiful bump, and the second of the newborn babe.
Newborn An indoor shoot of the new arrival taken within the first few weeks. This is the ideal time for those hands and feet shots!
My First Year Four sessions of the new arrival at Newborn, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months.
Standard Location Portrait Session One hour portrait shoot with a free print.
Plus a few others! Prices to be confirmed, but contact me if any of the above interest you.
It's not too late to bag a session at current rates before the new rates pricing starts in 2012. My introductory pricing for portrait sessions ends on 31 December 2011.
However, bookings made before that date will still be priced at my current rate of £25-00 (session only), and are valid for 2 months from the time of booking. Don't miss soon!!
Canvas Canvas Canvas!!!
08th November 2011 - 0 comments
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We've sourced a great company to supply fantastic quality canvas prints at reasonable prices! This is a welcome addition to our product line, and something to bear in mind when booking your portrait sessions.
Sizes start from 8"x8" through to a whopping 60"x30".
My prices at £30-00 for an 8"x8" through to an 18"x12" and £48-00 and 24"x16" at £63-00. Full prices and sizes available on request.
Gift Certificates Now Available
02nd November 2011 - 0 comments
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If you are stuck for a gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays, New Baby or just a Thank You, then how about a portrait session with us?
Portrait Session Gift Certificates are now available to purchase online and offline. The certificate entitles the holder to a one hour portrait session with two 10"x8" prints. Just click on 'Gift Certificates' in the menu bar and follow the instructions. If you are local to the Great Yarmouth area and in a hurry for the certificate, you can e-mail me on to arrange collection and save yourself any P&P costs in the process.
They are valid for six months from time of issue, and if one is purchased before the New Year, you will be saving money as my session prices will be rising in January. Hurry, hurry, hurry!!
Is Autumn here...?
08th October 2011 - 0 comments
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The final traces of summer seem to have now disappeared, and October has taken on it's more usual chilly weather. The upside to this is of course the wonderful autumnal colours we will now be seeing. So if you thought that outdoor portrait season had finished with the last of the recent hot weather, then think again! Woodlands may have become cooler, but they are a lot more beautiful, and will make a fantastic backdrop to a portrait.
Contact me now about booking a session before the leaves have gone for good!!